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Monday, January 05, 2009

I know that I promised pictures today...
BUT...I'm WAY too busy. (maybe tomorrow)

Our flight was FIVE LONG hours on Sunday night. Joe was able to meet us at the gate (yeah!)...and we were home and had the big boys in bed by 9pm!!! Isaac...on the other hand....wanted to play and laugh in his crib until 11pm!! ohhhh....my bones hurt today!

But...when we walked into the house....you wouldn't believe it (I should have taken a picture)...Joe had cleaned the entire downstairs! He took before pics...but, would kill me if I showed them. But, just picture the day after Christmas disaster....that's what we left him with. He organized all the kids toys, put their big toys together....he just made it SO easy to get things done today!

What a sweetie pie. SO....I cooked him dinner. A roast. That I DRIED out....it was like eating beef jerky...but, he ate it with a smile and didn't pick on me.

I love that Joe!

Isaac is doing great. He's satting in the mid-90s. Although, his dry patches are REALLY bad...so, we're going to see the ped tomorrow to get something stronger to work on it.

Eli...had TWO meltdowns this morning. He said that he "wasn't prepared" to go back to school today. He even called me from the nurses office this morning. (But...she told me that he looked fine and told her that he just wanted to go home to play video games) ahhhhh...haaa....
so, I compromised with him and picked him up an hour early from school.

Chris....got his braces today. Ok...not REAL braces, but the invisaligns. It's going to take a few days...but, you really can hardly tell that he has anything on his teeth. (now...I have to start paying for them:(

me....I got one order out today...and I have another one to get out tomorrow (can I hear a "WHOOP WHOOP!") I'm designing a few things for v-day and Easter....I WISH I could dress up my boys. Maybe I'll make them fancy Easter ties!!

Tomorrow Mandy (my sister that lives in CA) is coming into town--why? TO LOOK FOR A HOUSE...because she's bringing my little angels to live here in Vegas! I can't wait! Now I'll have a little red-headed model to show off my tutus!

tomorrow...I promise pictures!

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Mandy said...

Party at the rollers this week. Kathy seems happy now but wait until the little redhead tears apart her house. But then again meghan loves chris so she will be with him most of the time. Eli will be going crazy because him and Seth will try getting each other in trouble!

We will see you before bedtime kat. I'll call while I'm driving.

Mami Adame said...

What a great hubby you have! Glad you all made it home safely!

Sarah said...

Glad you all made it home safely. WOW... what a guy you have. Poor Eli... He cracks me up. Your compromise reminds me so much of my Mom. I never cut school or anything like that - I knew that I could call my Mom if I was having a bad day and we would compromise an hour early. My little neice is going to have to pick out a tutu for her 4th b-day from your site!

Vanessa said...

What a wonderful hubby!

I'm so excited your sister is moving to Vegas.

Arianna is also satting in the mid 90's....what's up with them? They just like to keep us on our toes.

I'm glad Chris got hte invisaligns. Those look really cool and I'm sure its better than the ugle regular braces I had as a kid. :(

Take care,

Lee Family said...

What a great husband you have Sounds just like Richard.. :)
I am glad to hear that Mandy is moving to Las Vegas how fun is that, Can not wait to meet her. Glad to hear everyone is doing good. Talk to you soon. Karen

crabby old man said...

I'm waiting for the pictures. May God Bless You & Yours

jencooper said...

Joe is wonderful....

BUT SO ARE YOU!! Thanks so much for talking to me yesterday and helping me out!! You are so awesome!!


The Portas said...

I'm so glad you made it home safely. And wow, what a sweet hubby! Joe, you are awesome!

The Eli story cracks me up! He told the nurse he wanted to play video games??? Hhahahahaha!!