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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SAMANTHA....I LOVE IT!!!  (Micah's mom) Samantha sent us this beautiful blanket.  Now...I know you're busy Samantha...but, my other boys are jealous..so, I'm putting in an order for them! (I'm checking your schedule tonight so that I'll know when I can catch you at home to thank you!)

Look at that cute blanket...it's SO soft!
Look...it even has his NAME on it!

See...his eyes are still crazy!!!

So guess what???  We have NO appointments this week!!!  It's like we're a normal family (carrying around a feeding pump and oxygen tank)...but, relatively normal!  I don't have anything earth shattering to report.  Eli's doing great in school.  Chris is at scouts tonight. (and I was able to sign him up for basketball--so let the t-ball/basketball practice juggling begin!!!)

Something cool that we're working on is getting all my brothers and sisters together for a Disney World trip in December.  (now..there's 6 of us...so, if it actually happens...add it to our miracle list)...but, it sure is fun starting to plan it all!!!

Gosh...love to be boring!!!  But, I need to check on my heart babies now....and then I HAVE to let ELI read to me (which takes FOREVER!) and pick up Chris from scouts!  And smoochy moochy on my Joe!

OH WAIT...there was something today.  Isaac rolled over TWICE!  And rolling over means...from his back to his belly.  He just can't stand being on his belly...so, once he did it...he screamed...but, he did it!!!  YEAH ISAAC!  (oh..my memory is fading fast!)

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Mandy said...

Yea Isaac. Great job. Samantha, Kathy is going to start taking orders from everyone. She is going to keep you busy.

Kathy, if I have time I'll go find the Yo Gabba Gabba store in San Fran tomorrow. I think I'm just going to go on ebay and get Brobee. I like him the best.

The Jones Family said...

You are such a good Mom. I don't know how you do it all..all the time!
Isaac is a doll by the way! Beautiful Boy!

Cindy said...

I just figured out what your new background reminds me of....the Partridge Family!!! It's been driving me crazy!

I'm glad you have a boring week this week and that the boys are all doing well! You deserve a breather! Speaking of such, the Disney trip sounds great! What a fun way to get your family together!

Way to go Isaac on the rolling over!! Maybe he'll forget how much he hated it and try it again tomorrow!! :)

Hope everything stays uneventful over there...


Vanessa said...

Isn't so nice when things are boring. Thats how it's been for us. We only have 1 appointment this week which is on Friday so we're just enjoying our time at home. I just had a quick minute before heading to bed and wanted to say hi and check on you guys. I'll check back again tomorrow

Samantha said...

Yea Isaac! Way to go on the rolling over. You guys will have SO much fun in Disney. I am so jealous...maybe I can talk Jonathan into going AGAIN (that would be 6 times for the older two and the 4th for Micah). I bet I can win :)

I am so happy you got the blanket. I hope that Isaac enjoys it.

Lots of love!

The Portas said...

Good job on the rolling, Isaac! Elijah is the same as you. When he realizes he has just willingly rolled onto his tummy, he freaks out!

I'm glad you have a boring week. Aaaahhh, boring is good.

How fun that you're planning a big family DW trip!

Take care. Enjoy the boredom.

jencooper said...

We love boring! YEA ISAAC!! I am so proud of you for rolling over. That is amazing. Now do it lots more for your mommy. Hope the Disney thing works out. We can't wait to go back. We love it!!


Grandma Judy said...

Hello rolly polly Isaac. Keep up the good work! It's about time to start that sitting up too. You better start practicing. Eli is ready to pull you around the block in the wagon.

Kelly said...

Great job Isaac! He's looking like himself these days and looks like he's feeling better. I hope you're getting some rest this week without any appointments.