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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I heard from Dr. Mayman today about the holter results...and.....his heart is just fine. ALTHOUGH, he did agree with me that his heart rate is too high for no reason (because my man is always at rest). His rate does go down when he's sleeping...but, if he's awake...it's beating too high. But, the echo and ekg show that his heart is healthy. SO, Dr. M wants us to get some blood draws to check his iron levels as well as his thyroid functions....those were the only other areas that he could think of that could be causing the rapid heart rate. So, he's had this higher rate for about 3 months now. But, now that it's really documented...he's going to just keep watching it. Who knows??

Isaac only threw up once today. I kept him on the O2 (to let his body rest) and mixed all his feeds with pedialyte (1/2 of each). He would not touch any food today...but, I did get him a new pair of shoes...and they must have tasted good!! (he's in size 3 now....whoo hoo!!!)

Eli got changed to the track that I wanted!!! YEAH! We go to orientation tomorrow afternoon...he's SO excited to get back in school and get more attention (because I'm such a slacker!). Chris also got his homeroom assignment and can't wait for his first day of HIGH SCHOOL (oh...I'm shaking in my boots!).

and...my sweet Joe is still working. I miss him.

SO...I will vent a little about something that keeps popping up on the news....vaccines! I know all the heart mama's understand why all HEALTHY kids need to get vaccines...but, non-heart mama's might not understand that our kiddos are SO immune compromised...and us heart-digeorge moms are even MORE compromised. I understand the implied risk of autism they think may be linked to the shots...but, if Isaac got measles....or even chicken pox...he would die! SO, I know that children with autism have a hard life....but, I'd rather have a child with autism than NO CHILD AT ALL. Eli even needs another chicken pox shot...and he can't have it because Isaac could catch the virus and then he'd have to battle it out in the hospital...and with his low t-cells...they said that he wouldn't win. SO...I'll probably need to start writing news stations and magazines and interject my opinions....just thought I'd share (and I know that Vanessa is giving me a big "AMEN SISTER".....)

and...something else....please pray for baby Johnny again. He's not doing good at all...and I know that we felt all your prayers for Isaac why we were in the hospital (everytime). Be brave little Johnny...too many people love you!!

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Mandy said...

Kat... you're so funny. Eli and Chris aren't normal kids. What kids really want to go to school. Come on....

Oh, we all know how much you love your sweet Joe. Hey, when we come next weekend, why don't you and Joe go out Saturday. Dan and I will watch the boys. And remember, Sto's birthday is coming up so you need to start looking for gifts.

Take care of Isaac and give him some of the Yo Gabba Gabba toys!!

We love ya

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanessa said...


It really irritates me when parents to "healthy" children don't vaccinate their kids. UGH! Then us heart-digeorge moms have to worry so much about what our other healthy kids could possibly bring into the home. I'm even worried about taking her to the doctors tomorrow for the possiblity that she is infectious to other children. I will be waiting in the hall way like I used. I'm so much more aware of these things now-a-days...yes I'm a little over the top from time to time but who cares!

Well, it's way to late and I should really get to bed seeing how Arianna keeps waking up crying from being too hot I probably won't get much sleep anyways.

Love ya,


Colin's Blog said...

I'm germ crazy too heart moms!! Keep those germs away healthy kids!!

Colin is hypothyroid and this went unnoticed for quite some time. It's easy to check. Is Isaac warm at all?? When Colin gets warm (I think from being dry) he gets a fever and his heart rate goes up. Does the Pedialyte bring the heart rate down??? We've been struggling with the dryness since we came home from the hospital. Happy to hear the holter monitor results are normal.

Hope you have a great weekend and we will be praying for baby Johnny.

The Domanico's

The Portas said...

I am totally with you on the vaccination thing. I know some people who are 100% anti-vaccines and it just drives me nuts. They just don't see the other side like we do. Very frustrating!!

Sorry you're missing your hubby so much. Is there any break for him in the near future so you two can get out and do something fun together?

GOOD news on Isaac's heart function being good. Hopefully there is a very simple answer to the high HR. What is his HR at??

Hoping for a non-throw-up-day for you and that Joe comes home early to spend time with his cute boys and gorgeous wife. :) xoxoxo

Samantha said...

I am SO WITH YOU on the vaccine thing. It makes me ANGRY...and Micah is allowed to get all his vaccines. But I think of you and Vanessa and it infuriates me to no end! I cannot even get reading threads on a local forum on vaccinations, because I want to find these idiots and just shake them! Okay, got that out of my system :)

I am glad that Dr. Mayman is going to watch that heart rate more now...it is so annoying that you have been concerned about this for months now and it takes them this long to try to figure things out...that is just not acceptable...oh boy, I am in a bad mood today :)

Have a wonderful weekend and have fun at orientation today...glad that Eli got switched to the track you wanted :) And...High school...they grow up so fast!!!!

Much love,

Vaeh's Blog said...

I'm on the vaccination band wagon! Luckily Vaeh was 'okay' to have her vaccines. I saw something about a measels outbreak on the news the other night. I wish people would realized that its not only their kids at risk, but everyone else, too!

Glad the holter results were okay, but hoping they figure out this high heart rate! Maybe he just has a rabbit in there?!

Praying that Isaac keeps everything down & that school goes well for Chris & Eli! We'll keep Johnny in our prayers, too! Big smooches for that cutie patootie!

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh Kathy! I seriously thought about writing a whole post on the vaccine thing. Because it makes me crazy too! Drew is 4 and a half and still can't get his live virus vaccines. Kids like him RELY on everyone else getting their vaccines to protect him. Then someone just decides they'd rather not get them and they get sick and expose my child?!

I'm glad to hear Isaac's heart is doing great! Now if we could just figure out that wretching and throwing up!

Mami Adame said...

Maybe if you email a letter to the stations we could all sign it somehow. I suppose we could all write our own letters too!
Sorry you are missing your hubby! lots of hugs from us, especially Marcelina because you are the "Cool lady that made her Hannah Montana shirt!" Oh and by the way she thinks you have a cute hairstyle! ;)
Hoping for no more gagging!