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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here's Isaac in his new swing...ok...a little blurry...
but, what a face...

Isaac would now like to play a little music for you...
(featuring the tube...not flute)

Eli...gotta love him!

ok...this one was blurry too..
but, look at that face and tongue!
Well...I didn't post yesterday because it was SO darn busy and I was POOPED!
So, you'd like to know what happened...well, I forget....let me see if I can get it all in:
woke up and got Chris off to seminary, took Eli to school, FINALLY walked again with my sweetie pie neighbor, went to the bank, went to the pharmacy (the one FAR away), went to get my ink cartridges refilled (but, they don't refill ours...so, I had to buy new ones:(), pick up Chris from school, drop him off at Hollie's for tutoring, pick up Eli early from school, take Eli to the peds (for his asthma), ped wants me to take him for xrays, take him for xrays, drop off new prescriptions for Eli at different pharmacy, feed the boys dinner, go BACK to the pharmacy to pick up meds, get the kids homework done, baths done, and in BED! I thought I was going to DIE! My bones actually hurt last night.

That leads us to TODAY! Isaac had his low vision test...and he isn't blind! YEah for Isaac! He is pretty farsighted (can't see up close like an old man). She does think that he's seeing double when things are up close, that's why he won't look directly at things up close. So, there's no new things that we need to do for his eyes...because he's so developmentally delayed. We have to wait until he's older and wants to look at things...now, he could care less. He still doesn't look at pictures in a book, he just eats it. BUT, after our exam...he wore his glasses ALL day long without taking them off. (I took pics...tomorrow I'll share them).

I made Joe dinner tonight...Turkey meatballs. Go ahead and clap for me...YEAH FOR KATHY!

Chris had his computer and Japanese midterms today. Tomorrow is his big algebra and science midterms....poor little guy...He fears me and Joe worse than the exam!

Tonight was McTeacher night for Eli's school. The teachers worked at McDonalds to raise money for the PTA. He was so excited to go inside and eat (I don't usually let us go inside a McDonalds...GERMS!) But, we did it...he ate his nuggets....and enjoyed seeing his friends and teacher.

I even made a tutu tonight....played with Mr. Isaac....and now we're headed up to bed!
Thanks for checking in on us!

**Tomorrow..Rob comes over (our OT)...he hasn't seen Isaac sit up by himself OR wear his glasses...he's going to be SO excited!

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T n T - K n K said...

Oh my word woman!! I'm gonna NEED to snatch you up for breakfast one of these mornings. But only a place that will feed US while we get our nails & feet done and someone watching our bambinos (carefully)!!Sound good!

The Portas said...

The tongue picture is adorable. Can I just squeeze that little face and kiss it all over???

What a busy busy day! UGh! That's great news about Isaac's vision. Now just wait and see how things develop. He's going to be one of those little cutie kids with glasses. I just love glasses on little kids!

The McTeacher night is funny...what a good idea! I hope Isaac has a fun time showing off his sitting today! xoxoxo

Grandma Judy said...

So....what happened to those photography lessons from Tasha?
Weren't you paying attention?
You've gotta do better than those blurrs.

I'm glad to hear that there is hope for Isaac and the wandering eye. He will get it all together one day.

You need to slow down on that road running. Maybe when Mandy gets there she can help out.

Have a good day! Be nice to Chris...he's trying.

Grandma Judy said...

Oh....I like Isaac's swing. I can't wait to see him swinging to the Gabba Gabba music!

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness you made me tired just reading how your day went.

Yeah for Isaac's vision! Yeah for Eli's McDonald night!

Hope Chris did well with his tests.

Can't wait to hear how excited the OT will be when he sees Isaac sitting up!

Kelly said...

Hey! I was JUST looking at that swing/slide set yesterday! I think Aubrey needs a matching one!

Love the pictures. I could simply kiss that cute professor! That's great news about his eye sight. Now, only time will tell. At least he wore his glasses for you. He looks so old and mature with his glasses.

Mid terms. Blah. Hopefully they went well.

Go Isaac! Go! Good job with your sitting up! Keep up the good work!

Ps. Kathy, you asked me a long time ago how much Aubrey was eating. She has 1 container of Yo Baby yogurt (110 calories) mixed with rice cereal for b-fast, 2 yogurt containers for lunch, and then 1 fruit (either bananas or banana mixed berry) and 1 veggie container of stage 2 baby food for dinner. She really is super picky about types of foods, but we're getting there. She's still on formula for bottles in between. Hope that helps.)