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Friday, March 28, 2008

I knew that the natives would be restless...
So...here's Isaac's birthday montage! It was so fun going through all of his pictures and picking out some favorites. (I had a hard time choosing)!
We're opening his presents and eating cake tomorrow...so, I'll post the birthday pics then.
Thanks for all your birthday wishes....WE LOVE THEM!!!

Happy Birthday Isaac!!!

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The Portas said...


Through my tears, I'd like to say that you have one tough little boy. Isaac has been through so much in one year. What a special, wonderful, cute, strong little boy!

Happy birthday, Isaac. You are very lucky to have the parents that God gave you. They love you soooo very much and take better care of you than anyone else in the world could.

HUGS AND KISSES to you, sweet boy. Have a great birthday!


Grandma Judy said...

Birthdays come and birthdays go, and usually what you remember most is the party and cake. Isaac has taught me that a birthday is each and every day, one day at a time.
It's the good days, and the bad days. It's the people, their thought and prayers and kind words that make the day so exciting.

Happy Birthday Little one, and may you have a million more!

Andrea said...

Happy Happy Birthday Isaac!! After an exciting first year you have set the standard really high for years to come. You are one strong little boy.

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Isaac. I tried calling this morning but you were watching Yo Gabba Gabba and mom didn't want to interrupt you.

Continue stressing out your parents and brothers but not too much. Have a great party this weekend and tell mom you want some cake.

We love you.

Steven and Stephanie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little man. You are an amazing little boy!! Have a wonderful day and don't stress mommy and daddy out too much. We love you all!!!

Samantha said...

You got me crying again! Oh my, that was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us all...I feel that I have known you guys for so long! May this next year bring your family lots of health and happiness.

Love you!

Kelly said...

How sweet! What an amazing little boy you have there! I loved seeing all his baby pictures... he's grown so much!

Happy Birthday Isaac! Enjoy your party and continue to make your parents smile everyday like you already do! You are so loved!

Michael, Patty and Sophia said...

What a Champ!
Happy Birthday, Isaac.

jencooper said...

That was amazing! Isaac is so strong. Your movie was beautiful and something that he can treasure for years to come.

It was so nice to hear that Southern drawl today!

Happy Birthday to Master Isaac. May he have many, many more!


Krista said...

So cute...what a wonderful testimony of your love and devotion for your little guy. Happy Birthday Isaac...this is going to be your year...we are all expecting big things from you! You're just so darn cute!

Sending hugs and love

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!

My internet connection works like we're in the stone age so I'm goig to have to watch it at my moms later tonight. I'm sure it's wonerful.

Oh and we've had to pull out the O2the past 2 days to eat dinner. Arianna is just not wanting to eat lately. She sure knows how to stress me out. UGH!

Heart Hugs,

Grandma Susie said...

What a beautiful video of our little champ - it really helped us to see all the progress he's made in one short year.
Kathy, you & Joe are awesome parents, to not only Isaac, but Chris and Eli as well. We've learned a great deal from watching you two with your cutie, cutie boys. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Well, I, as others, also sobbed during this montage of Isaac's first year! What a year you have all been through! You have the most beautiful family! Happy Birthday, Isaac, and many, many more! Have fun at the party! Thanks for sharing!

Love, Teresa West

Andrea said...

What beautiful pictures! I loved your montage and of course had to view it through my teary eyes. Happy Birthday Isaac and congratulations Mom & Dad on making it through one tough year!

T & T said...

OMG....now that some of the tears have stopped rolling down onto my keyboard I can type.
What a beautiful Montage. You did a great job! It's beautiful to look back and see how far Sir Isaac and you all have come. He is one tough little man. It's been a long year and Isaac has done nothing but soar through it...so this 2nd year....I'm sending you wishes of more triumphs and joys! Happy 1 year Birthday Isaac!

The Sams Family

The Jones Family said...

Very Moving...Thank you for sharing your precious baby with us. Happy Birthday Isaac! We love you!

Erin said...

I am tears. You have been through way too much this year. Poor mama. I love your little boy. I can't believe the expressions that come out of his little eyes. What a character.

jmckeel said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! I loved the video; tears and ALL! Isaac you have grown and changed so much this past year. We are glad that you are a part of our family. You have taught everyone so much.... you truly are a blessing to each and every one of us. We hope there are many, many, more birthdays to come. It's okay if your grumpy. Like the song says "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to" We love you, James, Abby, Lauren, & Carter McKeel