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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Look at how strong I am...
Still holding those feet up!
One of my new hats...and one foot now!
Really....could he get any cuter!?
Just checkin' to make sure all my toes are there!
Can you SEE my toes!?
He's getting mad at me...he's trying to watch tv!
Look at this cute shirt Megan (Eli's mom) sent us!!!
I LOVE IT MEGAN...it's perfect!!!!
just perfect...

We made it to church today...and it was SO WONDERFUL!!! Joe's song was just beautiful...he made me cry! We were able to take our friend and neighbor MaryKay with us and Tim and Tasha (and their cutie pies) were able to go...it just couldn't have been a better day. Thanks for going guys!

My memory is fading fast...everyday I forget to tell you 10 things that happened!
Let's see....I fed the bed this morning. Isaac's entire feed (6.5 ozs) went all over his crib. And he doesn't cry (even though he's soaking wet)...he's just playing in his crib singing...ahhh.ahhh.ahhh. It wasn't my fault...there are two ports on his g-tube extension. One port is for the feeding tube. The other port is smaller and for meds. WELL...he wiggles SO much now...that he opened the medicine port and all of his milk came out!!!
So...after I get that cleaned up...give him a bath...feed him again...and get him dressed...I GET dressed for church and get the boys dressed. THEN, Joe gets up and gets himself dressed (something's wrong with that picture isn't it...can you figure it out??)
And...as I told you....church was PERFECT! Such great speakers...music...and just a spirit filled day...gives you a wonderful HIGH for the week!

Eli. Eli has been burying his toys in the back yard. Well...he tells me that he isn't burying them...He's putting them on the dirt and THEN putting dirt on top of them. He isn't putting them under the ground~! (technicalities)

Chris. Chris was going to leave for church today WITHOUT brushing his teeth or deodorizing his armpits. JUST because he can't smell it...he thinks NO ONE else will smell it! (oh...I have my work cut out for me with this little man!) He's still doing great in school...so, I really can't complain~!

Joe. Joe is coming down with something...he took some sudafed and it knocked him out at 7:30 (yes...sudafed...the non-drowsy kind!) He's up in bed already...poor thing!

Isaac. WHOoooo...Isaac is going GREAT...(knocking on wood!). He's tolerating his feeds well..so, I started adding the MCT oil again (2cc's before each feed...for extra calories). I weighed him today...and he was down to 16.9 (which is down 1 pound!). URRGHHH....so, my goal is to put some chunk back on my little guy! We have a BUSY week! We fly to Sacramento on Tuesday. We will stay with my sister Mandy. On Wednesday...we meet with the Craniofacial team at Stanford to consult about Isaac's cleft palate repair. We need to know what type of surgery he needs, when he needs it (before or after this next heart surgery) and when we can schedule it. (They can do the surgery here in Vegas...but, I just feel more comfortable having it at Stanford in case there's a problem while he's under...that hospital knows him best!) Luckily...the big boys are on spring break...so, I'm taking CHRIS, ELI, Isaac...and an oxygen concentrator, feeding pump, pulse ox, nebulizer, meds, bottles, diapers, wipes, portable tv, and Yo Gabba Gabba dvd by MYSELF to the AIRPORT to make this trip. (I'm not scared!) The appointment on Wednesday should only last half the day....and then we'll get to spend the rest of the time with Mandy and her kiddos! We fly back home on Friday afternoon where Chris will meet up at church for an activity and our sweet neighbor is bringing us dinner! Isn't that a crazy long week!?!?
So...if I don't post a ton this week...that's why!!!
I think I've told you everything (I can remember...at least!)
**A heart baby update...Gracie is doing awesome...there's talk of a discharge tomorrow. Colin...he isn't doing very well and could use some extra prayers. Emma...haven't gotten her next surgery date...she's toying with us! Elijah....he goes in for a cath on Wednesday...start the prayers up for him.

whooo...that's why my mind is fading...I've got too many babies on my mind! BABIES behave....let my mind rest!!!

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Mandy said...

I can't believe that you remembered everything about all the kids. You really had it written down on a list didn't you?? Come on, you can't remember anything. Don't forget, we do have stores here in Cali so if you need to buy things you can. They do sell diapers at my Target also. :)

See ya soon

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea said...

Wow! I can't believe you're taking all your boys and all that equipment by yourself on a plane! You are so brave! I live in Sacramento, so if you need help on the way back I can help you in the airport. Actually, I'd love to meet up with you while you're out here if you have time. Let me know.

Samantha said...

Hey there...you are a SUPERSTAR mommy! At least you have a grown up boy to help you a bit with all the stuff you have to schlep onto the plane. I have a feeling that Eli will be a big helper too! Don't forget your chargers this time...that story will live in me forever...you are so funny!

I am glad that all is going well on your end. I totally understand the whole Joe getting himself dressed...while you had to get yourself and three boys dressed, feed, ready and out the door...so typical! That is the way it goes here...Jonathan gets himself dressed, his coffee made and I get myself ready (about 2 hours before everyone else wakes up) then I have to get everyone their meds, breakfast, their clothes and everything else along the way...and then he wonders what is going on! Silly Dads!

Sorry about the stinky Chris...maybe you can buy a spray deodorant and when he forgets, you just spray him from afar to help you breathe easier?

I hope you have a fantastic time in CA...outside of the Stanford appt...it will be nice to get away. I hope that Mandy will take good care of you! She loves ya!

Lots of love,

P.S. How could I forget...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures as always.

P.P.S. I think that once Micah gets his button put in, I will have to come visit...or maybe even before, but who knows when we will have it done! I think Vegas is calling me :)

The Portas said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know how you do it in the airports. I was stressed to the absolute maximum capacity when I was lugging only ONE baby, with hubby's help, through airports a few weeks ago. You are indeed a supermom.

I hope you guys have a fabulous trip and that you get some answers about the cleft surgery. Those "little" things (in comparison..) are good to get taken care of.

I just love the pics of Mr. Isaac. The hats look adorable on him! He could NOT be any cuter! I'm glad you like the shirt. I saw it and thought of him and it was just perfect. :)

Have great travels! I hope you guys have a wonderful time.


jencooper said...

Oh my goodness - he is such a smoochy!! I love his new pictures!

I hope that you have a fantastic week with your sister. I know that she will take such good care of you....that is what sisters do!

I know that you will survive the airport trip. You have some great help with the big ones!

Try to keep us posted this week!


Grandma Judy said...

Glad you had such a QUIET day.

Kelly said...

Geesh! I just want to reach through the screen and tickle your handsome little man! He's like gumby with those legs! Too cute!

Man, what a busy week for you. That will be great to see your sis. Hopefully the bigger boys will help you out in the airport. Take a break and enjoy time with family. Don't worry about updating... we'll catch up when you get back. Enjoy and be safe! Good luck at Stanford. Your home away from home.

jmckeel said...

Hey Kathy,
I haven't checked the blog lately; because this baby has me so sick and feeling blah! Isaac sure has grown since the pictures I saw last. Hate to see that he still has to have his oxygen tube in? Hope all goes well and you get lots of good info at Stanford. Check in on ya'll later. Love, Abby

Christy said...

Hey Kat- That shirt is perfect for Icky. Make sure you save it.


The Jones Family said...

Looks like I should have had a couble "trouble shirts" on my boys today!!
Good luck with your crazy week!!!
Love you all!!

Vanessa said...

Your such a brave woman. How do you do it, Kathy?! I hope your flight goes well and the appt goes well in Stanford. So I'm a little confused...did you used to live in CA? You keep mentioning Stanford. I know you said Isaac had his heart surgery there too. Fill me in...please!

Take Care,

cindy said...

Love the new pictures! I laughed out loud at the first one "yep, I'm just hangin' out with my feet in the air, what's it to ya!"! Have a safe trip, have fun with your sister and lots of prayers for Isaac's appointment!! Make Chris help you with Isaac and Eli on the plane...he DOES have it in him!!! (and deodorant before being traped on a plane with him will be best for all involved!!! ;:


T & T said...

Hi Roller Family,
Yes....Joe can SING!! after years of hearing that he can we finally witnessed this blessing in person. Thanks guys for inviting and letting us be a part of your ALWAYS very busy day Sunday it was truly special, (even with my little ones spilling all there cheerios, raisins & everything else I brought to quiet them through service) which did not work!

I didn't know you had all that go on before church Kat...All of your boys were just as wonderful as they always are when I see them, perfect little men, even Sir Isaac...sleepin away.
I did have that same picture of me getting everyone dressed and daddy....just struggling to do himself! hmmmmmmm....
Safe travels for you and the boys, I'm not at all worried because I know you can do it! You buzz around like a little bee (I'm still recovering from Sunday) Isaac, Eli & Chris will have to keep up with you this week!
Talk to ya when you get back.

Love you guys!
Sams Family