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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How about a day with nothing but...
eating keys...eating shoes...

looking at a book before I eat it...

No drama to report yesterday. You can tell from the photos that Isaac's rosy red cheeks are back and in full force! Other than that....he's had a really good day.

Nora (our pt) came...and she had Isaac bearing weight on his legs for about 20 minutes! He looked like a totally different child in the standing position...unbelievable!

Eli has turned into a superstar reader. He's reading a chapter book a week at school and stole Joe's book light and has read another one this week at home!

Chris....uhhhh....he's good. Shaggy hair, going to school and seminary....what else can I ask for?

Joe made it back to work yesterday. He's still pretty sore and his eyes look like a clocked him! (he thinks it's the meds making the HUGE dark circles under his eyes)

I have a house to clean and a baby to feed!

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The Portas said...

Bearing weight for 20 MINUTES?!?!? Wow! This is awesome! Definite progress, huh?

Poor Joe. :( I hope the soreness goes away soon. Stop punching him, Kathy!


Grandma Judy said...

Please, please put something on that rash.....what is that?

Rub his cheek against yours and see it spreads to you. It looks like it would itch.

Glad to hear my baby was up and standing!

jencooper said...

How many calories are in those yummy household items???


His little face looks terrible. It makes me sad to look at it. Is there anything tht you can put on it??

I hope that Joe is feeling better today! Quit beating him up!!


cindy said...

Holy cow...20 minutes! Great job, Isaac!!! And Kathy, you didn't get pictures of him standing up?? You're droppin' the ball on us!

Glad all is relatively calm on the Roller homefront. You need a break for awhile!!

Love ya,


Laurie said...

Oh my, bless his little heart! PT is rough on adults let alone little children. What a sweetheart!

Lee Family said...

His poor little cheeks, Logan has really rosy cheeks, I guess somethings is in the air. I keep putting on Cortizone cream and it is working.

Hope you are getting the rest/sleep you deserve.