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Sunday, March 09, 2008

I had MORE cute pics to upload tonight for you....glad you told me that you're having trouble too Kelly. (I'll try again tomorrow.)

We ALL made it to church today. (Isaac and I only go to Sacrament--the first hour)...the big boys and Joe stay for Sunday school. It was SO NICE going. Isaac was a little cranky at first...but, once he fell asleep...that's where he stayed!

We weighed him tonight...17.4 pounds. I don't think he's gained any weight...but, he hasn't lost any...so, I'll take it! He moved into 12 month pj's tonight....my little man is getting longer! All the boys are getting taller...the suit that Chris was wearing today was SO short! (I felt bad for him...but, it happened all of a sudden!). I guess I'll HAVE to go SHOPPING this week...it's a tough job...but, somebody has to do it!

Please pray this week for Emma and Grace...my heart baby friends that are having surgery this week. Joe and I know how much the prayers helped Isaac...and they enveloped us with love!

LOVE to you all! (I'll keep working on the pictures!)

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Wendy said...

Hi Kathy,

It's so sweet of you to mention Emma in your post. Thank you so much for keeping her in your prayers! I also found Grace's site through yours....and will be praying and checking in as she goes through her surgery this week, too.

I appreciate your e-mails about Isaac's surgery. I am not freaked out....just better informed! :) Thank you for sharing your experiences with me.

I hope you're able to upload your cutie's pictures soon! I always enjoy seeing him! He is going to look adorable in those new glasses...what color did you pick??

Take care and have a great week!

Heart Hugs from Utah,

Wendy (& Emma, too!) ~ 2-years-old, 6q25.3-qter deletion, TOF (2nd OHS rescheduled for 3/14/08)


Samantha said...

So glad that you all got to get to church yesterday...I know that means a lot to you.

As for the pictures...just to to onetruemedia.com and then copy and paste the link to a montage...that way we all get to see our boys!

As for the shopping...can I come??? I would love to get out and go shopping...it has been awhile. Sorry that Chris's suit was too small...but at least he is turning into a young man!

Lots of love...and I will call you later on today.


The Portas said...

We missed church yesterday because we forgot it was daylight savings! DUH. We were all ready to go and everything.

Your men are all getting so tall. I think I'm going to be the shrimpy mama in a house full of tall men.

Can't wait to see the pics!

Hugs to that precious Isaac...xoxox

jencooper said...

I was so gladnto hear that younwere able to go to church. That is very important. We have gotten lazy about it. I am sure that the boys looked very handsome.

The book that we are reading to Bennett is called "My Brother Needs an Operation" by Anna Jaworski. It is gears toward younger children but Eli might like it. Bennett enjoys reading it and answering the questions. He told us yesterday that he was "a lot sad" about Grace. Poor baby. He knows that something is going on but doesn't know how to handle it.

I can't wait to see what Isaac's glasses look like.
He is going to be such a charmer!


Kelly said...

Movin' up! Way to go Isaac! Staying stead is great. Soon enough he'll be packing on the pounds. Cute pictures! Have fun shopping.. that's the best kind of therapy around. =)