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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Finally....my holiday pics.
This is the tree...and the loot....ahhh...the happy boys...

a cheesy -grinned Eli...

a fake-surprised Chris....

and a "what the heck am I doing here" Isaac!

I uploaded about 100 pictures today...so, you'll be pleasantly surprised everyday to see a little bit of what we've been doing over the last few weeks.

Today started off crazy, stayed crazy, and ended crazy. Eli is still having meltdowns about going to school. His winter break was just too long...he wants to stay home. I took Isaac to the peds about his dry skin. They gave him some SUPER-DUPER steroid cream to help it out. I have the humidifier going. He told me that it could be an allergic reaction to something he's eating to something touching his skin. hhhmmm....I'm not sure how I'll solve that question....I'll just keep an eye on him. Chris....I've decided to just ground him for eternity...that'll save me some breath! (ok...I won't go that far...but, that boy does try my patience!)

My sister (Mandy) arrived tonight with her little angels. I took down all the holiday decorations and our TWO trees....and she helped me tie up a few ends.

SO...the house is semi-clean...and good...because Nora (our pt) comes tomorrow. She's going to FLIP out when she sees Isaac sit up all by himself! (It still throws me off when I just see him pop up from the floor...it's just wierd!)

I have many more things to do tonight...so, I'll post more tomorrow!
Thanks for checking in on us!

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Lee Family said...

Nora is also coming to see us Wednesday @ 9am, Logan has also made such great progress since she has seen him not as good as Isaac though sitting up all by himself WOW.
I know what you mean about meltdowns Elizabeth did not want to get out of bed this morning and we barly made it to school on time, what is it with these kids...

I love the pics you guys really made out this year. Santa must LOVE you.....

I would call DR. McNight's office and see if they can get Isaac in for Allergy testing. Logan was tested and everything came back fine. Although I am not sure if I beleive that or not I mean they are so young anything can happen when they get older, anyway all they would do since he is so young is test his blood.
Call me when your sister is gone and we can get together I do not want to take any time away from your sister.
Look foward to talking to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Kristy didn't want to go back to school either! Katie will not stop talking about the gift of lights, she LOVED it so Thank you again!

Samantha said...

Those boys are so spoiled...they are very lucky to have such great parents!

Glad that you made it home safe and sound and that your sweetie pie husband cleaned the house for you!

Much love,

The Portas said...

Ahhh, what lucky boys to have the best mama...and I think Santa loves them a lot!

Have fun with Mandy & munchkins! You are all going to have fun together... and how exciting that they're moving to Vegas! Maybe we should all move to Vegas?!

Eli, school is FUN!!