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Saturday, March 22, 2008

We had a scrimmage t-ball game this morning...
Eli had a blast and played HARD!!!
Isaac slept through most of the game...then, decided to wake
up and check out the last part of the game! (He doesn't like the
sun or wind though...so, he was not a happy camper!)

That's about how our day went. Dragging ourselves out of bed this morning....going to t-ball....making a trip to Target...and back home. Then....Chris reminded us that he has a PROJECT on Africa due on MONDAY!!! ooops...I forgot that one! So, Joe dropped me and Isaac off at home...and he took the boys to Target and the bookstore to get supplies for the project. (we're all working on it now...well...Joe is working on it now!) MaryKay made us a tasty dinner and brownies!!! And that's about it...we're just watching a little television and relaxing. Isaac's had a really good day. No wretching...his O2 is still low (so, we're still have the canula up the nose)...but, we're working very hard everyday trying to hold our head up and sit up....he'll get it one day! He is rolling like a champ now!!
I should go now and help poor Joe...
OH...and I should tell you that I got sun BURNED today!!! My face and arms are bright red...I'll look like a red egg tomorrow at church!~

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Krista said...

Yeah for normal days of T-ball...and running to the store...and running again! The sky looks so blue! I noticed you rubbing it in with Arianna's tank top comment...spring will come to the midwest...one of these days.

So glad you made it home safe...blessings for a wonderful wonderful Easter! love ya

Samantha said...

I love t-ball! Noah's first game of the season is Thursday and I cannot wait to see him! It is too cute!

Sorry you got burned...put lots of aloe on!

Way to go on the no retching! Sorry his sats are still low...hang in there...he has been through a lot and just needs time.

I am sure that Chris and the rest of the family will know everything you need to know plus a bunch you probably did not care to know about Africa by tomorrow.

Have a great day.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Eli! t-ball sounds like fun. I'm glad sir Isaac tolerated being outside. Sounds like a fun-filled project day with Chris. You gotta love those, "oh, by the way" reminders. Have a great Easter!

Mandy said...

Sorry Kat. Mom told me that I was suppose to work on the project with Chris but I forgot to ask about it. Glad to see Eli having fun. And you getting a sun burn? It must be as nice in Vegas as it is here in Sac.

Tell Chris I'm glad he had a great Easter. Kiss the boys for me.

Oh, Meghan came up to me yesterday with the princess dress, shoes and wand that you got her. She made me put it on her and wore it all day.

cindy said...

Glad you had a good trip and made it home safe and sound!!

We are working on an "11th hr" project tonight, too, but Steph's is in Art. Don't you miss the good ole' days back in elementary school when we knew exactly what was due and WHEN?? I hate being so out of the loop and leaving all the responsablility in my teenager's hands!! Oh, and does Chris have his own computer? I think Steph's worst nightmare has just come true...my laptop crashed and I have to give it up for a few days so I am sharing hers!! And having to be in her sacred room while she's in there to do it!! Anyway, I thought of you & Chris when I had to break the news to her!

Eli looks so cute in his T-Ball uniform. He looks like he's having such a great time!

Hope Mr. Isaac is behaving over there for you!! I think I could have used an extra shot of oxygen over here myself the past few days...my mom and sister were here all week! Fun, but crazy!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter today!!!!


The Portas said...

It's so SUNNY there! It's like December here right now....completely ridiculous. Why don't I live in Vegas?? I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I'm so glad to hear Isaac had a retch-free day. Yay! He'll get rid of that O2 soon enough. And the head control and sitting are just around the corner. Have I told you that Elijah has stopped rolling? Yeah, he now refuses to roll when we put him on the ground. WHAT?!??! Ug, oh well.

Take care! Send us some sunshine, please?!?!?