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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nothing much going on here....but, if you must know...here it is:

5:15am--get up
5:15am--wake Chris up
5:20am--wake Chris up AGAIN
5:30am--help him get ready for school and make his lunch
5:45am--get myself dressed and Isaac's feed ready
5:55am--take Isaac to the stroller and start feed
6:00am--walk with my sweet neighbor (it's at least a mile)
6:30am--return home and eat breakfast (we're slow walkers)
7:00am--disconnect Isaac's feed and give him a bath and dress him
7:30am--wake up Eli--remind Joe that he is LATE
7:45am--wake up Eli again get him ready for school and make his lunch
8:30am--take Eli to school and come home
9:30am--get call from Eli's school that he's having trouble breathing
so, I call the peds office and get him an appointment
10:00am--I'm at the school picking up Eli and head to the peds office
10:45am--we've seen the ped, his allergies is aggravating his asthma. He has a new inhaler and antibiotics (because his ears are a little infected)
11:00am--we're home and eat lunch...I ask Eli to return to school at noon (he's breathing fine)
12:00pm--take Eli BACK to school
1:00pm--Pick up Chris and other kids from HIGH SCHOOL and take them all home
Drop off Eli's prescriptions
3:00pm--pick Eli BACK up from school
3:30pm--some kiddos come over to spend the afternoon
I'm making snacks, dinner, tutus...just playing with these cute girls
6:00pm--girls are picked up
6:30pm--friend from church comes over....LOVELY visit...wish we visited with each other more often
7:00pm--pick up Eli's meds
7:30pm--Eli takes a bath
8:30pm--the boys are in bed
9:00pm--Eli is OUT of bed...he's coughing too much.
Cool mist humidifier is filled up and turned on
Eli is miraculously cured.
Chris is trying to talk to me.
Isaac is fussing at me.
Joe is STILL at work...and I haven't heard one word from him all day (I hope he's
9:20pm--I will finish this post, load the dishwasher, pat Isaac's bum to sleep, give him final meds for the day, nebulizer treatment, clean off the table and cabinets, start another load of laundry....do you think I'll make it to bed by 10:00 to start Isaac's last feed (that I have to stay up until 11:00 to turn off and flush)?

I'm just playing with you guys!
Not really...that's EXACTLY how our day went (and I didn't even throw in all of Isaac's feeds, meds, and pt work outs)....I just don't understand with all of that activity...how am I still not losing any weight?? That's all I want to know?? I suppose it could be that I've been CRAVING cinnamon toast. I eat it ALL day. Just toast, smothered in butter, with sprinkles of cinnamon and sugar on top....OH MY!!!

Nora (our great PT) and Nicole (great dev. specialist) come over tomorrow. I wish Isaac had a new trick to show them, but...he's doing the same. He's rolling all over the place...even bonks his head into the fireplace. (maybe he should wear his glasses more so that he can see what he's rolling into!!!)

Hope everyone had a SUPER Wednesday!!!
Chin ups everyone...seems like everyone is having some downer days. Would someone talk to some big company and have them sponsor a HEART MAMA VACATION PLEASE....where kids are allowed to go, but are totally cared for by private nurses!! Wouldn't that be heavenly!

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Vaeh's Blog said...

Okay, where do I sign up for this vacation? I assume all expenses paid?! I'm game... just let me know when & where!

Sounds like you should have no bum like Joe - running it off like you do! Here's how our day went: eat breakfast, paint, paint, paint, paint, eat lunch, put Vaeh down for a nap, paint, paint... you get the idea!

Hope Joe found his way home, Eli starts feeling better & that maybe you can catch a cat nap tomorrow!

Give Mr. Isaac big smooches for me!

Krista said...

Just catching up on blogs and saw the pic from yesterday...warmed my heart! Yes...those two are total SOUL MATES!

Wow...what time does Chris have to get to school...that is crazy insane...Seth starts preschool on Wednesday and I'm freaking out about getting him out of the house by 8:15...I am such a morning whimp.

And...yeah for cinnamon toast...Seth and I have it 3-4 times a week for b-fast.

Sign me up for the vacation...the med students asked today if I met any of the support moms I met online...I told them Vegas is 1st on my list!

Amber said...

You HAVE to sign me up!!!!!

My only thought on weight...maybe you don't have any to lose???? :^)

You are a very busy mama...they thing is, I'm not sure I'm conscious when you are our roaming the streets....that's amazing...

Thank you for "cheering" me on...the days are BOUND to get better and I will post only sunshine and flowers!!!!

The Portas said...

Heart Mama Vacation, SIGN ME UP! What a fabulous idea. And mmmm, cinnamon toast, now I'm craving that! I haven't had that in years.

What a day you had! UGHhghghh! That's a lot of stuff going on, Miss Supermama. I'm saying a prayer right now for a restful, peaceful Thursday with lots of progress and health!


Sarah said...

Yes... I'm on board for the vacation!!!

Samantha said...

Kathy...you told me to slow down and smell the roses...so I am telling you the same thing...slow down...you are WAY TOO BUSY!!!!!!!!!! A vacation sounds wonderful...can we make it in Cancun so that we can have beautiful weather, the ocean, a beach and lots of relaxation????

Love ya,

jencooper said...

Yum....cinnamon toast. Come on down to Texas and let me make some for you. It is one of my specialites!! Seriously! Bennett loves it.....and I admit....so does Mommy!

I hope that you had an easier day today. I am exhausted just reading about your day. Hang in there.

Let me know when and where to sign up for that vacation!!


Mami Adame said...

I was just thinking it would be so nice to have a Heart Mama get together! A vacations sounds lovely!
Isn't it crazy how time flies? And it really isn't fair that the pounds just stick to us no matter how much running around we do...although I'm sure daily Starbucks doesn't help!
Don't worry Kathy, Isaac will be eating more before you know it! A full jar?! THAT IS A BIG DEAL!

Vanessa said...

Okay...I'm ready for my Heart Mama Vacation now! :)

You are one busy woman. I feel so lazy compared to you. I don't think I could handle your schedule. I'd probably fall asleep making dinner. I only wish I was that lucky...I stay up till 2am almost ever night. I just can't fall asleep...probably cause I do absolutely no physical activity during the day. Once it cools down I'll start walking again. I enjoy my home with AC way to much to try and go walking in this heat.

Okay, I'm rambling.

Take care,


crabby old man said...