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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ok...let us first start off with Eli. Does he look sick to you??
Well, one hour after he went swimming...I had to take him
to the doctor's office. He has an ear infection AND strep throat!

ok...here's Prince Isaac...sitting so proper!

Uh...mom...are we done yet??
I'm getting hungry...
I don't need any food in this box...this will do just fine!
What are you looking at????
Ok...we tried eating food yesterday.....

He looks like he might be interested....

uh...that would be a negative...

I even tried a chip...he wouldn't touch it!

ok...he did touch it...he threw it on the floor!

I'll just eat the high chair...that's much better!

yep...still working on it....

He would smile at me and I'd sneak some in his mouth...
not the best way...but GEEZ!
see....he just wants to eat plastic??!?!

That was our day.

Eli's throat is a little sore...but, he's acting completely normal (and whiny)...nothing out of the ordinary.

Isaac had Ot over today. He worked out hard for about 30 minutes..we were SO proud of him. I've set a goal for him...I'd like him to start crawling by Christmas...wouldn't that be nice!!!

Joe made it home slightly before 9pm....so, I'd better get off this computer and put everyone to bed.

Thanks for checking in on us.

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T & T - K&K said...

Look at that little pumkin pie! His little teethers are probably throbbing from the new teefers comin in. Ahhhhhh! Busy busy day pretty lady, lets talk tomorrow. Kisses & Hugs to all the Rollers.

Oh, did you check out that Bumbo seat with the little tray? So cute and such a great learning tool.

Vanessa said...

Eli sure doesn't look sick to me. Hope he feels okay, I know how horrible those ear infections can be.

As always Mr. Isaac looks so handsome! He is getting so BIG!! How tall is he now? He looks so grown up all of a sudden.

Amber said...

fighting that food battle right along with you! Have I mentioned yet...I love your tutu's!! Those are too cute. :^)

The Portas said...

I looooove the pic of the one chip sitting in front of Isaac. How funny! What a cutie, lovey boy.

Sorry to hear about Eli not feeling well. Get better soon! Have you figured out how to get those aliens down from the sky yet?

Have a good weekend! xoxox

jmckeel said...

Glad to see that ya'll made it home safe and sound! But boy did you have a time at the airport :( Nobody ever seems to feel sorry for a mother with baggage; what's wrong with this world!? :) Take care, Abby

Vaeh's Blog said...

I just love the pics of Isaac, especially sitting so proper! Then with the chip, then throwing it?!? How adorable is he?!

Hopefully Eli's ear & throat are feeling better. Those ear infections are awful! Been there, done that!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Mami Adame said...

I had to "come by" and say hello! I noticed we visit lots of same blog friends! You have such handsome boys!
Was wondering, does Isaac get continous night feedings? Once we got Angelina off of those, it was like night and day. I think she just didn't know what being hungry was.
Take Care!
p.s. I'm scared to look in your shop, looks like lots of cute stuff!