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Sunday, February 01, 2009

A little Eli...
in the sun...
spinning his "star wars" umbrella!Two cool cats...
my nephew Seth, and Eli...
spending quality time on the climbing igloo.

And...I did it.
I finished the pettiskirt.
I don't know if I'll attempt it again..
but, it was great trying and "kind of" finishing it!

of course...
my model had to show it to you..
I just wish he would stand up to show it off!

***All Heart Moms....I need to know if I should call the card. Isaac has had a fever on and off for a week now. Today and yesterday...even with meds every 4 hours...it doesn't let up. It hasn't gotten above 101.5 (on the forehead). He's been just so darn miserable. He still seems to be fine...so, it must be his teeth. BUT...is it ok that his body has having this fever for so long (I mean...is it hurting his little heart??) Isaac's heart already beats faster than normal...and when he has a fever, it beats even faster. ( i just don't want to worry if I don't need to...and worry if I need to)

and you KNOW that I've been on the internet. I tried to tell Joe that Isaac must have rheumatic fever...with the crazy rash and all. (I know...I've gotten off the internet).

other than that...everyone is great.

My sister, Mandy, has officially moved to Vegas. SO...her crazy kiddos will be in many of the pics from now on (the cute skirt is actually for her).

Well....Joe and the big boys are up in bed...just leaving me downstairs with the crazy Isaac (who's finishing a feed). fingers crossed for sleep tonight!

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Sarah said...

I would call... better safe than sorry. I'm always concerned when there is a fever that doesn't go down w/ meds. Let us know.

The Portas said...

I would call, too, just to be safe. It would make you feel a ton better to have his card tell you his heart was fine.

I hope it magically got better overnight!

I LOVE the pettiskirt! It's awesome! oxoxo

Rachel said...

I love all the little girlie things you make. I only wish I had the money to buy one or two for Melana!

Great work!

Jane said...

I would call. Any chance it could be related to the swallow function and wretching? I know before we started thickening Ramona's food she would get fevers like that and throw up a lot. Maybe a little something in the lungs? I dunno. But I would call.

Hope he feels better soon.

Awesome pettiskirt, you are too crafty.

Melanie said...

Kathy-take a rectal temp (it should be slightly higher) and call the cardiologist. Keep us posted.


Andrea said...

Yep, I would call too. Especially with the DiGeorge stuff, we've been told to call any time its over 101.

And I love that first picture of Eli in the sunshine! Just precious!

cindy said...

As my mom always says when I'm on the fence about calling the doc, "it can't hurt and it could certainly help". Since you updated last night, what did you decide to do? Keep us posted!

Love ya,


Tina:0) said...

I'd call, too! The last time Vaeh ran a temp longer than three days, she ened up with a white count of 47,500 - due to the lovely pneumonia (this with NORMAL sats & breath sounds). Besides, docs get paid the big bucks to deal with us cautious heart moms!

Hope poor little man is feeling better soon!