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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well...that montage just about sums up our day. All the snot suckers came in the mail...Isaac loved trying them all out! He's doing alot better today (as is Eli)..thank HEAVENS!

We ran errands all day trying to get last minute things ready for Eli's birthday tomorrow, father's day, and our trip to Stanford.

Here's tomorrow:
8:30--take Eli to school
9:00--pick up portable O2 concentrator for our trip
10:00--pick up Eli's cake and cupcakes
10:30--run BACK to EB games (because Chris wants to get him ONE more thing!)
11:20--pick up kids from school
proceeding directly to the mall for a birthday lunch with a few of Eli's friends...where we will then take them to Build a Bear (Eli's ALL TIME FAVORITE place!)
3:00--take the friends home
3:30--pick up Isaac's meds from the compounding pharmacy (on the other side of town)
4:30--come home and ORDER PIZZA HUT!!!
we'll wait for Joe to come home to eat cake and open presents (hopefully that's BEFORE 9:00pm!)

and Saturday we'll take him to see Kung Fu Panda (we didn't get to it last weekend!)

Sunday......we rest....and pack the car because we will DRIVE to Stanford on Monday!!!

***My little heart friend Drew is STILL at Stanford.....check in on him if you get a chance...and Elaina isn't doing very well...she could also use some extra prayers (I just don't like it when the babies aren't behaving!) BEHAVE BABIES!

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Mandy said...

Monday.. Mandy's house!!!! YEAAAA

Please tell Eli Happy Birthday and I'll call him in the afternoon. I don't want to call and wake up the house.

And didn't I tell you Drew was waiting for Isaac to come hangout with him.

Isaac, very cute pictures!!

Christy said...

I love that new tooth, don't let Eli see it he will try and pull it out. I think Eli has a crush on the Tooth Fairy. Way to go Kido, keep on sampling everything that comes in the house


The Portas said...

Isaac looks so grown up with his new hair cut. What a big boy! I love it! I also love the hat and the new TEETH. What a cutie. With all those suckers, hopefully you can extract lots and lots of snot.

Happy birthday, Eli!! I'm so glad you're feeling better and I hope you have a great day. Sounds like a good line-up!

jmckeel said...

Happy Birthday Eli! I'm sure that you are sooooo excited :) Have FUN at Build a Bear. It seems you have a very busy weekend. Make yourself a packing list so you don't forget anything! Take care, Abby

Grandma Judy said...

Happy Birthday ELi ! ! !
Maybe mom will take more pictures of YOU today. I want to see a ELI video!

Take a deep breath before you start your day Kat. You might need it!

cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!!! Have lots of fun today!

OMG..I laughed so hard when I got to the part with you smushing little Isaac's face..."by God you will show your teeth to all the nice people!" Such a Kathy thing to do!! Totally cute pics...thanks for throwing a little Eli in there! I won't even ask where one of phantom Chris is!

Enjoy your busy day! Have some cake for me!

Love ya!


jencooper said...

Happy birthday Eli!! (all the way from Sea World!) I hope that you get very spoiled today.

I can't see the pics but will check them out when we get home.


Vaeh's Blog said...

Happy Birthday, Eli! Hopefully you get lots of presents!

I just love the teeth! They always look so absolutely huge when they first start to come in!

When eating cake tonight, make sure you sit down, relax & enjoy it! Sounds like it will be the only relaxation you get in for a few days!

Good luck at Stanford... we'll be praying that all goes well! BTW - Happy Father's Day, Joe (a little early!)!

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!! What a big boy you are!

I am sure you are busy, busy, busy today! Enjoy cake, cake, cake!

Loved the pictures...so cute!

Drive very safely to CA...I guess Drew just wants to meet you guys and that is why he is still there...poor kiddo!

Love ya!

The Jones Family said...

Issac is so cute. It's funny how similar our days are. I LIVE in my car, going from here to there and back again. Whew, it's a lot of work. I wish I could say it got easier at night ...but it doesn't. I keep waiting for the night shift relief worker to come walking through the door...but they don't. Hail, Hail to the 24 hour Mommy's in the world!! :)

Krista said...

Happy Birthday Eli! Hope you have such a special day! Love the pics...as always...you did such a great job getting some of his new teeth! He is growing up...Yeah Isaac.

Thinking of you bunches...I"ve been reading but grandma's dial-up was TOO slow for comments.

Can't wait for pics of the birthday boy!