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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Well...I'm trying to upload new pics...but, my camera is taking FOREVER to load!

So...I'll just tell you about our day!

It's OVER....HOORAY!!!

Seriously, Isaac is doing awesome! He is off the O2 again during the day. I even started up his MCT oil again (for the extra calories) and he didn't wretch or throw up once today!!! He even put his feet on the floor when I put him in his jumparoo...although...he was a little quick and put a little scratch on his new fancy glasses (that stinker!). We've tried everyday for the last few days...and he will not eat any baby food. But, he is cutting new teeth (like 5 or 6)...so, that may be the reason. Our pt and ot come over tomorrow...they are NOT going to believe how he's rolling over and getting that butt and belly off the ground.

Now...Chris had his High school orientation today. I can't even believe that this time has come...he's so excited!!! He's spending the night with a friend tonight, so Eli's camping out in our room.

and for Super Eli....he's convinced there are aliens in the sky. He keeps going outside (seeing all the planes) and needs some ideas on how to get the aliens "down". I'm not sure what he wants to do when he catches one....but, he's serious...he even got on the computer and tried typing in "how to get aliens down.com"....he's such a ham!!! He's leaning on me now...sucking his thumb, barely hanging on...but, reminding me to ask you about the aliens (so call him or leave me notes for him). I hope he can sleep with all of this worrying on his mind!

So...that's about it. It's 10pm...and my Joe is STILL at work (urrghhh)...why must we need money for food and insurance...why couldn't we all just live on love??
I feel horrible, but...I'm taking Isaac up to start his last feed and I'm going to bed...the time change is catching up with me and I'm POOPED!

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The Portas said...

I'm so glad for such a good day!! Isaac, way to go! Show off for your OT and PT tomorrow. Show them all your new moves. They'll be so proud!

Chris, high school?! I can't believe it!

Eli, I think if you can find out the aliens' names and call them out, they will come down. The hard part is figuring out what the names are, though. They like hearing their own names being called out. I've tried howtogetaliensdown.com, too, but that has never helped.

I hope you all got GOOD rest last night and that you have a great day. xoxoxox

Samantha said...

Yay Isaac!!! What a great day...and keep those glasses out of your mouth! I am sure those teeth are making him not want to eat...once they come through, he will be an eating fool again!

I am no help for Eli with the aliens out of the sky business...in all honesty, I kinda hope they STAY in the sky! Tell him to study to become an astronaut so he can spend lots of time in the sky!

And Chris, what a big man he is becoming...high school! Oh Kathy, you are TOO YOUNG for having a kid in high school!

You are a great mommy! I hope you have a good day today!

Much love,

Grandma Judy said...

Eli, there is definitely something out there. You need to talk to Lauren. She is seeing ghost in her room, so they DO come to earth. She can't figure out how to get them OUT of her room. Remember now, she is just 3 years old, so she doesn't know WHAT to tell them.
You really need to talk to her!

cindy said...

Yay Isaac! Keep up the great work!!

Eli, the friendly aliens hear you if you talk to them at night after you're all tucked in. Nobody else but you can hear them because you have super "alien ears". You'll have to be in charge of telling all of us what they're up to!

These kids of ours starting high school is crazy. Us having kids in high school AND babies is even crazier!

Hope you didn't give that shrieking girl on the plane any dirty looks. That will be Jacob in just a few days!! Ugh!

Love ya,


Hollie said...

Isaac is super cute, I can't believe how much progress he's making! Before you know it he'll be crawling and into everything!

I asked Ben if he had any ideas about the aliens, and he said that maybe Eli could use some really big magnets (the smiley face kind!)or else a giant sling shot to get them down. :) If Eli captures an alien, Ben wants him to ask them why they are ruining our planet! Gotta love 6 year olds!!!!
Glad things are going well for you! You're amazing!
Hollie (and Ben and Elaina!)

jencooper said...

Way to go Isaac!! Now, start eating that yummy baby food again. You said that you wanted him to get some teeth!! Hooray.

Eli - you have gotten some great advice. Aliens don't like grown-ups so we don't know how to contact them. Let us know as soon as you figure it out!

Chris - watch out girls....here he comes!!

Glad to hear that things are well.


Amber said...

Thanks for visiting me too...I think you meant I am one "crazy" mama!! ;^) One day, I would love to pick your brain about transitioning home school to....not home school? :^) My oldest is in 7th grade this year and is passionate about football...he's debating the "return" in order to play.
How I long for the days HE was researching how to pull aliens from the sky...it seems like yesterday. :^(
Those are definitely the little memories to journal...BTW, I'm on ch.2 of my book now....and still LOVE it.
Hope you get good rest!

Colin's Blog said...

Love the stories about the boys!! Eli needs to hang out with Colin's papa-he is obsessed with aliens. When I was little he would ask me and my sister and brother if we wanted to go outside and look for aliens!!

So happy to hear that Isaac had a good day. It's always good when there is no puking!! We'll be gone for a week to CT to see Tim's parents but, we'll still check in to see how the Rollers are doing!!

The Domanicos