We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chris...get your little bum back here!
Can you believe that my baby is in High School???

Eli...that boy CANNOT make a normal face!

This is as NORMAL as it gets! Here he comes first grade!

YEAH...it's just me and mom (and my crazy eyes!)
We did...we all survived the first day of school! Chris woke up (by himself)...took a shower, got ready was out the door before 7AM! Eli...was in the garage to see Chris off and just hung out on the couch with my until he was ready for school at 8:30. THEN, it was just ME AND ISAAC...pure heaven! We had an eye appointment. Nothing new to report. She said that we won't start patching his eyes for a while...but, that is FOR SURE in his future (sorry little man!).

Chris got his schedule today...and his electives are computer and Japanese....he LOVES IT! I almost cried when I drove up to the school to pick him up...I just can't believe it!

Eli...had to move his stick in class today once (for talking)...but, he assured me that he was back on track before the day ended. (He's got a little girl named Katlyn sitting beside him....and they talk too much).

Isaac wretched a few times this morning...but, I lowered his amount of milk, added more pedialyte...and he's been fine this afternoon.

It's almost 9pm...and JOE IS STILL AT WORK...not even CLOSE to coming home.....urrghhh.
I'll keep wishing on a star that one day we will be able to live off love and not money!

**Please continue to keep Johnny and his family in your prayers. I hope that they can feel how many people are praying for them and they feel enveloped in all the love and will find peace.

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Mandy said...

Eli getting in trouble the first day of school. HA HA HA And you pick on me about Seth. :)

We love you

Andrea said...

Wow, first day of school! How exciting! I can't believe Chris is going to learn Japanese. That is amazing!

The Portas said...

I'm glad everyone survived (and enjoyed) the first day of school! What big boys..high school and first grade. And wow, Japanese is a cool elective to take.

Hoping for a calm, peaceful, non-retching day for you guys. xoxoxox

crabby old man said...

Really liked the pictures, You seem to have such a nice family. May God Bless the Rollers

jencooper said...

What handsome boys you have!! Seriously - they are such cuties!!

I think that Japanese is an awesome elective. I don't even think that they offer that here in Texas. Super cool!

Ahhh - Eli is after my own heart. I was a talker myself - constantly in trouble.

Hope that you had a great day today. Glad that Isaac has a bit of a break before he starts the patching.


Vaeh's Blog said...

I love the faces in the last 2 pics... can't deny that they're brothers!

Hard to believe that you have a high-schooler?!?! I can't believe that mine's almost in kindergarten?!

Hope you enjoy your days with Mr. Isaac! Give him a big squeeze from us!