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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April FOOL's day!!!

Joe was really tired last night...so, his plan was not as elaborate as they usually are. So, he waited for the kids to go to sleep and then....
**Stacked suitcases (5 high) outside of their bedroom door. So, that when they opened the door and started to walk out....they'd trip over the suitcases.
**Then, he put chili pepper in their kool-aid...because that's what they drink every morning (well, at least Chris does)
**And...he put plastic wrap on the toilet downstairs and their bathroom (of course not thinking about who will have to clean it up!)

So...we were woken up this morning by Chris running in, yelling "April Fool's Day" and throwing ice cold water ALL over Joe!! Poor Joe just laid there. I asked if he wanted a towel...he said, "No"..."because if I get up now...I'm throwing him in the pool!"...(and we haven't turned on the pool heater yet!

Then, I could hear Eli, "Hey...someone put plastic on the toilet.."
Which means that HE got to the toilet before Chris. (which means that I had to clean it!)
I think that Chris did drink the Kool-aid....

All in all...they had a fun morning. But...I wouldn't be surprised if they kept torturing the each other through the night!!!

I did have an idea for Joe for next year. I told him that we should blow up the air mattress and put it in the pool. Then, when Chris was asleep.....we'd sneak him downstairs and put him on the mattress. SO that he'd wake up floating in the pool! (that's a good one..huh??)

The little guys and I have just been running errands. I got the ped to call in a prescription for some stronger bum cream. Chris goes to Scouts tonight...so...really, not much going on here!

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Samantha said...

What fun! I hope it did not take too long to clean up the toilet mess...and I hope you made Joe do it! I can't wait to hear more April Fool's stories! I love your idea for Chris...but you will need to make sure that you stay out there and make sure you don't miss it when he rolls over into the pool!

Love ya!

Mandy said...

Kathy, I'm pretty sure things aren't over with yet. Like you said, Chris still has Scouts tonight. Why do I see something happening there!! Keep us all updated.

Kiss Isaac for us. Oh, tell him Meghan is now going around bitting me. He should watch out for next time he sees her.

jencooper said...

Pretty funny stuff!! I laughed at what Chris came up with. I tried to get my kiddos at school and they looked at me like I was stupid. Oh well!!

I can't wait to hear if there were anymore pranks!!


Vanessa said...

Man, oh man, I'm glad I wasn't in your house this morning! That is the funniest April fools pranks I've heard so far. You guys are great! I think the air mattress for next year would be hilarious. Oh Kathy..you always make me laugh. LOL!

The Portas said...

I love it! It's great that you guys have so much fun with each other. I like the pool idea.

I used to have a coworker who was the world's most gullible person, so my friend Laurie and I played a big joke on him every April Fools Day. One year we got our boss in on it and set up this huge scene where it looked like I had gotten fired and I stormed out of the office slamming doors and swearing. Hee hee, sooo funny. Pranks are so fun!

Anyway, thanks for the call last night! We had my cousin and her boyfriend over for dinner so I listened to it late, right before bed. You have the cutest little accent! I have the most boring non-accent in the world!

Have a good day! xoxoxo

cindy said...

Very funny! Love your idea for next year! Wasn't there a funny movie about camp where the kids did that to someone? Put their bed out in the middle of the lake? I think maybe it was "Meatballs" with Bill Murray? Anyway...it was funny and now I wish next April Fools was a little sooner!!! How great would that be!!! Have a wonderful day!!!


The Jones Family said...

How fun!! I can totally see Joe just laying in the cold water...you guys are CrAZy!

Krista said...

You need another girl in that house to calm those crazy boys down. I can't even imagine what you live through on a daily basis...you're amazing.

Glad to hear you all had fun!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun-filled day! What jokester you have! Glad to hear you're doing well. Take care!