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Friday, August 29, 2008

A conversation with Eli yesterday when I picked him up from school:

Eli: MOM!!! That Katelyn Mulligan...she kissed me on the arm today at lunch.
Thomas must have paid her off
Me: Ewww Eli...you let a girl kiss your arm??
Eli: Well, actually....I'm not so sure if Thomas would have the money to pay her off...
maybe she likes me! We might get married!
Me: That's great.

Today at pick up:

Eli: I need hand sanitizer!!! Katelyn kissed me on the cheek today!!! I need to rub it all over.
Me: Eli...why are you letting a girl kiss you??
Eli: We're getting married. I told her mom that she kissed me too.
Chris: Don't get her in trouble Eli!!!

tonight while on the phone:
Eli: Yes...I'm getting married. At least there's always divorce. God Bless America!

This is what I live with!

So...that's what's going on with Eli. We just dropped off Chris and a friend at the football game at school (that's a little scary!)

Isaac....he ate about half a jar total today. He's opening his mouth today...but, he doesn't just swallow the food (like, he doesn't know what to do just because it's siting in his mouth)...but, when he's chewing on the chewy tube or nuk brush, he swallows. Go figure!?!?!

Now...I have a new family to introduce you all to. The Lee Family...they have twins girls and baby Logan (who's one). Logan is the heart baby...such a cutie pie! I was able to finally talk to Karen today and she couldn't be nicer! SO....would you please stop by and say HELLO...she just started her blog up, so I told her that you guys would remind her often to update it!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!!

fyi...Joe has to work tonight until 10pm!!! Ok...I'm going to post his resume on this blog and you guys can find a job for him near you!!! (or, I'll post mine, I'll work and he can watch little Isaac!...that sounds better!)

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jencooper said...

Way to go Isaac!! Baby steps, right? I am so proud of him.

That Eli is a riot! He cracks me up. I truly think that is how Bennett will be when he grows up!

<3, Jennifer

cindy said...

Yea, Isaac! Eat up, little man!! Someday you're gonna realize how yummy food is and not want to stop eating it...just like the rest of it!! ;)

Chris is taking Japanese? That seems like the hardest thing in the world to try to learn. How do you read & write symbols?? Also very proud of him for going to seminary in the mornings. I was wondering why he was leaving the house before 7am! What a good kid. And...I keep forgetting to tell you how cute he looks in the recent pictures. He even looks taller!!

Eli cracks me up. He's such a character. Guess he just can't decide if girls have coodies or not!

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Love ya!


Lee Family said...

Kathy you are so sweet and I look foward to meeting your little cutie pie. It was really nice to talk to you today, an hour and half. I could have talked all night about our little cutie pies. Thanks for your friendship, i look foward to getting to know you better. Karen

Vanessa said...

Way to go Isaac! I just loved using the nuk brush with Arianna. I still pull it out from time to time when she refuses to eat. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.

And Eli, oh my goodness, that kid is hilarious.

Vaeh's Blog said...

Sounds like Eli has already chosen his career path - comedian! What a corker! Letting girls kiss him... how long will that last before he figures out that 'girls are yucky!'

Way to go Isaac on eating some more! Don't worry, Kathy! Vaeh & I still have 'discussions' on occasion about her needing to eat! Believe me, one day you'll have to stop him from eating more!

FOOTBALL!! I'm so excited about football season - hope Chris had fun at the game!

Hope you have a great l o n g weekend!


Grandma Susie said...

Elias is SOOOO FUNNY!!! He cracks me up too- Now when Chris starts bringing home kissing stories, we all want to know. :)
Isaac is doing good even if he doesn't swallow the food right away - keep feeding him and he'll one day ask you for more.
Kathy, I hope you do get Joe another job so he can spend more time with his family that he loves & misses - what a GREAT employee to give so much for the company, he's always been a quick study, a perfectionist at his job and he's worth every penny his boss pays him!!! I hope they know that.
Love you guys, take care.

Kelly said...

Oh watch out! That little Eli! Isn't he only in the FIRST grade? And he already has girls kissing him? You've got your hands full! But, thanks for the laugh!

Sounds like Isaac and Aubrey are at the exact same place with eating. I think slowly Aubrey is realizing that food is actually yummy. It's so frustrating that somedays she likes it, others, not so much. What is up with these little stinkers?!

Have a great weekend! Hopefully you get to see that phantom husband of yours! =)

Vanessa said...

I just went back through my notes from the EI specialist and it looks like Arianna started saying "Mama" right after she turned 1 years old. It really hasn't been till recently that she started talking more. I for sure thought she would be 3 or 4 before she started talking but all of a sudden it's like a light went on. She is still way behind other children but she is showing so much progress.

As far as her bike...she just puts her feet on the stands and lets me push her. We are working on the steering technique but she doesn't seem to grasp that one too well. I'm just happy to see her on a bike!

I know it's hard when our kids aren't doing things other children are doing. You know he'll do it in his own time. Look at how great he is doing with his eating! That is HUGE!

I hope my posts don't discourage anyone. I know alot of our heart babies are struggling in the areas that Arianna is doing well in. I sometimes hesitate to post things but this is our journal and I like to put everything in it.

Take Care,

Vanessa said...

Oh Kathy...I sure do love you girl!

Thanks for your message. I don't know too many older DiGeorge kids so it's hard to look towards the future. It's so hard because they all range in severity and not one child has the same exact problems. I go on the message boards alot and it can be depressing hearing all the other DiGeorge mom's talk. I'm glad we give you hope for the future. :)



The Portas said...

The Eli comments cracked me up, as always. Already planning out his wedding, huh? :) Too funny!!