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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Look at me on my tummy....it didn't last long..but, mom was QUICK with the camera!
This is what Eli does...stands on my couch, eats on my couch...and doesn't share~!
Here's a long awaited picture of Chris. Today was his last day of school...he'll be in high school next year....YIKES!!!
Hi ladies...he smiles when I pull the camera out now...I LOVE IT!!!!

Ok...now before you pick on me for the next shots...just know that my sister, Christy came over for a few days to help me with the boys (thanks Christy!!) and she was making girl headbands...so...of course we had to try them on Isaac...(I'll make it up to him when he's older!)

He's my little sunflower.....he would have made the most beautiful little girl!Ok...the last one with flowers in his head....he must have been tired...the crazy eyes are back!
(and no...I haven't replaced his glasses yet...)
Last picture...he's trying on a pair of angel wings that I made....and it's just perfect...he's my little angel!

So many little things have happened over the past few days...I just forget to write them down (my poor brain!). I forgot to tell you this weekend that Eli had his last t-ball game...and I GOT THE TIME WRONG....AGAIN! We missed it! I felt so horrible. (bad mama!) But, we did make it to the team party...they swan, ate, and got the cutest bobble-head trophies. (so, he forgave me). Poor Chris was too sick to make it to his last game and party...but, he didn't even care (and me, the slacker mom, hasn't even called the coach to pick up his trophy).

Christy came on Monday night and left this morning. She was SO helpful on Tuesday...helping me pick up Eli and Chris and taking them out for the afternoon so that Isaac and I could nap. Thanks CHRISTY!

So...for today. Eli had a well-check appointment (because he'll be SIX next week!)...and the doctor walked in and said, "Hi Eli"...and how's "Sir Isaac!" (Isn't that sweet...he knew Isaac's name and didn't have his chart)...Eli checked out great...48 pounds (I forget how tall)...but, doing GREAT! I did show Dr. A Isaac's latest lab results. He too was concerned and actually gave me two more tests to have Stanford run. He also agreed that if the new labs were still low or lower...then, he's going to refer us to UCLA's Children Hospital (they have a big immune department and also do bone marrow transplants on DiGeorge kids)...we're not there yet...but, these guys are more equipped to deal with Isaac than the Vegas docs!

We're ALL just exhausted...waiting for that break in the clouds. I don't know what I'm going to do with Chris home ALL day with me tomorrow (he'll probably get grounded)...

**Please check in on my heart baby Drew...he's just hanging around Stanford and won't leave!

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Mandy said...

Great Kat. Now mom is going to get upset if Isaac ends up at UCLA instead of Duke.

The pics are soo cute. Isaac has curly hair just like Meghan does. You'll have to stay at least one day before you head to Stanford. The two of them will have a blast.

Tell Chris good job. (Hey, you're getting so old.) I'll be sure to call and pick on him Thursday.

Oh, don't you know Drew is just hanging out waiting for you and Isaac to visit. Then he'll decide to go home after that. :)

The Portas said...

High school next year? Watch out ladies!! And watch out Kathy, you're going to have HS girls knocking on your door all hours of the day.

Isaac is such a cute little angel. Dan would be so mad at me if I put girly stuff on Elijah! I think my little munchkin would be a cute girl, too (don't tell Dan I said that).

I'm glad you're getting labs run for Isaac while you'll be at Stanford so you can get things figured out. What a little punkin...he's so dang cute!

Take care! Have a good day...xoxoxo

Samantha said...

OMG...Isaac is going to kill you when he is older...he is going to say, "mom, first it was tutus and then the headbands..." What can possible be next? I am waiting to see...maybe princess gowns? :) He looks fantastic...so great to see that!

Happy graduation to Chris...high school...how exciting! I cannot even believe that Eli is 48 pounds! My goodness...little Noah who is just 6 months behind Eli is only 37...looks like I need to fatten up two of my boys!

I hope you have a peaceful day today...nothing exciting please!

Love ya!

Vaeh's Blog said...

I'm sure he'll forgive you for the pictures, someday. He is just so darn cute & what a sport! My GIRLS won't even let me put things in their hair. let alone leave it on long enough for a picture!

You're moving into a whole new culture - high school. And all those girls you'll soon have calling & lingering around!

Yes, Kathy, I have visited other states, & I've even been up to Canada, eh! (LOL) I'm just too much of a homebody to move away. Better than 90% of my family lives within 20 miles of me, so ... I've been out west to the coast a couple of times. I have a great aunt that lives in Torrance, CA.

Hope you have a good rest of your week, especially with a house full of boys! Take care!

Grandma Susie said...

Kathy, Isaac IS adorable, but not so much in the tutus and headbands, for me. Somehow I just can't imagine him as a little girl. Are you selling the headband now too? They're really cute!
Congrats to Chris - I don't envy him or you tho' High School is "a whole different world" but he should do fine.
Do you know what you'll be doing for Eli's birthday yet? He's going to school ALL DAY next year. What will you do when you don't have to break up your day with a taxi run to the school?
Say hello to Joe for us, I'll call this weekend.
Love ya all.

crabby old man said...

Quit putting the girly things on that sweet little handsome man.

crabby old man said...

Quit putting the girly things on that sweet little handsome man.

cindy said...

We are going to have to cry together next year over our babies! And the fact that we must be very OLD to have high school kids! Ugh!! At least we both have these little guys to keep us young!

Let's all take bets on how many times poor Christopher gets grounded this summer with all that time on his hands! Steph was grounded last weekend for bringing the curling iron that caused 2nd degree burns on her brother's hands just TWO weeks ago back into her room!! Then she left to go out, left her door open, and I heard Jake saying "hot, hot" I swear these teenagers have lost half their brains somewhere! If they didn't both get such good grades I'd worry about them!! ;) Oh, Steph came in the night she got grounded and announced she would like to have a "peaceful grounding". It really did turn out to be peaceful! No arguing about it or anything. Maybe you should tell Chris all about that!

Wow, this is getting long. I really was just going to write to you to tell you I thought of you this morning on the way to school. They were making a big deal on the radio about NKOTB tickets going on sale here Monday! (Then, I saw you updated and just started babbling!)

Have a great day!!

Love ya!


Vanessa said...

I think you deserve a spa day with all the stress your dealing with. Your a wonderful mama...even if you miss a t-ball game from time to time. Sending you hugs from us all!

Lindsay said...

He sure looks cute with those headbands! We have a few pictures of Cohen with a pretty pink ribbon on his head too!

Samantha said...

Just checking on you guys...I am not use to daily updates from Kathy!

Love ya!

Samantha said...

Okay...can't type today...I am NOT use to NOT getting daily updates :)

Kelly said...

LOVE the angel wings! Very cute! You're so creative.

Just quickly popping over... it's been a busy week here too. I'm looking forward to the weekend and getting some rest.

Take care!