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Saturday, January 31, 2009

(this video was taken last week)

Isaac has had a low grade fever for a few days now (like 99). So, as with any heart mom and a FEVER...we rush to get rid of it! It's been Motrin and Tylenol off and on for a while. WELL...this morning..his fever shot up to 101.5! and...it's been like that all day. I'm alternating the two drugs...but, his fever hasn't broke yet. He isn't coughing, sneezing, ears aren't draining...all I can guess is his teeth. But, I don't like him having a fever this long. He hasn't eaten anything by mouth in two days and he's quite the grumpy bug (which isn't like him).

Eli fell asleep in the guestroom tonight while I was making dinner...and he will NOT get up and eat.

Chris is enjoying free time away from Eli...watching movies and playing games in his room.

Joe.....needs someone to send him some happy pills. Please.

Me...I've had this lovely fabric for about a year...afraid to make the fluffy pettiskirt. Well, today I pulled it ALL out! I'm still working on it...hopefully, I can show you the finished project tomorrow. If not, then...I'll hide it back in the closet for a few more months until I get the nerve up!

SO...I'm keeping my little butterball inside for a few days until I figure out why he isn't feeling so good:(

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Lee Family said...

I love the video, it is so cute how he sits up and can get in the position to lay down.
Oh I hope he gets to feeling better and his fever breaks that is no fun at all.
It sounds like Eli might be coming down with something to. The girls have not eaten much today also. It must be something in the Air. If you need anything please call me.

jencooper said...

Did you get a care package from me? I mailed it on Monday.


Sarah said...

Hope the fever breaks and Isaac starts feeling better. Is Eli feeling bad too?

Amber said...

Interesting...Grace has been doing the same 99 degree thing...for a few days. Nothing higher yet but, today she woke up saying "owie"...who knows what might be owie...I feel like I've gone through the check list. sigh.

I can't wait to see that skirt!!!!

crabby old man said...

I must be a girlie man , no man has made a comment LOL . Hope the little man is feeling better today

Grandma Judy said...

Looks like Isaac is a little shakey there. Are you sure you are giving him Tylenol and not Nyquil?

Hurry and get well Isaac!

BJ said...

Hey girl, MJ has been acting wierd lately as well. Not sleeping throught the night, waking up super early, drooling non-stop and her reflux is really acting up these days?! I swear it's her teeth. It's gotta be....and she has diarrhea. Fun times here! Yeah. I hope Isaac is better soon, give him a kiss for me :)

The Portas said...

Isaac is so cute in the video! So flexible! I'm telling you...he's going to be a yoga expert someday!

Onto your more recent post to see if the fever is down...