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Saturday, August 09, 2008

We're alive and well...
my computer cord broke last night...so, it was off to the apple store today to get a new one! (and a few other things that Joe "NEEDED"...)
Isaac had to stay on the O2 today...but, with that extra support, he only wretched once. His heart rate is still a little too high for me and he's sweating ALL the time (and he's ONLY at rest...that boy isn't working on going anywhere or using any extra energy). He will STILL not let me feed him anything.

Eli has spent the last two nights outside screaming for the aliens to come down. We went to the book store today to find him alien books....but, couldn't find any kid ones that appealed to him and the adult ones were too wordy and not enough pictures.

Chris got a new computer star wars game this week....so, that's all he's doing (and stinking up my house with his body odor!)

We're headed off to bed now....gosh....we're getting OLD!!!

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Wendy said...

Hi Kathy!

I know it's been forever since I left a note! I am so sorry! I think of you and the boys so often....I've just had an awful time keeping up with everyone over the summer!

I just read up on all of your updates....my goodness, you are one busy woman! :) And I loved seeing all of the pictures...they always make me smile. I especially loved seeing little Isaac looking like he's going to be moving into a crawling position very soon!!! And his "eating-the-high-chair-tray" picture was cute, too....one day he'll eat some food for you, I just know it.

Eli cracks me up calling for the aliens to come down! Too cute!!! He and my Donnie would get along great. We went to the planetarium over the weekend, and it's got him thinking about aliens, too! :)

Well, take care, Kathy, and give that sweet little Isaac a big hug from us! I promise to check back again soon!!!

Lots of Love & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

jencooper said...

I hope that Eli is getting closer to figuring out how to get the aliens down.

Isaac - Be good!! Give your mom a break. She needs it!


Mandy said...

Stop picking on Sto. Just tell him to take his showers daily. Give the poor boy a break:)

Oh, I'm sure Joe NEEDED things at the Apple store. :)

Have a great week