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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I know...I know...BAD ME for not posting last night. 

Thanks for all your prayers for baby Grace...I just read their update and she's out of her surgery and there are NO problems!!!  Good job Miss Gracie!!!  NOW...please remember to pray for my other friend Miss Emma...she has her surgery tomorrow at Primary Hospital in Salt Lake.

Now...Mr. Isaac is still wretching and throwing up.  So, I'll have to keep him off the milk and only give him pedialyte for a few days.  (so...then he'll lose a little weight).  He woke up this morning with gunky eyes...so, he's definitely trying to fight something.  

Yesterday, Nicole (dev specialist) and Robert (OT) came over to work with Isaac.  He's doing better and better each visit.  Just so you know what he does....here's the list: 
**Holds his head up (not a bobble head)..but, does lose control if he looks too far up or too the side and it's WHIPLASH and he needs help putting his head back where it belongs (ha ha)
**He picks up toys (he doesn't clap yet...but, puts EVERYTHING in his mouth)
**He ROLLS now...even from on his back to his belly (where he immediately screams because he doesn't like the belly)
**He bounces like a mad man in his bouncy seat

What we're working on...
**He doesn't have good "trunk" control...so, we work on his torso to help him try to sit up
**He doesn't put his feet down...NO pressure at all...
**Rolling on his tummy and getting to his back BY HIMSELF (we have to help him get off his tummy)
**EATING...would someone please tell Isaac how yummy food is!!
**He still doesn't babble...but, I'm ok with that...there's enough noise in the house.

We went to Open House for Chris last night at the High School.  I"M SCARED TO DEATH!  I'm not ready for High School...but, I was impressed by the appearance of the school, the academics offered, the extracurricular activities offered, and the sports.  Chris is going to have a BLAST!  Tonight he has basketball practice.

I just got a call from a COLLECTIONS company.  They said they had a collection account for Isaac. (of course they do)...so, I said, "What is it"?
She said, "It's for 24k!".  (are you kidding me??)
But, I know what this is from.  It's the NICU doctors when Isaac was born.  We went to a PPO approved hospital...(the only one that could handle the birth of Isaac)....and the doctors that take care of the sick, new babies...were NOT PPO providers.  We've been fighting this for a year now....it's SO SILLY!  SO, I make another call to BCBS and tell them to please review his file.  I don't think the money tree in the back yard has bloomed yet for spring...so, I'm not sure where I'd pull the 24k out of!  (AND...they still haven't paid the surgeon that did Isaac's g-tube surgery...same problem...we're in the approved hospital, but the surgeon on call was not a provider!)  Her bill is 16k.   But...other than that....the insurance has been awesome paying all of Isaac's bills.  They've paid out well over 2 million dollars on him already...and we have another heart surgery this year as well as the cleft palate repair.

I have to get off the couch now and pick up Eli from school.  I have a funny video of Isaac eating ice cream...I'll try to get back on tonight and post it!

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Samantha said...

Okay...first of all...is Eli only in half day kindergarten?

Secondly, your insurance should not be causing you this much stress with Isaac. Our insurance told us before Micah was born that this would happen and we just had to call them and tell them to pay to doctors, since non of the ICU docs anywhere are on anyone's insurance plans...they are sneaky doctors...they know the loophole to get themselves paid...pretty darn rude if you ask me! Anyway, I am sorry you are still dealing with this. I spent over an hour on Tuesday on the phone dealing with a simple $150 bill from Micah's cath back in August...we had already hit our maximum out of pocket, but the docs office was not happy with what Aetna paid. Looks like Micah will be hitting his limit early on this year too...no fun!

I am proud of all the things that Isaac is doing. He is making enormous progress. Just think, with all he has been through in his short life and all he is still going through, he is doing SO much! Yea Isaac!

You know I can't help at all in the food department. It just plain stinks that our boys are so anti-food. Noah is obsessing about weight now too. He did not want to eat lunch today (I even got him Chick-fil-a) and he refused...he actually burst into tears begging me not to take it in to school for him to eat. And Micah...well, he is a disaster...he actually put himself into a full blown seizure this morning to get out of eating...little twerp! He was blue, shaking and out of control...really did a number on me. Oh well...tube he we come!!!

Tell my sweet boy that I want him to get better soon. As soon as I have my voice back, I will call you.

It was wonderful news about Grace...but our Dr. Mendeloff is AMAZING!

Lots of love!

Samantha said...

ps...sorry for my typos above...can you tell my head is spinning? i feel awful today!

The Portas said...

It sounds like Isaac is making good progress! I know it might seem like it's slow going, but any progress is great news for him! He'll get there. Do you sit him up and let him bobble around as you hold his hips? We did this A LOT with Elijah and it's what put him on the fast track to sitting independently.

I hope the little man starts feeling better soon. Why is every baby on the planet sick right now?? ISAAC! Get better, little one, and start gobbling down lots of yummy food. You and Micah need to come to the Eater Elijah Conference being held here in MN.

Medical bills drive me insane. I hope you can get all of that figured out. You really shouldn't have these issues. Insurance should have you covered (mostly), even if the doctor is out of network, right? Send a branch from your money tree my way, once it blooms!

Looking forward to the ice cream vid. Hugs to you guys!! xoxoxo

Kelly said...

psssttt... Mr. Isaac. Let me tell you about all the yummy things you could be eating. You're on the right track with ice cream, but there are better things out there.... like chocolate. um,um. You'll love it! =) If you keep trying new foods, one day you'll have some.

Sounds like he's doing well with ot. I don't think there are many kids that like being on their tummy. Aubrey hates it. Does you ot/pt have you do baby crunches to help build those trunk muscles? I just thought that was hilarious!

Keep up the good work Momma!

Mandy said...

Okay everyone. Call Kathy and get her to tell you the collections story. It's much funnier when she tells you over the phone. But then again, all her stories are that way.

Isaac, I'm so excited that you are coming to visit next week. We are going to have a blast. Now Meghan will have you at her house and she is going to drive you CRAZY!! Sto, don't worry, you can hide in my room.

Also, we will start the 1 year birthday party next week. Sorry Joe, you will miss the Yo Gabba Gabba party. Don't worry, we'll send stuff back so you won't feel left out.

Vanessa said...

Look at all the wonderful things Isaac is doing. I'm so proud of him!

I am so sorry your having such a difficult time with your insurance. I have absolutaly no advice in that department but I will begin praying that the insurance company will pull their heads out their butts and pay for this stuff.

I'm looking forward to the video. I'm STILL waiting for my video cable to download my videos.

Take Care,

Vanessa said...

I forgot to answer your question. I have no idea what they are looking for on the CT and broch. They just know something put her in the hospital in pretty bad shape and since she has the occassional need for O2 they want to make sure there isn't something we can't see causing the problem. I'm actually glad they are doing it and excited to be getting a CT of the heart too. Well I'm off to try and get little one to take a nap.

Krista said...

Hey girl...

Sounds like you are making progress...in reality I'm sure he is still recovering from surgery...it's sure to take a toll on these little guys (and girls!)
Kate NEVER put any weight on her feet...but we finally got her to when we took her swimming and put her in the kiddie pool...just that waste high water was enough! Maybe the bathtub...or didn't you mention you have a pool. But...also this was after she finally had the trunk support to sit up...so something to think about once he's sitting if he hates his feet!

So sorry you are battling the insurance companies...UGHGHG...I just got 3 bills today I guess I will have to call about! If I were king of the world...I would make it a rule that companies have to write off bills.. if the babies pass! So...with your stance on the politicians...lets run for Pres & VP and change the world...like you have nothing else to do!

Can't wait for the video of icecream...nothing better!
Sending hugs!

jencooper said...

Isaac is making great progress! look at all of the things that he CAN do. Thanks for all of your great thoughts. You are an amazing support.

Now - I have to get home and watch Lost from last night!! I am behind.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I have 24K just hanging around my bank.. you want it? But you'll need another 16K too...
well.. yeah.. most of us have that kind of money laying around...


He's such a cute baby..
Kiss him for me..
kiss all your boys for me...