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Monday, August 11, 2008

Where are the pictures Kathy??

Well...they're in the camera...of course! I'll pull them out tomorrow...I promise!

We had a good day today. Our Katie Beckett case worker came over today. AND we re-qualified for the program....so, we're still in!!! (What this program is...is a secondary insurance. It actually goes through Medicaid, but it isn't based on your income, it's based on Isaac's health. And, well...he's considered disabled at the moment...so, this program helps pick up some of the co-pays that our insurance doesn't. WHAT A BLESSING IT HAS BEEN! I am SO thankful for Terri for making sure I filled out my paperwork and we qualified!)

After our meeting with Erin, we had to go to TWO pharmacies and then the grocery store. We had a little dinner (well, we did....Isaac did not...just tube feedings for him). We took a walk around the neighborhood with our sweet neighbor and Isaac has been fast asleep ever since!!!
Joe's home, the big boys are upstairs watching a movie, and the Olympics are playing in the background....oh, the peace and quiet of our house at the moment....HEAVENLY!

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Amber said...

Yay for you!!! We actually filled out the application sor something like that maybe....3mo ago. Ours is still pending...that is wonderful though!!! :^)

Vaeh's Blog said...

How great that you're getting that help ins. wise! We have something called "BCMH" here in Ohio (Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps) & it does the same thing as the program you mentioned! I don't know where we'd be without it! Certainly not in our house still!

Aren't those peaceful moments great?! They become so few & far between that when they do come along they are sooo much sweeter!

Are you watching Michael Phelps in his bid for 8 medals?! Looks like he's on track so far! It was so neat watching him the other night, especially when they said he trained in Ann Arbor! We drove by the aquatic center there so many times when Vaeh was up there. Neat place!

Can't wait to see the pics! Hope you enjoyed your peace & quiet!

The Portas said...

YAY for secondary insurance!! That's such a relief. I hope the rest of your evening was peaceful.

Has Eli found those aliens yet?

crabby old man said...

May God bless Your family

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

What a great blog!! My daughter has DiGeorge and I am just fascinatedby reading other people's stories. I just started a new blog linking families dealing with DiGeorge and I would love to add a link to you from there. Please let me know if are ok with it!!! http://vcfsfamilies.blogspot.com