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Friday, August 22, 2008

This is just a short and sweet post:

The boys are fantastic!!!

**Isaac had an awesome day! No wretching, throwing up...he was off the O2 the entire day. He ate a few cheese puffs with his dinner feed. AND..he rolled all over this house tonight...he's amazing!

**Eli...was able to meet his new teacher today. He has a few kids in his class from last year...and...he spent his evening yelling outside for the aliens to come down (again!). I wish someone would dress up like an alien and come running into our backyard and scare him!!! (isn't that mean of me!) Oh...and Eli woke up this morning and called it "brotherhood day"...brothers older than 3 were suppose to play games together all day! Chris was such a good sport and played with him longer than usual.

**Chris...is tired of brotherhood day and went to a friend's house to spend the night.

**Joe...worked LATE again and has to go in tomorrow:(

****BUT, the most important thing I wanted to tell everyone is a little reminder about tomorrow (Saturday)...ok, it's Leah's birthday party (Happy Birthday Princess)...but, it's also the $12 jean sale at Old Navy ($7 for kid jeans). AND if you order online, there is no limit and shipping is a flat $7 (I will not tell you that I've already placed my order..nor, will I tell you how many pair I bought at that FABULOUS price...but, I can tell you that the boys are ONLY wearing Old Navy jeans this year!)
Just my bargain shopping tip of the day!!!

Have fun shopping!
Thanks for checking on us. And thank you for keeping Johnny, Elaina, and Elijah in your prayers.

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Mandy said...

Did you just tell me yesterday that Joe put you on a shopping FREEZE!! Kat, don't make us take the cards away from you. But then again, you can just call a store and say it's you and they already have all your info on file. :)

I can't wait to come see you next weekend. You won't believe how much Meghan has grown. Tell Isaac to watch out. She's really going to have fun chasing him around the floor.

Have a great weekend and hopefully Joe can find come time to spend with just you.

Mami Adame said...

Great! Going to try really hard not to go on Old Navy website now!
Woo Hoo for now wretching, and no
Take care!

Amber said...

I LOVE Old Navy!!!! Yay....I'm sure my husband thanks you....
So glad you had a good day!!!!
I love the brotherhood day....

The Portas said...

Ok, I am not even joking when I say this, but I said some VERY specific prayers about Isaac last night and....they were answered today! YAYAYYYYyyy for the good day. I'm so happy.

Eli is still looking for the aliens, huh? Hmmmmm, I wonder if they'll ever come down to talk to him?

Joe! Such a worker! I hope you're getting some time to rest and spend time with your wonderful family.

Thanks for the shopping tip! :) Have a great night, Rollers. xoxoxoxoox

Sarah said...

You have me cracking up about the aliens... he makes me think of Evan, the things he says. Evan wanted me to play Star Wars today and so I put on his storm trooper mask and came running with a light saber - he cried... I could not stop laughing, he wanted me to play...