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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I took pictures today...but, I don't have time to upload them....I will tomorrow though...

So...here's our day:

Eli is the sickest (he usually is--he must have DiGeorge too and doesn't know it yet!)! I've had to give him breathing treatments about every 4 hours! His ears aren't hurting him too bad...he's just having a hard time breathing...what's up with that??

Isaac's doing pretty good. Still snotty, still pulling on his ear. Guess what I did?? I cut his hair today...and I did a pretty good job...EXCEPT for the side-burns on one side are a little higher than the other (but, you won't be able to tell in a week). (although Joe did notice it as soon as he walked in!)

MY SWEET SWEET friend Holly called me tonight and told me that she just came home from the hospital and has a SNOT SUCKER that I can have!!! HOLLY...I'm such a slacker...I didn't even know that she had her baby this past weekend!!! YEAH FOR HOLLY!!! So...we swapped the snot sucker for a veggie tray (she's a health nut...I'm envious!)...now I can suck ALL the snot out of Isaac's nose...I'm SO EXCITED!!! (although, I did order the one you told me about Megan..it looks gross..but, I have this thing about snot...so, I'm sure I'll use it!!)

what else....OH, tomorrow we have Pt and OT coming in the morning, (hopefully Eli will go to school), our feeding pump supplies get delivered, my groceries get delivered (because I'm trying not to take Isaac out too much), and we see the surgeon (the one that did his g-tube)...she just checks on him every 3 months to see how it's healing and if he needs a different size (I LOVE HER)...and she STILL hasn't been paid by my insurance yet...16K!!! (They haven't asked me to pay it yet...I hope they don't....my money tree isn't in bloom yet!!!)

My sweet Joe is working his little bum off...I'm SO proud of him! (I mean...he's still doing everything around the house that gets on my LAST nerve...but, he's working so hard!)

I took a benadryl and I'm barely keeping my eyes open....so, I'm sure there's more I could share, but my own snot has clouded my mind and I'm useless!!!!

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Mandy said...

You're such a nerd. Tell Eli if he doesn't go to school tomorrow, he can't come to my house. That means no SIX FLAGS!! If that doesn't work, just tell him no birthday party. :)

Be nice to Chris while the other boys are sick!! Tell Joe he will get a break the next two weeks while you are in Cali. Not that he's home much but I'm sure it will be more peaceful.

See ya in 6 days. (Seth is counting down.) Oh, good luck on getting the call from Ronald McDonald House tomorrow!! You can always stay with us. Meghan will drive you CRAZY.

Vanessa said...

Poor Eli. I hope he feels better soon. Looks like you have a busy day tomorrow. I have to go grocery shopping myself, which is like my only outing I get during the week...oh yeah, besides when we have the doctor appts. I know...I'm SO boring. LOL!

Take care!

The Portas said...

The snot sucker looks gross, but there is a filter that keeps boogies from going into your mouth. It really works well. You will love it!

Joe, don't work your bum off! Your wife needs to pinch it!

Hoping you all wake up feeling miraculously better today! Hugs to you all...xoxoxo

Sarah said...

Meant to post this yesterday... great minds think alike.. Not sure if this is the same one but... I love this thing.


Vaeh's Blog said...

Hopefully you're all back on your feet again! Its absolutely no fun when everyone's not feeling well!

Hope all the appointments go well for Isaac! We're jumping back on the therapy train this week. The speech therapist & PT come back on Thursday to see Vaeh for the first time since surgery. Boy, won't the speech therapist be surprised!

Hope you have a good rest of your week! More pics soon, please - I need an Isaac fix. I just love that adorable little face!

jmckeel said...

You gave Isaac a haircut and didn't post any PICTURES! Are you kidding me? :) At least those little ears will get fixed up shortly (fingers crossed). That was the sweetest story of the homeless man. You never stop giving through it all. Take care and hope all starts to feel better. Abby