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Monday, January 26, 2009

It's been a busy day....I didn't have time for pics...so, here's the run down:

**Isaac had his hip appointment today. NO bone problems. He only has extremely low muscle tone and loose ligaments (that's how he's so darn flexible). He suggested we bump up physical therapy to be more aggressive and get private therapy twice a week (where's my money tree??)! Then, he suggested that Isaac be fitted for a special walker...then, once he's bearing weight on those legs...he'll get the fancy walker like Emma and he'll probably need braces:(
He did choose his words carefully....and said that he didn't see any reason why Isaac wouldn't walk in the future as long as he had some type of device (so...I wasn't really clear if he thought that Isaac would NEVER walk without help...or he would, just much later). Joe said he thought he just wasn't sure...but, couldn't confirm at this point whether or not he'd be able to without help...but, he will walk one day...so....That's AN OK!

**Next, we dropped off Joe's car at the autobody shop:(

**Fed me a lovely lunch...then, off to the medical supply company to pick up his new back brace.

**To then speed across town to pick up the big boys from school.

**Rush home to feed Isaac.

**Pick up Eli from school and then pick up the rental car.

**Where we are now home. You'd think the drama would stop for the day...NOT IN MY WORLD! Eli informs us the there is a jump rope contest tomorrow and HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO JUMP ROPE!

**Off to the dollar store to get a jump rope.

**Now...home again. TO what....to practice jumping. Finally, we figure out that he's best at it if Joe and I turn the rope and he jumps. FINALLY...he gets 20 in a row!!! whoo hoooo!!! Then, they go upstairs to play Rock Band.
NOPE....Eli comes down with a tooth in his hand. He knocked his tooth out with the drum stick (on accident)! (please note: the last tooth came out when the wii controller hit it!)

Quiet now??
ahhh...NOPE. Now...Isaac is fast asleep on the floor...when he wakes up screaming. Stops breathing. Turns blueberry blue...still...still....finally, he breathes again. (who knows?? he does this once a day....usually later in the day).

Quiet now??
Yep. But, the night's still young. Only 9pm....anything's still possible!

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Amber said...

Seriously...I'm exhausted after reading this!

I hope you get rest tonight. Tell everyone to behave. :0)

Mami Adame said...

YOU ARE THE BEST STORY TELLER!!! Your day was definitely busy, I think thats what happens when you have 3 kids! Seriously my days get that crazy too, that's why 7pm is quiet time. While they are aware of it...it doesn't always happen!
Angelina has low muscle tone in her lower extremities too. It makes me a bit anxious when I can feel the difference between my 10 month old nephew (who is walking) and Angelina's legs. But I guess building muscle strenth is suppose to compensate some for muscle tone. I think slowly but surely Isaac will get there. I mean he sits himself up now doesn't he? S
Seriously, we'll have to plan a date to meet!

Mandy said...

Man.... you had a busy day!! Sorry to hear about Eli's tooth. Just make sure the tooth fairy stops by tonight. :)

Don't worry... when we get there, Meghan will have Isaac wanting to run away from her. She'll get him to start moving.

I guess it's good that there is no news on Chris. Does that mean he's stayed out of trouble?? I told him he better not make faces or talk back or you would kill him this weekend.

Thanks for letting them drop my car off there tomorrow. I'll get it as soon as we get there on Friday. Oh, if Joe wants to play around with it, tell him to go right ahead!!

Grandma Judy said...

Just an average day at the Roller house!

Rachel said...

Goodness Gracious! Do you ever get to have just a normal quiet day? :) Man you exhaust me. I thought my life was busy working 40hrs a week and then being a single mom of 4 at night and weekends. Whooooo, you make me tired. How do you do it all without going insane?

Sarah said...

Okay... when would you have had time to talk, LOL??? We have a snow day today so, one more day to recover from the sickies.

The Portas said...

Wow, what a day indeed! I think I'd be spinning in circles if I spent a whole day with you.

GREAT news that there are no problems with Isaac's bones. We'll get that little munchkin walking!

How did the jump rope contest go? I want to enter! Why can't we do fun things like that at work??

cindy said...

When your money tree sprouts in your backyard, would you mind sticking a few seeds in an envelope and sending them my way??

Great news on Isaac's bones...not so great about Joe's muscles, though. Ouch! Glad he wasn't hurt too badly.

Hope you are able to have some quiet time today. And tell Isaac that blue is not his color, okay?

Lots of love,


jencooper said...

Yea for no bone problems!! He IS going to walk...everything in Isaac's time. He is making such strides and he will be a ROCK STAR!

I hope that you are having a calmer day today.

We love ya'll!


Vanessa said...

I'm so glad there is no bone problems. So he needs a little extra help to learn to walk...no big deal...he'll do it one day. He's a determined little boy.

Wow...your days just exhaust me. How ever do you do it?

My hips are hurting so I better go lay down. You can read my funny story as to why my hips hurt on our blog.


crabby old man said...

You just have to much spare Time.lol
Thanks for shareing You family with me

Pam said...

I sure understand the whole loose ligaments and low muscle tone. Madison too suffered with this and we thought she would never get up and walk. She scooted on her butt. It was really cute but we knew she needed to get up and walk. Her ankles didn't help as they were loose too and so they decided to help with braces. She started wearing them long before she started to walk. They took the problem away from her ankles and knees and all she had to concentrate on then were her hips. I really think that they helped in the whole process. She never did crawl as her shoulders were as loose and weak as the legs. She finally took off when she was about 26 months! Hope you all come up with a good plan. Oh by the way she had PT three times a week when she was that age and now we still have it two times a week.
Take care,
Pam and Madison