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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Here's a picture from Grandma's house...
Isaac is awake trying to pull a sleeping Eli's hair!!
Chris is too cool shooting his nurf gun at Eli...
amidst the clothes line of tutus!!

Have I ever told you how much Eli LOVES teddy bears??
oh....we should buy stock in Build-a-Bear!

Isaac was awake ALL night last night. Just screaming his little head off. I couldn't figure it out.so, about 3am I took him downstairs so that Joe could get some sleep. And that's where I found it...his ear was draining. Poor little thing has an ear infection. NOW...we were just in the peds office yesterday about his skin...and he looked in those ears. URRGGHH! So...with a little motrin, ear drops, and butt patting....I was able to get him to sleep just in time to get Chris up for seminary. (oh...the bags under my eyes today). But, I was able to get an early appointment at the peds office again, get his prescription filled, and he's sleeping in his crib right now while eating! (life is good!). OH...and that new cream they gave me is WORKING! It's Triamcinolone...just applied twice daily...and he's almost cleared up after only one day! (let me know if you need some...I'll squirt some in a baggie and send it to you!) AND...Nora...our fabulous pt came over. And...even though Isaac wasn't feeling well...he worked so well for her! He's doing so good sitting up by himself...that our next goal is CRAWLING!!! what?!?!? Nora's on a mission...and I'm her helper!!!

Eli made it to school today without incident. Mandy drove him for me so that I could get to the peds on time. (so...maybe he was just being brave for her!)

Chris is a little nervous. He has another Algebra test tomorrow...but, he's been studying hard...and I think he's ready. He's worried about Japanese. He said that he's illiterate in Japanese...he can write all the characters but can't read the sentences very well. Poor little guy. AND mid-terms are next week...he's just wigging out on me!

and then we have Mandy. She found a house today....about 1 1/2 miles from mine. I was hoping that she would be close enough for the kids to run down the street...but, I'll take this. They're out cruising the strip right now....crazy tourists!

Tomorrow....Isaac gets his synagis shots :(, then Nicole and Shirley (nutritionist) come over--I can't wait!!! First..to see if Isaac has gained any weight...and to show off his sitting up abilities!!! Friday....I've got NOTHING! Maybe we can all take benadryl and nyquil and sleep the day away.....ahhh...in a perfect world!

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Amber said...

So sorry about his ears...you are such a trooper though. Heading right back in there...I probably would have called and begged for something to be called in.

We are joining you in the Synagis shots today...I'll tell Gracie as she is screaming her head off...that sweet little friend Isaac is going through the same thing. :0)

ALSO...I have a few questions for you...on the teenage boy front! Help Me!!!!!

The Portas said...

Poor little ear infected, rashy baby. At least he is on the mend!

The pic of Isaac pulling Eli's hair is sooo adorable I can hardly stand it. What a little peanut!

I'm so happy to hear about his good sitting! Show off for your therapists, Isaac! And I hope you weigh in at 30 lbs! :)


Lee Family said...

I am sorry to hear Isaac has an ear infection, hope he gets better soon so you can get some sleep. Also I never heard of that cream I am going to have to ask his pedi. Talk to you soon.


cindy said...

That stinks that the little bugger has an ear infection! Hopefully he's feeling much better! And..it is so cute to see him sitting up like such a big boy!

How awesome that Mandy will be moving right by you! What a huge help that will be!

Hope you got some rest today.

Lots of love,