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Monday, March 24, 2008

The glasses are in!!!
He's smiling at the tv....not me!


It's ok...I'll just eat them!


He doesn't like these one bit!!! But...they are cute!!

Notice the O2.....we kept it off ALL day! He started to wretch twice...but, I just put the O2 near him...and it stopped! I've put it on while he sleeps though....

Tomorrow we see Dr. Mayman (card). YEAH!!! I will let you know if the leaking is bigger and if we're cleared for cleft palate repair in June! I can't wait!

It's past my bedtime...so, I'll tell you many things tomorrow!!!

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Mandy said...

Finally, more pics!!! These are cutier then the ones you emailed me. Hey, you forgot to tell everyone that Isaac was fine off the O2 while he was here. Or at least as long as Meghan was staying away. Good to see him breating better. Take care and update us early tomorrow!!

Sarah said...

Those are just adorable!!!

Samantha said...

YEA!!!!!GREEN!!!! Oh, I am so happy! He is so ADORABLE I cannot stand it! What a cutie pie!

He is looking pinker...the last picture with no O2, he looks great...even though he is looking really upset with you!

Good luck at the cardiologist today. I will be looking forward to hearing great news about his heart and to hear that the cleft repair can take place in June.

Get this...Micah has decided that he might start to eat NOW!!!!!!! Seriously? I am going to weigh him after all his fluid build up gets flushed from his Lasix (he is pretty puffy today), but I think he may have gained an ounce or two. Jonathan does not care though...he says there is nothing that is preventing this surgery.

Post about the appointment as soon as you have a chance.

Love ya!

Samantha said...

Hey---I was just reading Mandy's comment...what is the altitude difference between Mandy's house and yours? Maybe you really should move to Dallas to help Isaac's lungs. I will start looking for a house for you :)

Grandma Judy said...

Has Eli tried on those glasses yet? You had better watch him, or they will be going off to school one day for show and tell.

I'm glad you included Chris and Eli's summary on the blog. Now we can really talk about them!

Samantha said...

Yes...me AGAIN! I just noticed the little blurbs about all the boys to the side and I LOVE that idea. I am going to do that on mine too!

I did not know that Eli was Elias and not Elijah...the girl who watches Micah for me while I go to school has a son named Elias and I had never heard that before, now I know TWO! I love that name!

Anyway...I promise, I will leave you alone now.


cindy said...

Love the glasses!! And as an added bonus it looks like they're tasty, too!!

Looking forward to hearing what the card says! Sending big prayers and lots of good thoughts!!!


The Portas said...

Honestly, he could not possibly be any cuter in his new glasses. SOOOooooo dang cute!!!

I'm excited to hear how the appt with Dr. Mayman goes. I hope you're cleared for cleft surgery!

Isaac! I just want to reach through my monitor and SMOOCH you!

Kelly said...

Oh. My. Gosh! He is simply ADORABLE with his new glasses. He looks great and so happy! I'm lovin the green glasses you picked out.

Good luck today at the card. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news and an all clear for cleft surgery.

jencooper said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green glasses. They are too precious! I hope that your appointment was wonderful and that you got the all clear. Thanks for sharing pics of Gracie's future husband....there are alot of contenders out there! Yea for no O2! You go Isaac!!


Mina said...

Isaac is such a cutie pie, I think he looks adorable in those glasses. Hoping things go well tomorrow at the cardiologist's office.

Lindsay said...

Okay, Isaac makes wearing glasses look good! He's so cute! Sorry I didn't tell you I had a blog... I don't usually tell a lot of people because I don't feel like my blog is all that great to read! But thanks for leaving a comment and the next time I talk to Angela I'll tell her to invite you to her blog!

Andrea said...

I love his little glasses. He looks so darn cute. I am jealous...I have always wanted glasses, but they just won't give them to me. I try every few years, but they tell me it is still 20/20. I guess I can live vicariously through your baby.

jmckeel said...

Mr Isaac,
Don't you look just handsome! :)
You better stay close to your mama at those t-ball games. Glad to see your doing good and holding the fort down. Love, Abby