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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

**Another SUCCESSFUL day!!!

First off....let me tell EVERYONE that my sister keeps her air conditioner on 78...I keep mine on 68...she's trying to KILL ME!

Now that I got that off my chest...we're all unpacked in our MOTEL (not hotel this trip) and little man is asleep. The Ronald McDonald House is full, but they gave us a discount at a MOTEL...but, it's got everything we need...so, we're grateful for the discounted rate.

I got to meet Andrea, Dan, and little Drew! YIPPIE!! What cutie pies. I'll stop by and visit with them again tomorrow after we have our pre-op appointment.

AND...I went to the fancy pants eyeglasses store (wish you could have come with me Andrea...you could have saved me!). I SPENT A SMALL FORTUNE in there! They just had the cutest glasses (and ABSENT-MINDED ME..forgot to take pictures!). But, I chose "HANDMADE" wire framed glasses from GERMANY! They are little circles, have those arms that circle around the ears (those seem to stay on better) and they are virtually weightless...he didn't even try to take them off because he couldn't feel them!!! AND...there's a TWO year warranty on the frames and lenses!!! So..he can eat away!!!
They were worth every penny! I told them how long I'll be in town...and they are trying to get them in before we leave next Saturday so they can fit them just for Isaac's little head!!! I'm SO EXCITED!! I just wish I would have thought to snap a pic!

And it's been such a crazy week...I didn't post a picture of my mom or tell everyone that she turned 80 on Monday (just joking...she's ??) and we get in trouble if we post her picture...so...BELATED BIRTHDAY MOM...I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!!

And thank you Mandy for watching my stink-pots! (please don't let them melt!)
And thank you EVERYONE for your prayers and well wishes for us...I just HATE being back at a hospital...so, I hope this trip is the shortest and sweetest and we're home next weekend as planned!

ah...one more thing I forgot to tell you. One of my favorite places to eat here, Celia's, is only ONE mile from this motel. SO, I put Isaac in the bugaboo (that's my fancy pants stroller) and we walked (well, he slept) and I went to pick up my fav mexican food and walked back and I ate IT ALL!!! AND...already took a BATH!!! Can you believe that in all this craziness of the last few days...I was able to get some goodies in!!???!!

Ok...I'm outta' here...I've got to check on my babies!!!

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Mandy said...

78 works fine for the entire house. I just wasn't thinking when I put Kat in the warmest room in the house. Oh well, I can't be perfect for her. And don't worry everyone, I got on her case for not taking pics at the doctors office.

Kelly said...

Glad you made it safely. Yummy mexican! If we weren't so far away I'd come keep you company up there. I bet that bath was pure heaven! You deserve it! Hope all goes well with pre-op.

Colin's Blog said...

Can't wait to see pics of Isaac's new glasses. Glad to hear things are going well and that you got to have a little bit of fun! Looks like the kids are having a good time too. Glad to see you have family helping you out.

Krista said...

Yeah for a good day...I'm so glad that things are going well...I just feel so bad you are there by yourself...as I could have happily helped you with that Mexican. Just know you are loved...and so many people are with you "in spirit" through the blog.

Prayers for a good day

Samantha said...

Oh my gosh, Kathy I cannot even believe you keep your air so low! We keep ours at 78 too Mandy :) If I am feeling a little warm, I drop it to 76 at the lowest...our pedi told me I keep it too warm in the house at 78 he told me to lower it to 75...but he does not have to pay the bill ;) At 78 our bill is $350-$400 over the summer, so that will break me!

I am glad that you had a good day. Glad that you got your favorite food and got to rest a bit. Also happy that you got to meet Andrea, Dan & Drew. I guess the one high point of them having to stay at Stanford so long was meeting you...they are very lucky!

I cannot wait to see the new glasses...they sound so cute!

Good luck at pre-op today and let us know how that sweet boy does!

Mandy...I have not had a chance to look at the pictures you posted yet...will do that soon ;)

Love ya!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Sounds like you've been a busy little beaver & quite productive! Glad that you're able to at least get in some fun things with the trip & its not all hospital related!

I'm with everyone else, can't wait to see pics of the new glasses! He's such a cutie pie - glasses or not!

Good luck with pre-op. Praying that all goes well & you're back home in no time!

Tina & Vaeh (Jon & Gabby, too!)

Grandma Judy said...

I am NOT 80. I am still hovering BELOW the 55 speed limit! Just wait....YOUR day will come.

Hope Isaac has a good day today. He's a little older now, and will start to remember the things they do to him. Make them be nice!

cindy said...

First, happy birthday to Grandma Judy! You're the only mom I know who writes on their daughter's bloog all the time! (I am the proud daughter of a lurker!!)

Kathy, good luck with the pre-op stuff today. You've got a ton of people praying for you guys that everything goes great tomorrow.

And, I have to chime in...I started putting my air at 79 and running the ceiling fans when I'm in a room. 76 at night. I've noticed a huge difference in my bill and I figure I can use the extra couple of bucks in my gas tank! :)

Love ya!


The Portas said...

It looks like the kids are all having a blast at Aunt Mandy's house! Yummmmm...I want some Celia's too! Sounds yummy.

I'm glad you guys are all settle in in your MOTEL and that everything is going well leading up to surgery tomorrow. I will be praying for the little man and looking for updates. He's going to breeze through it like a star. Won't it be nice to have this out of the way??

Take care!! Sending you lots of love. xoxoxo

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you made it there safely. I hate that Drew is still in the hospital, but what a nice treat for you guys to finally meet. I know it stinks to be back in the hospital but at least your in good hands!

I'm praying for the surgery to go smooothly and Isaac to recover quickly.

jencooper said...

Glad that you are all settled in. I know that things are going to be amazing and Isaac is going to soar through with flying colors!

I can't wait to see the pictures of the new glasses.

Keep us updated...I will be checking back frequently!