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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok...first...I'd like to talk about my lack of organization.
We live in a 5 bedroom house...yet, only use 2 bedrooms
(Isaac sleeps in our room...and the big boys share a room),
I am a pack rat. I have boxes, crates, totes, baskets ALL over the house...
just filled with junk!
I have all of our closets filled, all the extra bedrooms filled....I can't throw
anything away (that syringe, the old feeding bags, that gauze...
I might need it one day!)
Seriously, I still have my breast pump...and this cow hasn't
produced any milk in over a year!
Case in point....my refrigerator:
it's covered in paper, pictures, magnets, coupons, invitations, old med schedules,
lunch menus (and my kids don't buy school lunches)....
I NEED to be the chosen family on HGTV...where Mission Organization will
come in and organize me, then Candice from Divine Design will come
and spruce it all up, then curb appeal can come over and make
the front yard look nicer...
Is that too much to ask for??

Now...onto Isaac:

He's got a few red spots on his face (ok...four red spots)

he's ALMOST ready to army man crawl!!!

but...then he'll decide to roll and reach!

Christy, my youngest sister that lives in Utah, came over today. Just a quick day trip...but, we had fun shopping (shhhhhh) and the boys had fun playing together!

Eli and Chris are doing great. They went to bed on time (actually a little early). Perfect angels.

Isaac....threw up tonight after a stinkin' long wretching episode. Who knows what's going on?!?! I have been cleaning tonight (ha ha...funny..I know) but, I have been...so, I could have stirred up LOTS of dormant dust and that caused a runny nose, which then causes the wretching ( I don't know...just a theory). Or...he's tired...or he strained too hard trying to poop...or he's just messing with me AGAIN!

It's 11pm...and guess where Joe is??? yep..work! I don't have anything nice to say about that one...so, I'll keep it to myself.

I have been eating ALL day long. AND...I don't care. I work hard all day and deserve my treats.
(I'm just giving Joe more to love)!

*I just saw a commercial--the new JON AND KATE PLUS 8 comes on next Monday..don't forget...they move into their new house (I'm so excited!)
**and LOST starts this week!
**and just when I was ready to tell the family to lets give up cable to spend more time together and save money.....NAH! (maybe next season)

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The Portas said...

I'll come eat with you! Sorry to hear the little Isaac man threw up. No more!! Have a good day...I can't wait for Lost either! FINALLY. xoxo

Rachel said...

OMGosh girl I would go crazy with all that stuff in my house. You definately deserve a fresh start and a makeover. My theory is...If I havent used it in a 6mo time period, its by by crap.

As for the spots on Isaacs face? What are they? I saw them in the last pictures you posted.

Jon and Kate Plus 8.....my favorite. I cant wait to see it too.

Mandy said...

Tell Chris no worries.... I will always have all the cable channels so he can just walk over anytime he wants to see tv shows. :)

I've already told him he can just turn the extra room into his room or he could have the extra living room downstairs. :)

Grandma Judy said...

Just call your sisters over. They will be glad to move out some of your "stuff".

Mandy said...

I won't help move your stuff out but I will pay Chris and his crew to!! That sounds like a great way for them to make money. Just tell them they can have a garage sale at your house and whatever they make, they can keep!!

Vanessa said...

Okay...if your only using 2 rooms then you need to start going through things and tossing stuff out. Maybe that can be my excuse to drive to Vegas. ha ha!

I can't wait to wath Jon and Kate Plus 8!!!!