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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


So...I'm sure you're waiting to hear about our adventures home...so, here they go:

My dad takes us to the airport. We get there TWO hours before our flight. I even check the bags at the curb with the sky cabs...and we park and go in. NOW...we're in the security line. Here's what we have to put in those bins to be x-rayed:
1. shoes
2. eli's back pack
3. baby bag
4. Isaac's meds and feeding pump
5. xbox
6. the suitcase the xbox was in (like they can't see it through the suitcase??)
7. carseat
8. stroller
NOW WE GO THROUGH...finally. Then, they have to wand Isaac and swab the O2 concentrator...so, I let dad hold him through all the testing while I pack up ALL that junk that we have to take on the plane. FINALLY, we head to out gate to get our pre-boarding pass and then head all the way down the terminal to eat. While I order food, dad takes Eli to pee. We eventually get our food and sit down to eat. THANK GOODNESS....I look at my watch and it's 5:20!!! They're getting ready to board the plane. I have to stop by the bathroom, wait for Chris to go also, and we RUN all the way down the terminal. THE plane is ALREADY BOARDING!! YIKES...I give dad a quick hug and a cut in front of everyone and tell them that we HAVE to get on now...I have too much equipment with me. We get to the plane, I tell Chris to take Eli on and save us two rows. I have to take Isaac and his carseat and separate it from the stroller, close the stroller, hold him in the seat, pull the O2 concentrator, AND carry the baby bag!! We're getting on the plane and the pilot is such a sweetie and he actually takes Isaac for me and we find the boys!
Once on the plane, a lady asks if she can sit with the boys (they are sitting in front of me). I say "YES"...because she looks normal! Then, she see's Isaac and asks about the O2. She was actually at a convention for Turner's Syndrome and genetics, research...and she is affiliated with researchers at Stanford! We talked off and on during the flight and I've got her card to get more info from her. (How cool was that!!) She took good care of my boys on the flight!
OF COURSE there was the cutest little girl sitting behind me that SCREAMED the entire flight. She's like 3 or 4 years old...and she just shrieks! It's a good thing that I had already taken an aleve!
I almost forgot....Isaac wretched the entire flight! Well, he did fall asleep for about an hour....but, for some reason, he was having a hard time flying. Poor little guy!
Ok...now we've landed...and I text Joe (because he's coming straight from work to pick us up). We wait for the entire plane to empty out before we get ALL of our junk and get out of the plane and head for the baggage claim. I set the kids on the chairs and I'm pulling our THREE HUGE bags off the carousel. Then, while the kids are sitting and watching the bags...I go and get a cart. THEN, I load ALL the bags (that's three huge checked bags, one back pack, one small suitcase, one baby bag, and one feeding pump bag)....all on the cart...WHILE people look and no one offers to help (can you believe that!!!).... And...where is my hubby...LATE! But, after everything is loaded, I start giving Isaac his meds....and my sweetie appears!!! Thank goodness! We head to the van and get home.
Well...you can imagine what state my house is in without me for two weeks and Joe living at work. Joe had to hold Isaac for me while I vacuumed the living room floor so that I could set him down. (But...I cleaned hard last night and today....it looks great now!) I even did a few loads of laundry...AND all without a NAP! Who's the man???

Well...that leads us to tonight. I cooked dinner (not so good, but a good attempt)...
Eli took a nap today, Chris went to a friends house and to scouts...and Joe made it home.
It's time to take Isaac up to bed and feed him one more time (Oh...and he stayed off O2 today with only one blue episode) and we'll update with pics tomorrow!!!

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Lee Ann Murray said...

Kathy, you are such a wonderful mom!! I hope that you have a chance to catch up since you've been traveling so much lately!! I had a great time when you all came to visit your grandma! I hope to visit with you again soon and I will definately keep a watch on your blog!! It's awesome :)

crabby old man said...

one thing about it,you do not live a dull life

Samantha said...

Kathy...there is NEVER a dull moment in your life...you always have a story to go along with every adventure...I hope that you were able to relax a bit on your vacation...you certainly deserve a break!

much love,

The Portas said...

Wow!! I would have just collapsed after a day like that. Good job getting everything and everyone back to Vegas in one piece. I'm glad you made it safely!

I can't believe no one offered to help you with your bags! Really?!?!

Colin's Blog said...

Only you could pull that trip off!! Can't believe that no one helped you with your bags. I thought it was only like that in New York-isn't the rest of the country friendly??

Anyway-glad you all got home safe. Colin pukes everywhere too!!

By the way-when we first put Colin in the jumperoo he just spun around and now he actually jumps. It took months though!!

The Domanicos

Mandy said...

Poor Kat. That's why you should just drive back home. It's not that bad. :)

Get some sleep and I'll call you towards the end of the week.

jencooper said...

Whew - I am tired just reading about your day. I am so happy that you got to spend some time with your family. I am sure that the boys had a blast and were able to get spoiled.

Glad that you made it home safely!!


Krista said...

Woman...you're amazing! I too am in shock that no one would help...crazy west coast folk! Maybe you need a little mid-west hospitality!

Glad you had a great mini-vacation...sending hugs

Vaeh's Blog said...

Okay, you ARE the man!! How could you come home & do all that without a nap after the adventure you had getting home?!?!

So glad that you had a nice trip & made it there & back safely! Get some rest, then we want pictures!!

Kelly said...

At what point did you whip out your Supermom cape???

You're a trooper for handling all that without going insane! You certainly deserve a nap! =) Hopefully you'll get one tomorrow.

Amber said...

I am EXHAUSTED!!! Just reading that...completely wore me out!