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Friday, March 07, 2008

The eye store called me and they got the glasses in!!! But, with Isaac's tiny head...he only has 2 choices...the circles or the rectangles. But, we do get to choose from 30 colors (but, they only have sample colors...not 30 pairs of glasses to choose from :(
Here are the circles...he's SO MAD at us (we woke
him up from his nap!)
Uh huh.....still mad!
Please help me Chris??
I have the pictures ALL out of order...
as you can see....It's Eli and the Easter bunny!
Ok...here was Isaac before we woke him up.
He's crying before he wakes up!
Blurry...but, OH so cute!
I LOVE the rectangles....but, the circles
fit his head better....so...I'll have to think about it!
They told me that I'd get a deal if I ordered
more than one pair.

Before the glasses expedition, I got a call and we have been approved for Katie Beckett (that's supplemental insurance for Mr. Isaac).....which is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Eli had a fun Easter activity at church this afternoon.

Tomorrow morning Joe will take Isaac back to look at the glasses, while I take Chris to his basketball meeting to meet the coach. Then, we'll meet back at the house for t-ball practice with Eli. It's suppose to be in the high 70s tomorrow...(sorry...do I keep mentioning the LOVELY WEATHER here?!?!)

I'm keeping this short and sweet....I'm POOPED and the bed is calling my name!
Emma and Grace...you gals have a fun weekend...you have a busy week next week!!! (they are my heart babies having another surgery)

I almost forgot...here's a video I took 15 minutes after the one yesterday of him rolling.
He's going to bounce out of that seat one day!

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Mandy said...

I can't believed you made us all go this long without these pics!!! We are all going to get you.

I like the circle glasses. Oh, and the Katie Beckett thing, thats awesome. Now look at all the money you have to put into Disney World!! No excuses from you!!

Wait, since you have the Katie Beckett now, does that mean you don't have to come to CA for surgery and the appt in March?? Please come anyways. You need to visit me. I'll take the boys to Six Flags and you shopping. Hey, I'll even let you buy!! :)

Love you

Grandma Judy said...

I saw that video yesterday on You Tube and wondered why you hadn't posted it yet.

He's NOT going to like those glasses. It seems like he has something attatched to almost every part of his body. No wonder he hates socks!

He will look ADORABLE in any of the glasses.

Andrea said...

Ooh, I really like the rectangles too! I saw a little boy at the park yesterday who wore black rectangles, he looked about 18 months old and he was really cute. Have a good weekend in your beautiful weather!

Jane said...

What a cutie. I love the heart shaped tape!

I've just found your blog through www.iheartsophia.com. I like the rectangles too, so cute. My little Ramona has so much in common with Isaac, I know I'm going to enjoy following his progress.


Samantha said...

I personally love the rectangles...though, I am not crazy about blue. The rounds are adorable too...he will look so adorable in any glasses that you get him. I have not watched the video yet...but I am sure that Micah, Noah and I will here in a minute...Noah is playing video games and Micah is fussing at me for some unknown reason...it revolves around fruit snacks, but every time I try to give him some, he throws them at the dog! I don't spend all this money on food for him to give it to the dog!

OMG! I did not call you yesterday! I just kicked myself for you. I am sorry...I will tell you all about it later, but it had to do with making a blanket, burpies and doing our taxes ALL BY MYSELF! Note to self...husband does not help when it comes to the important things!

Anyway, I hope you are having a great weekend and I will talk to you really soon. I won't call you tomorrow, since your Sunday's are very busy, but I will try on Monday...I think the only thing I have is my therapy appt...you know I NEVER miss that one :)


Samantha said...

ok...micah and i just watched the video...too cute! will he eat while yo gabba gabba is on? maybe? it makes him sooooooooooo happy!

Michael said...

Dig the rectangles...

The Jones Family said...

My vote is for the round ones! :)

The Portas said...

I love the rectangles! Sooo cute! The circles are adorable on him, too.

The video had me laughing like crazy. Oh my, so funny. He's going to fling himself right off of there with all that crazy leg kicking!

YAY, I'm so glad you got approved for Katie Beckett! That's great news.

Andrea said...

Rectangles are so cute. He looks so distinguished!!