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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am such a MEAN mommy.
I said...."Eli, sit at that table until you eat your pizza!"

I was playing on my laptop and looked over and didn't see him.
That stinker...he left the table without eating his pizza!
When I went to the table...this is what I saw....

Poor little thing was SO tired that he fell asleep at the table...

I know...it's a funny looking table. He's laying on the bench (where I stash
a bunch of junk!)

Now...this is for the big boys and the upcoming football season...
Here's Eli's favorite team...

I'm not sure if Isaac likes the Titans!

oh...look at that face!


Ok...now it's Christopher's turn...

My little gangster Redskin fan....too cute!

But, as always...he can't keep his eyes off the television!

Sorry Chris...he doesn't like the Redskins either!
I guess we'll try the Steelers hat tomorrow!

Our day started off just horrible with Isaac. He was wretching and throwing up...just ridiculous. Then, one time he just started choking and gasping for air...turned bright blue, and I had to pick him up and just shake him. (he's killing me slowly with these episodes!). But, I'm pleased to report that since lunch, he's been just fine. I don't know what's going on with him.

Chris and Eli went to the movies today (I guess that was just too much excitement for poor Eli!).

School starts on Monday....YEAH...Isaac and I will PARTY!!!

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Krista said...

Obviously you are missing it Kathy...Isaac is awaiting his Colts attire...in honor of his girl Kate...and her time spent at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital...I'm on a mission now for some attire...what size is he?

Oh...it just makes me cringe with all his wretching...you'd never know it with his adorable smile!

Wow...just you and Isaac all day...what will a mommy do?
Sending hugs

hayngrl101 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hayngrl101 said...

Kathy, (Hi!)

Maybe you should have your camcorder ready at all times. Then, when he has his mysterious episodes- whether they be wretching or blue spells- you can record them and then show the docs. They may come in handy down the road if they continue... just a thought.

BTW, totally sweet pics of Eli. Aw.. fell asleep at the table. Gotta love those boys. :)

Andrea said...

I thought my kids were the only ones that had to be convinced to eat pizza! And please tell Isaac to stop scaring all of us with his episodes! He does look pretty tough in his Redskin beanie!

Kelly said...

How scary for you! You just take everything in stride! Amazing.

I've been so busy with the start of school that I missed his heart update. Yeah for Mr. Isaac! I'm sure that was music to your ears to hear that his heart looks healthy! What a relief!

He's as handsome as ever. Poor Eli... falling asleep at the table. Rough day, eh? It will be nice to have a quite house come this next week.
Take care!

Mandy said...

Just wait. Mom is going to get you for what you did to Eli. You just wait.

I'm sure Joe will be out tomorrow finding Steelers stuff for Isaac. Tell him we'll see what little Steelers hats we have here and send out.

Oh, Meghan has had a runny nose the past few days. If she still has it Friday, we aren't coming to your house. I'm not going to take the chances of getting Isaac sick. And we all know that she takes over your house and his toys when she's there.

Have a good Sunday and enjoy your Monday. You know you'll be crying when you drop Chris off at HIGH SCHOOL. Man, you're getting old. :) Love ya sis

The Portas said...

Oh yucky, I'm so sorry you all had to experience the icky blue spell. Isaac, no more scaring your mommy!! I know what you mean, I swear a few years have been taken off my life because of those sorts of experiences.

The pic of Eli sleeping under the table is just too cute. And those pics of cutie pie Isaac make me melt into a giant puddle. Your boys!! So darn cute! We want some Chris pics, too! And Joe, too, if you can catch him on his way out of the house.

Have a good first day of school tomorrow, boys! Kathy and Isaac, party it up at home. xooxox

Vaeh's Blog said...

Okay, maybe Vaeh needs to teach Eli how to eat pizza?! She at 3 pieces yesterday! I love the picture - at least he didn't fall asleep in a high chair!

Isaac, what's up with the wretching?! Poor little guy! You need to stop scaring Mommy so! I think I've lost some years, too, watching Vaeh turn funny colors, etc.

Praying Isaac has a better day tomorrow!

Grandma Judy said...

PIZZA is NOT one of the required food groups!

jencooper said...

Okay, seriously - I busted out laughing when I saw that picture of Eli. Too, too cute!!

Isaac is adorable - as usual. Now, if only he would be nice to you!! I am sorry to hear about the blue spell. I am sure that you were freaking out.

Have fun tomorrow while the kids are at school!!


Vanessa said...

What is going on with your little man? He is giving me gray hairs over here.

I just love the pictures of him with the different hats. I love the gangsta picture! :)

And Eli...he is such a doll. At least he listened to his mommy.

Well I'm feeling really crappy today but wanted to check up on you guys while Arianna was napping.

Take care,

cindy said...

That picture of Eli is so hysterical. I always want to hug that kid and say "awww, poor Eli"!!

Every picture of Isaac looks so cute and silly. You'd never know he's giving you such fits behind the scenes!

Try to have a relaxing week. We start tomorrow, too, so I'm right behind ya! Tell Chris we said good luck on his first day of high school!!

Love ya,


P.S. I'm from Pittsburgh, so you know what hat I'm rooting for!!

crabby old man said...

There's not but one team GO COWBOYS.
Prayers for the Roller family

Mami Adame said...

That picture of Eli sleeping is classic! Hey at least he listened and didn't go anywhere!
So I'm guessing Isaac is on Reflux meds? I'm starting to wonder about Angelina. She's been gagging a bit since we left the hospital, and she sounds a little hoarse, thinking its from the bronchoscopy.
But maybe you are right....she might be having a bit of the same issue...? i do think the first time she was choking on something.
Yeay for back to school!