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Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm just playing around with the backgrounds on the blog.  

Isaac is snoozing (while he eats), Chris is having a friend sleep over, and Eli is just trying to stay awake with the big boys!

Nothing much happened here today.  Although...I did take Isaac to the Eye center where we had his exam.  They didn't have any glasses in stock for him...but, I asked if they would take all the measurements so that I could order the glasses online.  Then, a lady came up and said that they had just gotten a packet in from an infant supplier and brought out a pair of those little, round, flexible glasses.  We put them on Isaac....and they were SO cute (they even had the head band in the back!).  So...they were SO excited too...that she told me they were going to place the order today for the starter kit.  So, if I would wait about a week...we could go back in and there would be 38 pairs of glasses (all shapes and colors) to try on!!! YIPPIE!!  We are going to have SO much fun!!!  (It's a sad day when buying glasses for your child brings you so much excitement)!

I hope that I don't delete this entire blog...
Wish me luck!
We have t-ball practice tomorrow...Chris has challenged Joe to a MILE race...and it's another sunny, day in Vegas!!!

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Grandma Judy said...

I like this design. Although you were NOT around in the 60's you were definitely my flower child.
This suits you quite well!

Maybe you will have a quiet day today with Joe at home to help out with the boys. I'd love to see Joe and Chris race a mile. That will be a good one.

Good luck with the glasses. I still say get him 2 pair. You know you will loose one.

Mandy said...

Hey, I like this background. Make sure when you go to the docs office you take the camera. We all want to see pics of Isaac with the different glasses on. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Teach me how to do these cool backgrounds please.

As for Chris and Joe, Chris will run back home after 3 blocks, send Eli in his Cool Caddy. He will beat them all and look cool all the way


jencooper said...

I can't wait to see Isaac in his new specs. Be sure to take lots of pictures for us. It was a beautiful day here in Texas too. We love the sun. Hope that you have a great remainder of your weekend!


Little Baby Manning said...

okay so we just need to get together again so i can catch up with you! you are so good at keeping up with your blog...
i barely get to mine once a month! so i read through a few of your posts to catch up - so glasses huh!? that's it? what great news! and once he wears them, will his eyes correct themselves? ...he's looking so cute and so much older to me :)
I hope Eli had fun eating with the principal! what great kids you've got...
next week i have tons of free time so let me know what you've got going on and hopefully we can meet up!

Anonymous said...

Kathy ~

I finally had a minute to stop by and check on Isaac. Thanks so much for your encouraging messages....it was one heck of a week here! :)

Isaac is going to look so adorable in his glasses!!! Emma only gets to wear patches right now...but they are in cute girly patterns at least! What does the doctor say is going on with his eyes...is it strabismus? Emma's eyes wander to the outer corner, leaving one to focus.

I looked back at your other updates that I had missed...and I can't believe your son knocked his tooth out with the Wii controller!!! We have a Wii, too, so I'll have to remind my son to be extra careful! ha! I always worry that when he's boxing, he's going to box right through the TV screen!!! :)

Well, take care and give that sweet little munchkin of yours a big hug from his heart friend, Emma! I'll be in touch!

Hugs & Prayers from Utah,

Wendy (& Emma, too!) ~ 2-years-old, 6q25.3-qter deletion, TOF (2nd OHS rescheduled for 3/14/08)


crabby old man said...


T & T said...

I love this flower background! You have to teach me. Blogger isn't dummy proofed enough for me yet.

Sir Isaac will adorable in any of those specs just because he's already "da man" but if I had to pick....maybe something cheary! Hey...I have some Baby Banz (sunglasses) for infants (black) we bought them for Kalob back then but his Nogin wasn't in agreement (too big) so they sit here untouched if you would like them. Let us know who won with the race :-)
Hope you guys have a happy week!
Luv ya,
Sams Family