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Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh Jen...don't be mad at me because of the t-shirts...you just blame that on Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dean. What team are they for anyway...a basketball team?? If so...my kids would be in DUKE t-shirts!!!

Now...(that I've settled Jen down) I can tell you about our day. Eli is on track break..so, he's out of school for 2 weeks! (oh..my poor ears...that boy just talks my head off!) Chris went off to school begrudgingly. The little guys and I went to the park this morning and got to meet up with friends from church and their kiddos....that was SO FUN! (I can't believe how SLOWLY things are getting to normal!) Tonight...Eli had his first t-ball game. Isaac just played in my lap and watched...Chris was a BAD big brother and went to a friends house to hang out.

That's about it...nothing crazy happened today (if you can believe it)...I am POOPED though. Oh...Isaac is getting the worst little bum rash. I can't figure it out...he isn't on any different meds (although he is pooping a lot because of that teething...maybe that's it)...so, it's BUTT PASTE by the big tubs for us!!!

So..tomorrow is April fools day. I haven't reminded Joe. Chris is scared of what he'll do to him this year...so, I'm debating on telling him or not. Last year, Joe changed the clocks in the house and woke him up early. Then, made him eat and get dressed for school. THEN, drove him to school...BUT, pretended the car broke down, and they had to PUSH it to the park. THEN, Joe told him the JOKE!!! But, for being such a sport...Joe took him to Denny's for breakfast! (yeah...that's the kind of crazies that I live with.) They plan these pranks ALL year long!!!
OK...I couldn't take it...I reminded Joe...can't wait to see what they do to each other this year!!!

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Mandy said...

Are you crazy!! You don't remind Joe about Valentines Day but you remind him about April Fools. That's cruel!! I'm telling Chris on you. Just wait, when Chris is freaking out and upset tomorrow, just remember that you asked for it!! Don't forget, you can always send Eli to me for 2 weeks.

The Jones Family said...

HA HA how fun!! That's a great April Fools Day joke! I would be scared too though...

Grandma Judy said...

Did you think to take the camera to Eli's game? I want to see what's going on. Oh, in the last picture your dad said Eli was holding his bat to high, because they had the T to high.

Have a good day!

The Portas said...

Oh my gosh! That is so great!! I love it. That sounds like the sort of pranking we would do. Joe, I like you even more now! :) You'll have to let us know if any pranks take place this year.

I love that you used the word "begrudgingly." I think I have to use that word more often. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you guys are experiencing normalcy. And the butt rash thing? We go through that constantly! Even though we goop butt paste on his bum all the time! I hate seeing a little red butt. :(

Take care! Happy APRIL FOOLS DAY!

Colin's Blog said...

Love the birthday pics! Isaac-you are such a cutie!! Colin just started watching Yo Gabba Gabba in the hospital and he definetely likes it. Anything with music and dancing is good stuff!! Really enjoyed the April Fools Day story!!

Samantha said...

I can't wait to hear what Joe does this year! What fun! I wish I had a playful husband! Mine is just a dud...oh well...at least he is cute (and has a good job).

It was great talking to you yesterday too. Hope you have a terrific day!

Love ya!

cindy said...

At least you're safe from Jen over there! I think she's planning to come steal jake's Longhorns rocking chair from our front porch so I'm going to have to start bringing it in at night....the girl can't be trusted when it comes to her team!!

Looking forward to hearing what Joe comes up with this year! Did he spend as much time and energy when you guys were planning your wedding??? hahahaha

Have fun with Eli this next couple weeks. I'm sure some great stories will be coming our way!!!


crabby old man said...

enjoyeed the post and belated happy birthday to Isaac.
God is good,all the time

The Portas said...

Samantha! You made me giggle again. "Mine's just a dud, but at least he's cute and has a good job." You're funny.

I'm dying to know if any Roller April Fools pranks happened today!!!!

jencooper said...

Okay - all is forgiven. Hmmm - if ever I can make it down to Austin....I see Longhorn shirts in the Roller kids future!!

Teething, huh? Welcome to our world! Grace is getting 4 right now - all at the same time!! UGH!