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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Eli is stylin' for t-ball practice!
GOSH...I could just eat him UP!
Look...I can eat my feet with my eyes closed!
GOT IT!  Nothing like feet for an

afternoon snack!
YEP....after I eat Eli...I'm eating Isaac up!

WELL...what about this new background.  I decided to stop playing around...I'm wasting TOO much time (but, it sure is fun!)  
Where to begin...How about yesterday.  Eli had FUN at t-ball.  Isaac just sat in his stroller, ate, and slept!  Chris and Joe played basketball...It was a great "Family Forced Fun Day"....that's what they call it...when I FORCE them to all go to the park with me!
Ah...and last night I went to Dairy Queen and got everyone a treat...and got myself a Brownie Earthquake!  (my favorite!)  Well, when I get home and start eating it...Isaac couldn't keep his eyes off of it.  So, I put some whipped cream on the spoon...he puts it in his mouth, makes a "yucky" face....and grabs the spoon for more!  SUCCESS!  He had about 5 spoons of whipped cream...it's a miracle!!!  So, today I gave him turkey (baby food) and whipped cream!  He did very well (and that means 5-6 baby spoonfuls).  Baby steps...baby steps!!!

Joe had to work today:(  But, I got up this morning and got the kids ready for church.  I can't go with Isaac (he's still contagious), but I called Janice and she was a sweetie and took the big boys.  They were SO handsome!  While they were at church, I was able to clean a little (very little) and give Isaac a bath.  After his bath, I had his canula off...so, I checked his sats.  And, for about an hour he stayed above 90.  But, then he starts coughing and retching...so, that's my cue to plug the O2 back up!  (and I did)  That was very encouraging though...maybe we can get him off this soon!

That's about it.  I've got plans tonight to watch Extreme Home Edition and then The Big Give.  (Did you see Oprah this week where she talked about this show).  There was one woman in the interview process and she said that she wanted to be on the show because her son had a heart transplant and that's why she wanted to give back.  (Now...this lady didn't get picked for the show...but, it made me cry....and if that's how sweet the contestants are....Oh...I just have to watch!)  And JEN...what about LOST this week!  Oh my goodness! (I'll send you an email!)
Hope everyone had a great weekend...and I'll try to stop watching so much tv...but, It's my escape....and I NEED IT!

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Grandma Judy said...

That sure doesn't look like the Eli I remember. He sure is getting taller. I guess he has accepted the lost tooth. Most kids try to hide it.....Eli wants the world to see.

I'm glad Janice was able to take the kids to church for you. I sure hope they behaved. And how many times did they go out for water???

Hope you have a good week.

jencooper said...

They are so cute!! Can I please eat them too??? Okay - emails tomorrow! We have got to talk. I changed my email address - jencooper263@yahoo.com


Samantha said...

Hey there! Yea for whipped cream...you know that Micah won't touch the stuff, so I eat it ALL! A real good fattening way to make it is to buy the heavy whipping cream and make it yourself...it has more cals than the canned stuff...let me know if you need to know how to make it! It would be great to add to your brownies :)

I am addicted to all my tv shows...so you are allowed! Did you see on the show how one of the people said "they didn't think that my hole in my heart would grow together on its own, but it did" Jon and I both were like...SO WHAT! What about those kids that were not so lucky! UG! Sorry, small rant!

Have a great night...I love the background, which means I can steal the other one, but now I think I like a brighter one...you will have to walk me through all this.

Don't forget that UPS will be bringing you something on Tuesday...keep your eyes open...I can't wait to hear if Isaac likes it!

Love ya!

Mandy said...

I think you should just let Isaac live off Ice cream. He'll be fine!!
Glad to hear you all got out of the house.

Cindy said...

"Family Forced Fun Day"...Love it! I'm going to try that around here! Steph will start saying her stuff about how I have "power" and it's not fair that she has to do whatever I say, but that's half the fun of forcing!!

The whipped cream sounds good, but not as good as something called a Brownie Earthquake!!!!!

Very cute pictures of the kiddos. Eli looks very proud...either of how handsome he looks in his cool practice clothes or his missing tooth!! And Isaac looks proud because he can eat his feet!!!!!!


Krista said...

Yeah for baby steps...I love it that he loved the whipped cream...our geneticist told us to add it to all of Kate's food for the extra calories...she actually preferred the ice cream better! Maybe you should try that!

Sounds like a decent weekend around the Rollers...thought of you often as Andy had the race on this afternoon...and we watched Ocean's 13...I kept thinking...I wonder if Kathy has seen that place...or this!

Love the new background...very springy...but a little on the girly side...but you are so deserving living in a house of boys! You are totally in need of some flowers! I will miss the daily excitement of "what will Kathy have on her blog this time?"

Praying for a great week...maybe even one with no docs...could that be in the horizon?

Vanessa said...

Yeah for baby steps...5-6 baby spoonfuls, that is HUGE! Maybe just add whip cream to everything!

And don't even worry about watching TV its the only way us moms can escape. I haven't seen The Big Give but I'll have to watch it tonight. My show is The Biggest Loser which is on tomorrow. I have been doing Weight Watchers for several months and have lost almost 30 pounds!! Everytime you talk about your brownies I just cry. It's funny I actually woke up alot with Arianna last night (she cut another tooth) and the first thing on my mind was brownies. YUM!

I didn't get the chance to tell you before but I too like the red glasses. Those kids are so adorable in those glasses, which means Isaac will be a little ham!

And 30 minutes off oxygen...YIPEE! Hopefully you can get that O2 off soon!

Take Care Kathy!

The Portas said...

Was this past week's Lost not the most awesome episode you've ever seen? OMG! I was loving it! I didn't make it to the end of the Big Give last night. Was it good?

I hope you are all doing well today. The pics are so cute! Eli looks like a little MAN!

Yay to Isaac on the eating! Whipped cream is yummy!

Erin said...

Hey, Kathy! I tried to call you a few weeks ago, but the number I have for you must be wrong! sigh. Your baby is so cute. I just want to squeeze him. you can visit our blog if you want thefifes.blogspot.com
see you later,

Christy said...

Hey Kat- The doctor told me the babys that eat their feet are very outgoing and sociable kids, just look at Ken and Hokie, Ken did not and Hokie did.. Ha Ha Ha you are getting a Hokie Ha Ha wait till I tell mom


Kelly said...

Yeah for eating! I agree.. baby steps are awesome!

Um, Lost. I haven't seen one episode this season... I'll have to rent the DVD when the season is over. I do love that show!

Wendy said...

Hi Kathy,

I just love the hearts you have on Isaac's cannula! That is just precious!!

And how great to hear that he liked whipped cream!!! Did you ever think it would be a "good" thing when your child liked whipped cream???!!! It's amazing how your thinking changes when you have a child that's tube fed! It is certainly all about the baby steps, that's for sure!!!

Lots of Hugs from Utah,

Wendy (& Emma, too!) ~ 2-years-old, 6q25.3-qter deletion, TOF (2nd OHS rescheduled for 3/14/08)


Andrea said...


Isaac is such a little cutie. I can't wait to see the cute glasses you get for him. I enjoy following your updates since we can't connect at church very often (aren't blogs great?)