We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'll post pics tomorrow...

But, I have NEWS to share:

Isaac ate almost a FULL JAR OF BABY FOOD at one sitting today!

Well, it was half stage 2 bananas and half stage 3 lasagna...but, together...it was almost a full jar! He even opened his mouth for the spoon (I didn't shove it in)....YEAH FOR ISAAC!!!

All of our wonderful therapists came over today...and Isaac ATE AGAIN! YEAH FOR ISAAC! So, twice today...he ate!!!

Chris and Eli are doing wonderful. Working hard at school, playing hard when they come home...and eating ALL my food!

JOSEPH...made it home by 8:00....oh, it's my Christmas miracle early!!!

All is well on the crazy Roller front....

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hayngrl101 said...

GASP!!!!! YAY, ISAAC! Encore, Encore, Encore... keep it up! I'm over here doing a happy dance for you. :) Kamaile

Mami Adame said...

Oops i commented re: this post on your previous post! But seriously WOO HOO for Isaac!

Vanessa said...

YEAH ISAAC! That is alot of food for that little man. Hopefully he can keep that appetite up.

Okay...in order to put the link on your page all you have to do is copy the image from the website, go to page elements page on the blog and select 'picture' from the gadget section, upload picture, and in the link section type in the website address. Thats it!

Lee Family said...

Congradulations, I am so excited for him, I know how hard it is to get them to eat. Great Job :).

Amber said...

God it is good! Even if it ends up being just one day....it's one day, of....YAY!!!! Sometimes that's all we need...just one, I am so happy for you mama!!!

Colin's Blog said...

Yeah!! Great job Isaac!! Can you inspire your buddy Colin too please??

Great to hear all is well in the Roller household. Hope you have a great weekend.

The Domanicos

The Portas said...

THANK YOU, GOD!! I have been praying so hard for progress for Isaac and for Elijah and for all of my little heart babies. This is awesome awesome news!!!

Keep up the good work, little man. Bananas and lasagna were always Elijah's favorite baby foods.

Take care!! Have a great weekend. I hope you get some Joe Time this weekend, Kathy. Love him up! xoxoxo

Vaeh's Blog said...

WOW!! Yay Isaac! I'm just giddy for all of you! That's how Vaeh started off... eating a little here & a little there. Then, all of a sudden, she just started eating more & more. It seemed like forever, but after about a month she was tube free! (I just pray that her cardiologist is happy with her weight!)

Keep up the good work, Isaac! You'll find sooo many things out there that taste sooo good! Look out, Kathy, once you get him started he won't want to stop!

Sending big hugs & smooches!

Rachel said...

I am just ELATED this morning from reading this post!!! What wonderful progress!! Truely wonderful.

He is the cutest little thing ever!!!!!


Grandma Judy said...

Good job Isaac.

Want some ice cream?

kc'sbunch said...

I am so happy to read a post like this, bolded and everything!! I love reading all of your posts because my CRAZY day is so bearable when I see how well you handle your crazy day, and KC's latest night and longest day seems like a vacation to Joes latest night and longest day. Kathy, you truely diserve every day that calls for a bolded post. I hope you know how much you inspire me. I don't get to be around you as much as I'd like, but I love you and your family and appreciate you sharing all of your moments, good and not so good.