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Thursday, June 19, 2008

So...here's Isaac this morning getting his bath before surgery!

and...here's what we saw after surgery!

The plastic surgeon said that once he got in there, he not only had the cleft to repair, but he needed to clip his tongue, AND the sides of his cheeks were webbed! (that means the skin on the inside of his cheek was fused to his gum line...his teeth would not have been able to come through in the back) wierd?!!?

So...Joe's back at the motel taking a nap (because he had to take the 5am flight to get here this morning). Isaac has a fever (even on the Tylenol...but, hopefully that will cool off soon...that's why he's got the wet rag on his forehead). He gets morphine every hour (HOORAY!)...
Right now...he just had the morphine and he's awake watching Yo Gabba Gabba. OH...and that black thing on his cheek...is a STITCH! They put a stitch on his tongue in case there are airway issues...they can pull his tongue out. HIS TONGUE IS ATTACHED TO HIS CHEEK---wierd again!

We're sharing a room...poor other little guy...I hope that Isaac lets him sleep. We're hoping to get outta here tomorrow. He's on 1 liter of O2...but, I brought all that with me anticipating that he'd need it for a little while.

Thanks for checking on us!

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Mandy said...

You are going to make Chris cry with these pictures. Have a good night and we will check in with you tomorrow. ( Six Flags...here we come)

Krista said...

love you friend...my heart just breaks for you having to go through this again. And...had I been on the ball, I should have gotten a Kate's Kart book out to you! I'll have to send one to your house!

Wow...that was a lot going on in that little mouth. Maybe now he'll have more interest in eating...if things are working well in there!

He is growing up so much...he looks like such the little man in the first pictures...so glad Joe is there with you!

Love of love and hugs

Andrea said...

Hi Kathy,
It was nice to see you and Joe today while you were waiting. I have been thinking about little Isaac all day. I went to information to see what room you were in, but you were still listed as PACU down there. I'm glad I know where to find you now. I'll come check on you guys tomorrow. Get some good rest tonight, once you leave the hospital without that binky it might be hard!

Vanessa said...

Those pictures just break my heart. I don't like seeing Isaac like this. Poor little guy had so much going on inside his little mouth. I'm COMPLETELY lost about all the surgery stuff. Why would they stitch his tongue to his cheek...OUCH!!! I hope he feels better after a good nights rest.

I think I figured out what the no no's are.



Rollerfam4 said...

Oh those pictures are so sad. That poor little guy. I am happy about the morphine! They may need to give you a little, it's just as painfull for you to watch. We love you and are praying for a super fast recovery.

Christy said...

My poor Nephew, I am sorry that he is in pain, but with his mouth now fixed he will be talking up a storm in no time. We are praying for you guys Kiss Icky for me Love you


Colin's Blog said...

Morphine and Yo Gabba Gabba-hopefully that kept Isaac happy. So sorry that you have to go through more pain Isaac. Hoping that your recovery is quick and you will be home very soon eating away!!

The Domanicos

Samantha said...

Thank you for the pictures...his before pictures are beautiful as ever and the after make me want to come there and snuggle him...poor baby...he has been through so much in his life. At least this will help him with his speech (and maybe his eating???). He is just precious and I am so happy that Joe is there with you...you guys get to spend some time together plus you don't have to do this all alone.

Lots of love!

The Portas said...

Another "little thing" behind you!! Isaac is such a champ. He has been through so much...you all have been through so much...and all of you just keep chugging along. You're such a strong, amazing family!

I'll be praying for a quick recovery and for no pain for your little man. I hope you can get out of there soon!

Sending lots of love your way! xoxoxo

Sarah said...

Sweet Isaac... hope your night was good and you were able to rest (Mama & Daddy too).

Grandma Judy said...

Take care of my baby.

jmckeel said...

Glad all went well with surgery; even all the extras. I can't imagine how that little mouth must feel. Take care, Abby

Grandma Susie said...

Joe & Kathy - we love you and are praying for your entire family this month.
Dad and I are so impressed by your strength and abilities to take care of our precious angel Isaac with so much compassion and fearless love.

He'll be up & around in no time and we can't wait to celebrate his recovery with you when your able to post those happy days.

Rest Sweetie, (all of you!)

cindy said...

Please give the little man a big smooch from me! Wow...lots of stuff I've never heard of that they had to do. He will come through this with flying colors...and maybe he will soon eat something other than plastic things!

Love ya!


Mandy said...

Hey, I forgot to ask if they put the tubes in his ears? SO?????
I'll spoil the boys today at Six Flags, paintball tomorrow, drive in tomorrow night...... they aren't going to want to leave. Oh, did I tell you Eli took a nap with ME yesterday!! :) But he did tell me he only cuddles with his mommy.

Vanessa said...

I can't stop thinking of you all. I won't be happy until I hear you guys are outta there! Give Isaac some love from me!