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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What are we going to do with
"all that junk in Isaac's trunk??"
Hi mama!
oh...you are just cracking me up!!

His eyes just say it all....

It's hard to tell from these cute pics...but, little Isaac has thrown up about 10 times today. (and then wretched more on top of that). I'm not sure what his deal is! I can't wait to hear back about the holter monitor. I even put him in the high chair today..and he would NOT even touch a cheese puff. When I'd sit him up to play with toys...he'd just grab his paci and fall over. He just doesn't have any energy (because the throwing up and wretching suck the life right out of him.) It makes me so sad for him. I suppose we're back on a pedialyte diet for a few days (which means he'll lose weight) urrghh... You know....even though his heart is "repaired"...so many of these kids are never "fixed", they are always fighting some battle. They are so strong...such little warriors...I could only imagine being so strong. Yeah for Isaac!

Eli...we went to the school today to fill out a form to change tracks that he was assigned to. fingers crossed. Mostly, he's not getting enough of my attention (because Isaac is acting up) and Chris is being a little too short with him...so, poor Eli.

Chris...has been very helpful keeping up with his chores (which is a huge help for me)...although, he keeps asking for movies, games, or anything that he KNOWS we will not allow him to watch or play...just trying to see if he bugs me enough that I'll give in (little does he know!).

Joe...should buy a new bed to keep at work. It's 9:15pm right now as I'm typing...and he is still there. Although, I did get a 5 minute call today...and that's amazing!!!

Project runway is on...so, I've got to finish up and rewind it!

***Too many babies are acting up...please keep Isaac, Elaina, Johnathan, and Elijah in your prayers. Thanks for checking in on us....

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Mami Adame said...

Pics are cute as ever! So sad he's throwing up so much. I know you mentioned he had GI appt next month, no chance of them moving it up?
Take Care!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Poor little man:0( I hated that look on Vaeh's face when she wretched! Just breaks my heart to imagine little Isaac's face. Give him a big hug from us!!

Sounds like you have your hands full! Way to go, Chris - what a great guy to help Mom out!

Stinks that Joe is gone so much, but I feel your pain. Jon usually leaves on Sunday evening & doesn't get back until Friday sometime (usually late)! They need to start paying women who are stay at home moms... then our guys could be home more!

Hope you all have a good weekend & that Mr. Isaac starts feeling better!

The Portas said...

Oh no, I'm so sad to read about Isaac's throwing up and retching! What's going on, little man? I think maybe you need some more Megan loves. Maybe he just has a little bug his body is trying to fight? Hopefully you can figure some stuff out soon and get him eating cheeseburgers and shakes. :)

The pictures are adorable, as usual. In the middle one, it looks like he might even be flirting!

Well, wondermom, I hope you have a good day with no throwing up and lots of hugs from your cute boys. Sending you lots of love from the Portas! Xoxoxoxo

jencooper said...

He is such a cutie pie....even when he doesn't feel good. I am so sorry to hear that he is still acting up. Have you called the pediatrician?

I will be praying for Eli - I know that he is having a hard time even though he loves Isaac very much. I hope that he understands why he isn't able to get as much attention. He is such a doll.

I hope that you were able to get some sleep last night. We are praying for all of you.


Erin said...

Isaac is a warrior. What a strong kid. I can't imagine going through that much. Once day of it would be enough for me. He's in my prayers.

Erin said...

Isaac is a warrior. What a strong kid. I can't imagine going through that much. Once day of it would be enough for me. He's in my prayers.

Colin's Blog said...

Oh Isaac-no more wretching like your buddy Colin!! Colin could live on Pedialyte too...I give him 4 ozs of straight Pedialtye every morning and he has been much happier. That stuff is gold-just wish it had more calories...

Great news about the dr's visit!! Keep us posted about the holter monitor results.

The Domanicos

hayngrl101 said...

Hi Kathy!!

Oh, my... the wretching. *sigh* Brings back a flood of memories from Kanani. We never figured it out, just tried a million different things... like switching to pedialyte for a while... then back again to pediasure... Maybe I should send you some poi ha ha.:) We just finally out grew it (mostly). The worst part about the wretching was the fatigue that followed... and the refusal to eat. One step forward, two steps back. You know this drill. Same ol' thing.

Good news about it heart.

Eli... I recently talked to a counselor-friend about this issue. She assured me that siblings of our special kids never resent the child in question. THey grow up to be amazing adults, compassionate and accepting, etc.

Haha can to send Eli to work with Joe for a day? Maybe get someone to sit with Isaac for a few hours and you go on a date with Eli? Maybe I can come down and sit with him.:)

Hugs your way, Kamaile

Amber said...

First of all...know that you ALWAYS have an open invitation to my house! ;^) Next time Krista and I get together....we will definitely get you an invite!!

The "junk in the trunk"....lovin it! That is my favorite baby position...Gracie has done it a couple of times for me.

cindy said...

OK, Steph thinks that although you titled that first totally cute picture appropriately, you worded it entirely too proper and should have thrown some "whatcha gonna do..." in there! It's ok, she tells me I dance the "side to side" dance like a mom. Since you have a teenager, too, you know we're not cool anyway!

I sure wish Isaac would stop all that throwing up/ wretching business. Isn't there some doc who can figure out what it is? Breaks my heart!

Poor Eli. Maybe once he gets going in school again he'll be too distracted to feel sad about the attention! He's such a sweet kid.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love ya,


Vanessa said...

I could just eat him up for being so darn cute!!!