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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My bugaboo still isn't feeling very well....
Thank goodness he feel asleep...I was beginning to
think that I might not like him today (he had QUITE

He threw up all day yesterday....he had a fever of 101 last night...he didn't sleep very well...and started our morning throwing up again! So, at 8am I called the peds and got an appt for 11:40. I picked up Eli from school at 11:20 and headed straight for the peds. He checked Isaac over.....and no fever, lungs were clear, ears were fine....NOTHING! So, maybe he just had a little bug?!? You never know with Sir Isaac....he likes to mess with us!!!

So...after we get back from the peds...eat some lunch...I lay Isaac on the floor. Now...we have a green area rug, then I have a blanket on top of that...and it just STUNK! I look like a dog...but, I start sniffing. It isn't Isaac's bum, it's the blanket. So, I change blankets, throw that one in the washer...and lay him back down. But....I smell it again. I checked him bum again...nothing...I smell the pillow that he lays on...it STINKS! So, I change pillows and throw that one in the washer....and lay him back down....only to SMELL it AGAIN! And I can't describe this stink....it's not like the dog peed on the rug....it's worse than Isaac's poop....it's like both and rotten milk....I HAVE NO IDEA what it is. So...I start sniffing again...and it's the AREA RUG...half of the rug REEKS! Fortunately...it was a LOVELY day, so...I take the rug outside and Febreeze it to death. After about 6 hours airing out....it smells fine. BUT, I still don't know what it was. Isaac's feeding pump could have leaked out (but, I think I would have noticed that)...it wasn't our dog (she wouldn't pee on it...and it smelled worse than that)....it had to be Isaac's feeds or one of my boys (including JOE) spilled something (like milk) and neglected to clean it up. hhmmm....So...all of Isaac's blankets and pillows are all smelling lovely now...and the rug has been Febreezed, carpet cleaned, and vacuumed. (I just can't tell you how much that smell was getting to me--I get that from my mom--thanks mom!)

Chris had a good day at school. You know...tomorrow night we go to check out the "HIGH SCHOOL"...That freaks me out. My little baby can't be ready for High School. He has registered for classes and the two electives that he picked were Theatre and Japanese. (He's going to have a FULL load!) Chris is working SO hard in school...I can't even believe he's the same stinker! He's always talking about the classes that he should take to get into college. (He wants to go for video game design). He wants to go to Japan on a mission (or at least that'll be his requested place of choice), and he wants to learn Japanese to live or work there. (hopefully...just visit there or fly there often!) And...when the Von's guy came yesterday to deliver groceries...Chris grilled him about working there as a bag boy (he's ready to start working to save up for a car!) This is SO not the young man I envisioned him becoming!!! He just makes my heart melt (then, he does something completely DUMB...and I'm yelling at the top of my lungs again!)

Eli...loves girls! At church on Sunday...we was TOO excited to see Kimber. Then, he goes to school and tells me about the girls and how they "girl attack" him. And...I've seen him in action. In the mornings when I drop him off at school...I stay and watch him interact with the kids. And I see him go up to the girls and start laughing and pointing...just trying to get them to chase him....oh...I'm going to have my hands full with that one!

And Joe. Ummmm....he's working. He's working really hard...but, I had to remind him that his job may be 50 hours a week...but, mine was 24 HOURS A DAY...so, although he is extremely busy during the day...please be mindful of all that I do each day (but, you know I didn't say please...and I was probably not very nice in reminding him of this fact). Mean mama! I'll work on patting him on the head at the end of each day and giving him a treat!

(yeah...just cracking myself up!)

Grace goes in for her heart cath tomorrow and will have her surgery this week along with Emma...please include them in your prayers....

**You know...I had an idea tonight with all the campaigning going on! Could you imagine if someone WOKE up and said..."we have raised all this money...to do what with. You all know our stance on issues...do we really need to spend more on commercials, private jets, fancy parties... Why don't we just take this money and....give it to children's hospitals, feed our homeless, clothe our poor, educate our children, fix up the veteran's hospitals that our veterans need, give the elderly more than nickels a month to live off of.... Could you imagine if ONE candidate would decide to do just that....I think then we'd have a change in America that we'd all vote for!

Just my thought for the day. I must run now and feed Eli....he's SO close to me putting a feeding tube in him...he doesn't eat anything! (he's living on grilled cheese, mac n cheese, cheeseburgers...and cereal....that's all he'll eat!)

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Mandy said...

You are going crazy!!! You really do need a break. I'll take you to the Yo Gabba Gabba store in San Fran next week. Yes everyone, Kathy and the three boys are going to finally come visit me. For the past year, I've had to go see them. Now finally, I can leave comments about how messy Kathy leaves my house.

Have fun at the high school. Man, you are getting old. :)

Love ya

Krista said...

Wow...high school and diapers! You've got it at all ends don't you? I can't imagine. But Japanese...and he's got big plans for his life! Sounds like you've raised him right!

I'm so bummed that Isaac is feeling icky and throwing up...no fun for anyone! But yeah for your ped getting you in so quick and giving you (some) piece of mind.

Love your updates and all your great stories! What a life you live...blessed indeed!

Krista said...

Wow...high school and diapers! You've got it at all ends don't you? I can't imagine. But Japanese...and he's got big plans for his life! Sounds like you've raised him right!

I'm so bummed that Isaac is feeling icky and throwing up...no fun for anyone! But yeah for your ped getting you in so quick and giving you (some) piece of mind.

Love your updates and all your great stories! What a life you live...blessed indeed!

jencooper said...

Wow - high school. I can't imagine my babies being big enough for high school.

Eli sounds like quite the ladies man! He is so cute - I am sure that it is not hard to talk the girls into chasing him.

I hope that Isaac is feeling better. Poor little guy! I will be praying for him to feel much better.

Thanks for the shout out for prayers. Pre-op tomorrow and then Thursday is the big day!!


cindy said...

I'm right there with ya with the High School and diapers thing! Don't you just look at Chris and want to shrink him back down again??! (and that is NOT a height joke!!!) We just got done with the picking out the classes, too. Steph had to fill out a 4-yr plan. (did Chris have to?) Now THAT was scary!! A few short years all planned out on paper and then she leaves for college!! I can't take it!

How cute that Eli's into the girls. It was only a matter of time.....

And I wish Isaac would feel better! His "feeling yucky pictures" are precious, though. It's sad how they look so sweet when they're asleep...then turn into big troublemakers when they're awake!!!!

***Disclaimer: It's very late and I'm not proofing this so I am not to be held responsible for any spelling or grammatical errors...or if something just doesn't make any sense!! :)***


The Jones Family said...

You'll have to have Chris call Ed. He served his mission in Japan...they could chat about whatever. :)

cindy said...

Chris may not drink, smoke or join a gang, but he's going to gamble!!! When in Rome....Maybe he'll hit it big and support you!!

To answer your question, you're right. Little Jakie is not so little. Last check he was 28 pounds and not sure how tall. I'll have to wait til his 18 month next month to find that out! He comes by it very honestly though since I'm 5'10" and Scott is 6'1"! Heck, Steph is 5'11"! Since you're one of those shrimpy girls I always wanted to be growing up you wouldn't understand life in the land of the "big people" over here!!! :) Steph and I were embarressed last weekend because we were shopping and wound up in the "petite" dept by accident. We thought people were looking at us like "what are THEY doing here!!"

Have a great day and I hope the little man has a better day today!!!


The Portas said...

Chris is going to be in HS? No way! It sounds like he has some goals. That's awesome for someone so young. I didn't have goals until I was 30. :)

I LOVE the first pic of Isaac. Sooo cute. Yuck, sorry he was throwing up and not feeling well. Hopefully it was a brief, passing thing. As always, he's keeping you on your toes!

Eli is going to be a ladies man! Well he's definitely cute enough. You have some sweet boys.

Hoping for a better day for the little man. Take care!!xoxoxo

The Portas said...

btw, LOVE your campaign idea. That would be wonderful! The whole political crap makes me so angry. It's all so dumb and I hate listening to it all.

Samantha said...

You are starting to sound like me (a democrat...uh oh). I do like your idea though...wouldn't it be nice if someone just came forward and said simply that and stopped all the campaigning and actually gave that money to those who needed it.

Just wanted to check on my precious baby boy...everyone is sick and it is not allowed.

One more thing...does Isaac have the Mickey button? One of my friend's here has that kind and she is going to train us on this before Micah gets his, but I need to know if I need to take a trip to Vegas to learn from you too ;) The pediatrician told me today that we have done everything possible and the only way to get Micah to grow is the button...so here we go.....

Love ya!

jencooper said...

Oh my goodness - thank you so much for your phone call. You definitely cheered my up! And I love the southern drawl!! You are such a wonderful friend to have.

Thanks again!!

Love ya!!

Sarah said...

Isaac is so cute, even sick, he is a cutie!

Vanessa said...

I think that is a wonderful plan that Chris has, except for leaving mommy and going across the country. You have raised some good kids!

Eli...oh that little cutie will be a heartbreaker.

I love your stinky story...I'm the same way. And don't feel bad, I tell Robert the same thing. Sometimes I don't think they understand how much it takes to be a stay at home mom, especially with all the extra's you have to do for Isaac. I think a pat on the head and treat will be just fine..LOL!

Hope you have a better day and little man can keep his feeds down.