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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

****We had our cardiology visit!!! And guess what....his valve is leaking the same amount. So...what that means is (1)although there is a leak...it isn't any BIGGER, (2)with this leak...it's rated a 5.1 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being ready for surgery)...he can leak like this for YEARS!!! WHAT?!?!? Yep...you heard right. If this leak just stays the same...he can hang onto this valve for a few years!!! YES! BUT...we also need to be certain that the pressure in his right ventricle is not TOO high (which is one of the problems that almost put us in the hospital back in January). SO...they are scheduling us for a cath to make sure the pressures are good and to clear us for cleft palate surgery in June. Dr. Mayman was a little concerned that Isaac is still on O2...but, the cath should help rule out any cardiac issues and place all the blame on his lungs. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!! I've been preparing for TWO surgeries this summer...and looks like it just might be one on the mouth! They're trying to get us in for the cath in the next few weeks! I'll keep you posted on that one.

Chris turned in his African project today...I hope he gets a good grade...Joe and I worked hard on that thing! (I mean...Chris worked hard on it!)

Now...what you've all been waiting for...a funny story to make you laugh out loud and make your hubby's give you this look!!
It all started when we moved into this house 3 years ago. The master bathroom is connected to the master bedroom by only an archway (NO door). So, you can sit in the big tub and watch the television in the bedroom. Joe and I discovered this immediately...it was only recently that our boys caught on. So...now they ONLY want to take baths in OUR bathroom. And...really...that's fine (as long as they pick up their clothes!) Well, last week while we were at Mandy's house...the boys wanted to take a bath in her master bathroom because they like the big tubs. But, you can't see the tv in her room from her tub....so, brilliant ME brought in the portable dvd player and sat it on the sink and just let them relax in the tub while watching their movie. (spoiled or what!) Now...we're home. Two days ago I am calling for Eli to come downstairs for dinner and he isn't answering...so, I go up. He's in the bathroom with the door locked. I bang on the door and he opens it. He's in there watching the Simpsons! I said, "Eli...what are you doing??"
He said, "mom..Chris is playing the PS3 and I wanted to watch my movie."
I said, "Eli...you have a tv in your room...and Chris has ANOTHER tv in his room that you can watch your movie on. WHY is this dvd player in the bathroom?? AND why are you just standing here watching it??"
I got nothing but a blank stare. So...I told him to turn it off and come downstairs for dinner. (Can you believe that he took the player from the suitcase and put it in their bathroom!?)
Yesterday morning I was calling (ok...yelling) for Eli to come downstairs or we were going to be late for school. He had been upstairs for 15 minutes brushing his teeth. I keep yelling and finally I go up the stairs (which I HATE to do when it isn't necessary)....and he's in the bathroom watching a movie AGAIN!
"ELI....that's it!!!"...I say ever so sweetly! Then, I take the movie OUT of the player and put it on a shelf and we head out the door for school.
THEN, this morning...I'm calling again for Eli to come downstairs. After the second call and no answer from Eli...I start stomping up the stairs...because if he's watching that dvd player again in that bathroom...I'm going to throw it out the window! So...I get to the bathroom door...(prepare myself) and I open it! He's standing there, in just a shirt (nothing else), brushing his teeth....WATCHING A MOVIE!
"ELI...WHAT are you doing?!?!" I'm yelling again!
"Well, I had to go to the bathroom and YOU told me to brush my teeth...but, I didn't have time to put my underwear and shorts back on and this is my favorite part...and...."
I had to walk out of the room...to save the dvd player and because I was laughing SO hard I could hardly stand it. But, I had to put on a brave face and go back in and remove the dvd player once and for all from their bathroom.
Poor kids. I don't know what they'll do now. I guess..revert back to my bathroom (which is just punishing me)...but, I can't have Eli sitting on the toilet, brushing his teeth, and watching a movie....can I???

That's about it. I suppose I'll cook dinner. Oh...did I tell you that the plastic surgeon in Stanford wants me to take away Isaac's pacifier (because he can't have it after surgery). I'm not doing it yet...I'm waiting for the heart cath and the final OK....then, I'm not sure how we'll do it. He has that thing in his mouth day and night! (oh..and FYI...Dr. Mayman said that he was glad that we were going to Stanford for the cleft repair. He told me that he didn't want to tell me...but, that was his preference all along. SO SWEET.)

Oh...what a crazy world! I hope everyone has a good week! Oh...and Emma's surgery is this Friday (28th)...start the prayers up for her again...and Emma....don't reschedule this time!!!

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jencooper said...

Good news! I am so happy to hear that your appointment went well.

That story cracked me up. I see what I have to look forward to with my boy!

I am so happy to hear that you had a great day!!


Mandy said...

I'm sorry. I guess I should have never gave them that Simpson season. I didn't realize that they were going to get in trouble with it. Let me know when you are going to be back in CA so I can make more plans next time. Maybe I can take the boys to the ocean and places along the coast. Alcatraz is always a great place to leave Chris at.

Samantha said...

You always have me laughing Kathy! Did you talk to Jonathan tonight, or did he have the machine answer? I will call you tomorrow. Sorry I missed you...I was off playing bunco...and I WON!!!!!!!!! Yea me!!!

I am happy that cardiology went well...we will keep on praying for a good cath. It does not surprise me too much that they will let his valve leak, since Micah does not even have a pulmonary valve and we are hoping to avoid surgery for many more years.

Talk to you tomorrow...I do have school tomorrow, so I will call you afterwards...this whole time difference is so difficult to work around :)

Love ya!

Krista said...

Your life is crazy! I am always amazed at your wonderful stories! I'm so glad about the card news! Praise God...what a relief to know that surgery could not be for a long long time! I'll definitely keep praying through the heart cath.

As far as the paci..wow! More power to you! I can't even imagine getting rid of Kates...and Seth will probably be sucking his thumb at his wedding.
And the glasses...so cute! I think he looks so smart! I'm anxious to hear if you notice a difference in his activity and interest now that he can actually see! Very good choice!

Love ya friend!

cindy said...

How great about the card appt! You must be so relieved! Now we just need a good cath!

Love the Eli story. I have a new found love of boy stories now! They are such complex little creatures!

Take care,


Kelly said...

Your boys crack me up! Poor you... no girls... which would be a whole new set of drama stories. These are just plain funny!

That's great news from the card today. Yeah Isaac! Hold out as long as possible so that Momma of yours can fatten you up. What a relief! Now, I'll be crossing my fingers for a good pressure report after the cath.

Sarah said...

Your bathroom/TV story is the best! Boys and the bathroom - there is something about either a book or TV that makes them stay in there for hours, LOL!

The Portas said...

ELI!! What a cute story! As always, I'm giggling to myself. Watching movies in the bathroom...hmmmmmm, maybe I should try that!

That is wonderful news about the possible NO HEART SURGERY this year. Oh I really hope the cath tells you good news. Way to go, Isaac!

Elijah has never had a comfort object, not even a paci, so I don't know what it's like to have a baby attached to something. Good idea to wait till you know for sure until starting to wean him. Since the surgery wouldn't be for 6 months, you could do it very gradually, even.

Ok, take care, guys. xoxoxo

The Jones Family said...

HA ha Very Funny! He's figured out how to have his cake and eat it too. Smart boy. It will serve him well as an adult! :)
Love the glasses by the way. They look great!

Vanessa said...

What great news! I am so happy heart surgery is not in the immediate future. Good job Isaac!