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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This one's for you Krista....

and that dishrag is the only thing that Isaac is putting in his mouth. I try a few times each day to get him to eat....pull out all kinds of food...NOTHING...he's not even opening his mouth for the spoon like he did before his mouth surgery. urrghhh It gets a LITTLE frustrating at times...then, I plug up his feeding pump, and sit down and eat more myself out of frustration for him. He HAS to eat soon....I'm going to turn into a cow!!!

He's still wretching and throwing up...sweats...falls asleep...and then we wake up play....eat...and do it all over again. silly.

Eli did NOT get in trouble today for talking...they just moved the little girl that was sitting beside him. Although, it troubles me that he said his teacher is grumpy everyday. I hope it's just the stresses of the first week of school...because, she'll HATE it if I have to drag my immune compromised baby out in his stroller to sit in her class and keep an eye on things...because...I will...I will spray my lysol everywhere...and sit right there (with Isaac beside me).

Chris...seems to be excited about school. No real problems to speak of. Seminary starts for him tomorrow...I'm SO proud of him!!! (and for those that don't know...seminary is an hour of scripture study at church an hour BEFORE school starts!) I'm proud of all the kids that will be going...what awesome examples they are for their siblings and their friends!!!

Joe...is still at work. He's such a hard worker...and I couldn't be prouder of him...he's keeping us in this OVERPRICED house (don't get me started about the Vegas housing market) and Isaac in good health insurance (we're still paying for Cobra because the plan is so good and takes all Isaac's docs and hospitals)....I'm just amazed that we've been through such a CRAZY two years...and he's still going strong...my energizer bunny!!! YEAH FOR JOE!

That's all I've got.
Everything is pretty much "normal" here...and that's all we can really ask for.

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Vanessa said...

Girl you just crack me up! I am almost in tears from laughter. I could literally see you and Isaac sitting in the back of Eli's class with your lysol spray. LOL!!

I am also so proud of Chris for attending Seminary. He is such a good example.

I can't begin to imagine how frustrating it must be to have Isaac wretching all the time without an explanation. I'm just glad he has such a wonderful mommy that takes such great care of him and a daddy who works his bum off to provide him with all that he needs.

Oh by the way, when I brought the oxygen tank out the first thing I thought of was you and those cute cut outs. I actually went to the store and the only cloth, actually it's paper tape, they had was the princess tape. So if we need to use it, Arianna will have to sport some Disney princesses on her lovely cheeks. :)

Colin's Blog said...

Sounds like Colin-won't even let a spoon in his mouth! Is Isaac teething?? Eating went downhill for Colin when he started teething and he's been teething forever!! They'll get there!! Great picture of Issac-he is just too adorable. I really want to squeeze those cheeks.

Good to hear that everyone is back in their routine. What an amazing little man you have there-Chris in seminary. Good for him.

Hope you have a good day with no wretching!!!


PS-Of course I've been eating brownies and pretty much anything I can get my hands on!!

Amber said...

Funny, funny....I got a great visual of you, lysol, an even grumpier teacher....love it!

I feel you on the food thing....the only thing consistent with Grace is....her inconsistency!
Know that your not doing that alone every day....it does make you feel like a mad woman from time to time....

Thanks for the e-mail.... :^)

Vaeh's Blog said...

You are too much! And what great kids you have! Way to go Chris for going to seminary. I wish they'd had something like that when I was in high school!

If you need any extra lysol, let me know! I dread Gabby's first teacher once she's in the public system here. I've already told Jon that they better not do anything to hurt my girls in any way... they don't want to see this Mamma Bear coming if they do!

Poor Isaac:0( I know what you mean about the wretching & throwing up. I hated watching Vaeh go through that. I can't count the number of times it brought me to tears! I also know the frustration... and, yes, you WILL get there! I never thought Vaeh would eat, but look at her now!!

What a wonderful Mommy & Daddy your kids have! Hope you have a good rest of your week!

The Portas said...

Your kids are just awesome! Way to be such a positive example, Chris. That is way more than many many kids would do. I'm so proud!

Hmmmmm, grumpy teacher, huh? I'd be ready to go sit in, wielding a can of lysol, too. :) You're funny.

Joe, such a good daddy and hubby. YOU are an inspiration to your boys. It's no wonder Chris is already setting such a good example for his little brothers.

I am praying for a calm day for your little Isaac. And also for feeding progress. It's so easy to get frustrated with lack of progress in our munchkins. I am feeling some Mommy Frustrations now as well. Hang in there, he'll get it!


Grandma Judy said...

Isaac, get that nasty thing out of your mouth! Kat, go find that boy some burp cloths or something clean to chew on!

Samantha said...

I can picture it now...crazy germ lady spraying the school with lysol :) I hope that Eli's teacher gets "ungrumpy" for everyone's sake! I was a grumpy teacher once and looking back it really makes me sad when I think about my grumpy days and how it impacts the kids...you go and get her!

Here is to a very "normal" week with NO retching or throwing up!

Much love,

jencooper said...

Oh, my poor little bug! I really hope that he starts feeling better very soon.

As a teacher - I hate those grumpy teachers that I have to teach with. There are some in every school. It is very frustrating!! You have every right to get your hiney up to that school and get that lady lined out!

Way to go Chris!! That is awesome!! I am so proud of the committment that he is making.

Hey - catch yourself a quick flight on Southwest and head to Texas. Let Grandpa see if he can get Master Isaac to eat some of his yummy cooking. If nothing else - we have delicious birthday cake!!

Come on - you know you want to!!


hayngrl101 said...

Hi Kathy,

You are so funny, thanks for the chuckle. Was thinking of you... I'll drop you an email instead of making a mile-long comment. :)