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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here's a picture of my handsome Eli....
minus one TOOTH!
(I know...he needs a haircut..but,
he wants it to grow long!)
Silly Eli...showing you exactly
where that missing tooth is!
There's NO DRAMA to report for the day. I know..you'll go to another blog now to find some!
But, we did spend 8am-12pm at the Early Interventions craniofacial clinic today. We just visited with all the specialties and got confirmation that Isaac can hear, his cleft palate repair has healed great, we found a new ENT, and I got to see my friend and great Dev. Specialist, Nicole. It was a LONG morning...but, nice to get confirmation once again how wonderful Isaac is doing.

That leads me to tonight. He thew up THREE times. It just wears him out, he gets red, starts to sweat, wretches for a while, then turns blue, throws up, chokes, then falls asleep. Then, he sleeps for a while. I don't know what's causing this. I know that he cried most of the morning...(because of the doctors...even if they just looked his way, he cried). So, I'm not sure if he was just worn out or if something's brewing. (could someone look in their crystal ball PLEASE!)

and he sleeps...

Tomorrow...Nora The Great PT comes over. I'll let her know about the hip appointment and see what kind of walking devices Mr. Isaac may need.

OH MY GOSH...I almost forgot to tell you. I NEEDED to make myself pumpkin pies last night. I made them. I could smell them while they were cooking, but didn't think anything. I smelled a smokey smell...but, didn't think anything. I FORGOT TO TURN THE OVEN BACK TO 350!!! I BURNT MY PIES! So, I had to throw them away....NOT, I ate those burnt pies, just left the crust! (isn't that sad!)

seriously. I finished the last one today.

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Sarah said...

You crack me up with those pumpkin pies! Little Isaac that sleepy pic makes me just want to pick him up and rock him. Can't imagine what could be causing Isaac those spells. Do they only happen on days he has been extra pushed? Sounds like the tet spells we feared so long ago... exhaustion, cry, turn blue, sleep. Looks like I'll be playing hookie all week. We have lots of snow.

Grandma Susie said...

I love Eli's hair a little longer like that and he's so proud of his missing tooth - what a cutie!
Isaac has been doing so good, I wish he didn't have to work so hard for a day or so . . . you too Kathy. You both could use a little R & R.
Our little man looks so precious sleeping there I just want to cuddle up next to him and s q u e e z e!!!!

Rachel said...

Coleson just lost a tooth in his slepp last night!

Looking Good Eli!

The Portas said...

Your pumpkin pie fetish is hilarious! I'd eat the insides out, too.

The sleeping Isaac pics are precious. I was thinking, in the wee early morning hours as I was NOT sleeping, that since Isaac is so flexible he'll be great at yoga to strengthen his little body up. :)

I seem to remember this random retching happening for a while last year and that it just mysteriously stopped, right? Maybe there's just something hidden that his little body needs to work through. I hope it stops soon. Those episodes don't sound very fun for anyone. Poor little guy...

Hoping for another drama-free day today! xoxox

Tina:0) said...

Okay, sounds like your up one day without drama... here's hoping for 2 or more!!

Isaac looks so peaceful - poor guy having to go through those episodes:0( Give him extra hugs from us.

Oh, maybe you should SHARE some of that pumpkin pie filling with him:0) (just kidding)

jencooper said...

ISAAC......STOP IT!!! Give your mom a break, buddy!!

Eli looks so handsome missing his tooth! His hair looks adorable!

Pumpkin pie.....but did you have Cool Whip??


Lee Family said...

You crack me up with those Pumpkin Pies, I can not beleive you ate them burnt :)

Maybe Isaac just had a bad day from seeing every one and he cried most of the day maybe that is why he threw up. I hope he is not coming down with anything.
I meant what I said over the phone please call me if you need anything...
Try and get some sleep/rest.
Hope everything went well with Nora.