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Friday, March 14, 2008

I know you're wondering where the cute ice cream video is.  WELL....it was on Christopher's phone and he erased it today!  I'm trying to just BREATHE and not be angry...but, it was such a cute video.  We'll just try to make another one tomorrow.  

We have t-ball practice tomorrow with Eli...oh what fun!  

Isaac had a GREAT  DAY!  I didn't start his milk feeds until this afternoon...and he's tolerated them very well (which means NO wretching and throwing up)!  My friend Tasha came over today.  She brought lunch AND Kristy Kreme!!! Then, we went shopping!!!  It was so nice to get out with a friend...and Isaac slept in the stroller like a champ!  (he's the best little shopping buddy).  Thanks for getting out with us Tasha!!!

I just finished helping Chris clean his room (which is BIGGER than mine)...four BIG bags of trash later...I think we have it!  

**An update on my heart babies....Gracie is doing great.  She's off her vent and telling the nurses who's boss!  Emma's surgery scheduled for today was cancelled.

Thanks for checking on us!
Have a good weekend!

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T & T said...

Your so welcome, but I think you did more for me than I did for you! You are such an inspiration. And I'm cloning all your boys temperament, perfect little men.
I didn't get to finish my thought to you earlier: I was saying, "did you ever think you life would be here"....because Isaac has brought such richness and love that just radiates through you all like bright sunshine on a perfect sunny day! The peace on your faces makes others around you calm and assured. I sense it so I'm sure Sir Isaac does. Isaac as your other boys are such blessings and we are lucky to have met you all!!......night night

Sams Family

Mandy said...

Tasha, I knew it wouldn't be long until Kathy got you to go shopping with her. She's back to her usual self.

Kathy, since you are in the cleaning mood, next week I'll let you unbox and clean my house and I'll take care of Isaac. I think that is a great deal.

Can't wait to see you!!

jencooper said...

Boys are gross! 4 bags of trash?? Ick - I don't know why I teach middle school.

I am glad to hear that Master Isaac is feeling better. I hope that he was able to get some super cute things while you were shopping!


The Portas said...

I'm so glad you got out with a friend to go shopping! Fun!! Yay for the no retching for Mr. Isaac. He must be feeling better!

Chris! FOUR bags of trash? The ladies don't like a boy who stores trash in his room. :)

Take care guys, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Grandma Judy said...

Kat, be honest now. The four bags weren't ALL trash. Usually half of them are broken toys, broken CD, DVD and old video cases, and other things that you are generally just tired of looking at! Chris doesn't usually eat in his room, so there weren't bags of chips, old soft drinks and things that you would normally find in a teenagers room.
Give him another year....YOU won't be allowed in his room! Be glad for that trash.

cindy said...

Yea for Isaac having a great day! Keep it up liitle man!!

I laughed about the bags of stuff coming out of Chris' room. Maybe it's a teenager thing, because I could get that much out of Steph's room, too...easy! Not necessarily garbage, just "STUFF"!! Where does it all come from???

How great that you got a girls' day!! You deserve it! Shopping AND Krispy Kreme...what a great day!

Hope the rest of your weekend is fun, too! And I hope Eli had fun at practice!


cindy said...

Just realized Isaac's birthday is 2 days before Steph's!!!