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Saturday, March 08, 2008

URRGGHH....I'm trying to upload a picture for you...and I can't get it to load (I hope blogger is just malfunctioning right now..and my computer isn't messing with me again!)

So...we started our day off at a parent meeting for Chris. He's starting basketball and the team seems nice as does the coach! While I was at this meeting, Joe took Isaac to look at the glasses. We both like the rectangles...but, haven't agreed on a color yet...so, I'll let you know on Monday when I place my order! (so exciting!!) Then, we all went to Frozen Ropes where Eli had t-ball practice. It's an indoor baseball training facility...pretty cool. The kids had a blast! But...on the last throw to Eli..the ball hit him in the mouth..poor thing...he cried for about 10 minutes:(
(He didn't lose the other front tooth...so, it couldn't have been THAT hard!)

Then, we race home to devour lunch....and then we went with our sweetie pie neighbor car shopping. That's our favorite thing to do on weekends!! We just LOVE looking at cars! (looking...not buying!)

Eli was a champ and Isaac was an angel (as always...). He's so mellow...and just goes with the flow. He never whines or makes a peep. If I just keep the diapers clean and the feeding pump on schedule...he's SILENT!!! (so, when he does cry...something is definitely wrong!)

So....my picture is of him crashed on the floor in front of me....with his arms and legs spread-eagle....it's hilarious! The big boys were fighting tonight...and so they lost their video game SYSTEMS...yes...the Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation3...they are all in my room. (I think Joe did that to benefit himself...we'll see~!)

I told you that I turned the dining room into a playroom. Well, I did I tell you where I put the dining room table?? RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the living room and new playroom...right in the walkway....there's just a BIG GLASS ROUND table just sitting at the bottom of the stairs. It's too heavy for me to take upstairs, I don't want to put it in the garage (I'm afraid that it will get broken....)so...there it sits. It amazes me how many times Joe will walk past it and not move it for me. I could care less how long it sits there...i'll just start putting my laundry on it if he doesn't move it soon!!!

That's about all I've got for today. ALL the boys in the house today seem to be a BIT TOO FEISTY...so, I'm throwing them all in bed early!

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Mandy said...

oh man, I like the circle glasses. Please get one of those!! Please!!!

Chris seemed fine when I talked to him. He was playing his games.

Have a good weekend and I'll call you Monday evening. (I am going to school with Seth on Monday)

Krista said...

Hey friend...I've been reading, just haven't had time to comment! First..thanks for the washcloth picture...it just warms my heart!

I'm in favor of the rectangle glasses too...can't wait to see the final product...he is just SO cute!

And...the video cracks me up! It is obvious he definitely has an opinion...and before long I have a feeling he will be sharing it with the whole family on a more regular basis.

Glad for a relatively uneventful week...sending hugs!

crabby old man said...

Have a nice day

Samantha said...

I am glad that you had such a great day...I am also happy about the rectangle glasses (sorry Mandy). What color do you think you are leaning towards? He will look so cute! The table story cracks me up...that is so the way my house works...Jon does not lift a finger unless I ask him a number of times and even then, he often forgets to do it...the joys of ADHD!

Have a great Sunday.

Love ya!

The Portas said...

You have some feisty boys, huh? Did Joe sit in your room and play games all night? :) Dan would have!

I'm excited to see the pics! Hope you are all having a good day. xoxoxoo from cold Minnesota.

Oh! I almost forgot! I had a dream last night that I suddenly realized I was in Vegas for a work conference and I wondered WHY I hadn't called you yet?! I couldn't find my phone, so I wrote a frantic comment on Isaac's blog in hopes that you would get it. I was soooo worried that I would miss my opportunity to meet you.

jencooper said...

I like the rectangles!! I can't wait to see what color the boy gets. He is such a cutie! Craig would have played video games all night long!! I am glad to hear that you had a mellow day - I love those! Thanks for the shout out for Grace....say lots of prayers.


Kelly said...

Hey there! I've been having problems with uploading pics too! I love the rectangle glasses. He looks so handsome! I hope your week isn't too busy. Take care.