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Saturday, January 10, 2009

****Edit to the start of this post below***

Isaac is NOT fine. This afternoon he started with a fever, runny nose, and is now coughing. AND...he's been on antibiotics for FOUR DAYS NOW!

Eli is NOT fine. Joe took the big boys bowling...and now Eli is having asthma troubles AGAIN! AND...he's been on antibiotics for OVER A WEEK!

I did NOT get a nap today. I have NOT gotten a nap in about a month. I have NOT gotten a good nights sleep in 14 years....I think I'm going to die! I will have to tape my dog's mouth shut tonight, just drop Isaac and Eli off at the hospital (with my luck Isaac will have RSV and Eli will have a full-blown asthma attack tonight), I will have to FIND Chris to get him to help out around the house...and DRAG Joe out of the garage.

ohhh...I think it's going to be a LONG night and a yucky tomorrow.
no wii fit for me.
I'm just going to eat a bowl of lucky charms and brace myself.

***now...here's what I posted earlier in the day***

Isaac is fine...

I am NOT. We hooked up the Wii fit last night...and it told me that I'm overweight! Seriously! I know I've got myself a little belly...but, really.

SO...to make me smile...here's a video of Eli....cracks me up!
(now...I'm off to finish my pumpkin pie...then, I'll work out with the wii fit tonight!)

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Grandma Judy said...

Shake it baby shake it!

Mandy said...

teach that boy how to hula hoop. I'm going to have to go out and buy one just so it can tell me I'm NOT overweight!! :)

Thanks for letting us stay at your house last week and guess what everyone.. She even let me meet TASHA!! (Kathy's other sister) Poor Tasha was trying to show Kat how to use her camera. There should have been a bill included in that one. It was kind of funny to watch. Tasha, just make sure you write down lots of notes for Kat.

Have a great week Kay and we'll be there in 2 1/2 weeks.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I'll come over and work out with ya..
I want to see what it says about me..

it will probably OINK!!

Sarah said...

OK... I'm not going to even get ours out then, LOL. I've seen pictures of you... you've seen pictures of me... I can't imagine what it is going to say?!? For tonight maybe Evan and I will just enjoy another ice cream cone.

The Jones Family said...

lol...so funny!!! One day we'll have to get one of those!

BJ said...

Hey girl, I loved the video of Eli! We got one of the Wii Fits for Christmas and I can't tell you how many hours we have spent on that thing. It is so much fun and you burn calories and have fun at the same time!

jencooper said...

I am in love with that hip shaking boy! Too cute!! I had a huge smile on my face while watching him hula.

I am sorry that everyone is NOT FINE! I am hoping that everyone woke up feeling MUCH better today!

Love you guys!!


Grandma Susie said...

SO FUNNY!!! Seeing all that hip action on Eli has made me reconsider wanting a wii fit. (I'd only have the nerve to try it if I were alone in the house) Maybe we'll just stick with wii sports for now - We can alway come back here and watch Eli for a little giggle. Thanks for sharing that with us.

T n T - K n K said...

Oh my word is everyone sick? No no...don't do it!! Can't wait til spring I bet. I know I can't. Because that means summer (no colds hopefully) will be shortly around the corner. I hope SOME of those pics turned out clear and decent, it's a shot in the dark right now until I figure out what the heck I'm doin. Feel better my friend and let me know if u NEED anything!

crabby old man said...

Pray the boys get better

Kelly said...

Oh man! Sorry that the boys aren't feeling well. I hope that they feel better soon! You're super Mom, do you really need sleep? Eh, it's over rated! ha. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. =)

Mandy said...

Poor kaky. I'll come take care of you!

Vanessa said...

That was the cutest video!

I am so sorry the boys don't feel good. I'll be praying for ya'll

The Portas said...

Oh my gosh, that video is so cute and funny! I love it!

So sorry to see that no one is feeling well. :( Get better...xoxo