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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well...due to popular demand...the Birthday Pictures are in!!!

Isaac was a bit of a grumpy bug ALL day yesterday! But, he did let us sing to him, he wouldn't lick the icing on his cupcake, and wanted out of his high chair promptly! I've tried everyday to take him off of his O2..but, he's still hanging out in the high 80's (and his lungs are clear)...I can't figure him out.

Thank you to EVERYONE who wished Isaac a great birthday!!!
Enjoy the pictures (I'll try to put them in the correct order).

Thanks for the shirt Samantha...we love it!~
He likes his thumb now...
oh....we get a smile WITH crazy eyes!
yeah...he's looking straight ahead at me...CRAZY!
Happy Birthday Isaac! Notice that everyone has Yo Gabba Gabba
t-shirts on!
Can you tell the "grump" on his face!
His loot and cupcakes! (Tasha made us the yummy
chocolate ones!--from scratch!)
That's Muno from Yo gabba gabba!
This was his attire on Friday...thanks Megan!
Isaac just wants to get out...and Eli took his Muno!
PLEASE.....just let me out!
Joe is Robi from Yo gabba gabba!
Eli is Muno!
I'm finished here!
Here are all the shirts that I made for Isaac!
The boys with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dean.
Isaac's new Jumparoo...notice the feet...not on the floor!
All his Yo Gabba Gabba characters...thanks MOM and Mandy!
Don't pay attention to mom and her no make-up, no fixed
hair...just wanted you to see my Foofa shirt!

We had a good time with Mr. Isaac! He doesn't really want to play with his new Yo Gabba Gabba characters....so, Eli is taking care of them for him! (What a good brother!)
We're just resting today...it was a LONG week and weekend! (I have over 30 boxes of cereal...I NEED MORE!!!) only 2 more days of the sale!!!

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Grandma Judy said...

Yep, Foofa is my favorite.....Muno comes in second.

Looks Isaac had a great party! Glad Sue and Dean were able to be there to enjoy it with him.

Tell Chris I am so proud of his report card!

Mandy said...

Cool party Kat. Tasha, now Kathy is going to start placing her cupcake orders weekly!! Tell Eli not to lose the Yo Gabba Gabba people. The shirts turned out great. Good job. Talk to you next week.

Grandma Judy said...

Your dad saw the t-shirts. The first thing he said, "Do you know how to do them?". I told him , "Yes". His next comment, "You need to make some of them for Lauren and Carter".

Didn't you JUST have that conversation with him about showing favoritism?

Colin's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!

jencooper said...

Love the new pictures of Mr. Isaac. I am so sorry to hear that he was Mr. Crabby! Poor guy! I hope that you were still able to enjoy the day. I love all of the Yo Gabba Gabba goodies. He is going to be in hog heaven!!


cindy said...

Yea for Yo Gabba Gabba! How nice of big brother Eli to "watch" them all for Mr Isaac! Glad you guys had fun! The cupcakes look yummy!

OK, I must confess....I love the crazy eyes!!! And where are his new, fancy glasses? Admit it, Kathy, YOU love the crazy eyes, too!!!

Only 30 boxes of cereal and 2 days left of the sale? What are you waiting for!!!! Better get movin'!! :)


Vanessa said...

I just love the birthday pictures! I love that you all wore Yo Gabba Gabba shirts...too cute!

Samantha said...

Love the pictures! So cute! You look great without your hair and makeup done! Give yourself more credit!

What is wrong with these boys that they do not like cake/cupcakes etc? I just polished off a piece of chocolate cake that was calling me! It was yummy, but I am regretting it...oh well...I deserve it!

Your shirts are all adorable! What a great mommy you are to get everyone to dress up for Isaac's birthday! He will be so thankful (and embarrassed) when you show these pictures to his future wife!

BTW...I saw Yo Gabba Gabba one time when one of the boy's was having a test done, and I found it so obnoxious...I have NO IDEA how you manage it...I guess it must be better than the dreaded Barney or The Wiggles though.

Isaac looks so cute in his shirt! I just love that shirt! I love the one Megan got him too...so cute!

I apologize for not being able to call you yet...things have been a bit crazy here...but I am calling tomorrow for sure...I already have it planned for right after I see my therapist :)

Love ya!

Krista said...

Love all the pictures...as always! I am totally clueless on this whole Yo Gabba Gabba thing. What a fun theme...someday Isaac will totally appreciate all you did for him! Is that a drum I see in the pictures...watch out...that was one of Kate's absolute favorites...I'm sure he'll stay true to his "soulmate" and bang away.
Hope you got some rest today...those parties can be exhausitng!
Sending lots of love and hugs

Andrea said...

You are so creative with your cupcakes and your shirts! What a good Mama! Also, you look way too young to have a teenager! I think you look great with no make-up and unfixed hair!

The Portas said...

The bday pics are wonderful! My favorite is of the green guy climbing up Isaac's head. :) You guys all look so pretty and happy. What a sweet family. Isaac is so lucky to get so much love from all of you! Next year he'll be digging into the cupcakes like crazy.

What's with our boys not wanting to use their feet or legs? Hmmmmm, well as you know, we have the same issues. Elijah will sit in his walker and let his feet dangle. Uggghhh! Oh well, soon enough.

Thanks for sharing the pics! You're such a good mama! xoxoxoxo

jmckeel said...

Lauren started singing Happy Birthday to Isaac, as she looked at the pictures! Just adorable :) Where did you find all that Yo Gabba Gabba stuff?

cindy said...

Hey, guess what....I just showed Steph Christopher's picture after I read your comment and she said "hey, he's cute". woo hoo...we may have a love connection here! Grow, Chris, grow!! I'm hanging on to the frame. The wedding picture would great in it!!!!


jencooper said...

By the way - I USED to think that you were pretty cool. I ACTUALLY considered you my friend. And then - I see that you dressed your children in those HORRIBLE Memphis shirts. Ugh - thanks for ruining my weekend. GO HORNS!!


(PS - All of this was kidding of course. Sometimes I hate computers - tone of voice doesn't translate. However, we "bleed orange" around here. It was a good game - our poor Horns just weren't a good match for the Tigers.)