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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'll post pictures tomorrow...while I'm just waiting for my baby to come out of surgery. Today's pre-op was fine. That's all...just fine. Of course they wanted blood work...and I told them it was hard...but, do they believe the moms...NO..they do not. After 4 pokes and no success...they sent us from the plastic surgery clinic across the street to the hospital where I asked for two "pokers" that we've had before...and Maria got some blood on the first try!!! YEAH!! They weren't able to get enough blood for his immunology panels....but, they said that they'll pull those while he's asleep.

So...after FIVE pokes...the necessary labs were drawn...and surgery is ON for tomorrow at 10:30am!!! We have to arrive at 9am. I get to feed him his 10pm milk feed and I get to feed him pedialyte at his 6am feed...so, he won't be hungry at all while we're waiting to go back. But...about that pacifier...he hasn't given it up yet...and I just hope they give me enough versed to keep him asleep this week!!! It's going to be LONG! They also told me that he'll need to wear "No Nos" until next Friday when we have our post-op visit...then...they will tell me if we can take them off. HOW IN THE WORLD am I suppose to keep my little man happy with NO pacifier and NO NOs on his arms???? I wish they'd just put him in a deep sleep for a week...and when he woke up, he'd be ready to go!

I haven't talked to my Joe ALL DAY! (because he's working his bum off!)...but, he's scheduled to take the 6am flight in the morning and he'll be able to see Isaac before he goes back. He also gets to stay with me until Sunday night...and I AM SOOOOOO GLAD!

I went to visit Mr. Drew today...too cute!!! and was able to see old nurses and friends....and on my way home...I stopped by Olive Garden!! I think I've already gained 10 pounds while I've been here!!! (oh well...Joe already bought the cow...he's stuck with it!!!)

and...do you need a funny story??
On the way up to California...I was a bit snappy with Chris. It was hot, we didn't get much sleep, I had to pack everything the night before...I was just stressed out...but, not to mention that it's not the perfect time of the month for me to be cheerful. Well, after snapping at him in the car...I apologized for being such a grump and told him how I just had a lot on my mind and "it wasn't my happy time of the month"....and he said..."oh yeah....you're in heat huh?"
So...yes Chris...I'm in heat...so don't mess with me!

I know that was way tooo much information...but, that's what it's like talking to Christopher...you never know where his silly conversations will go!!!

As you can tell from Mandy's pics...they are having a BLAST...and it will take weeks to de-activate them!

Thanks for checking on us...and I'll take my computer to the hospital tomorrow to update!!! (and my camera for lots of pics!)

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Hollie said...

Best of luck with surgery. I've been thinking about you all week, and I will be praying for a smooth day tomorrow. Everything with Elaina happened so quickly today that I wasn't able to get her a blessing prior to surgery. I was crying to my dad, and he reassured me that the blessing she got before surgery last week was still in effect, and I needed to just have faith in it. Why is faith so hard sometimes?????? Anyway, sorry to ramble, I will be praying for Isaac and hoping that he will cope without his pacifier. Poor kiddo, my heart goes out to him.

Andrea said...

Hi Kathy,
I am praying tonight for a smooth and successful surgery and recovery for little Isaac. He is so darn cute! It was nice to see him in person instead of just on my computer screen! Thanks for the break today, it was well needed! What does Isaac like to play with? I want to get him all set up with prizes...

Samantha said...

We are lost twin sisters Kathy...I am right there with you with it being my cranky time of the month...or as Chris seems to think...being in heat! No wonder we are cranky!

Glad that they were able to get the blood they needed for today...sorry he had to be poked so much. No fun! I am trying to picture Isaac with No-No's and no paci and I don't like the looks of it. :(

Good luck today...I will be praying for you all...and I am SO HAPPY that Joe is coming to be be there with you...having to do this on your own is NOT fun!

Lots of love,

Vaeh's Blog said...

I know exactly what you mean about "Mom's not knowing anything about their kids." I try to tell the lab rats (LOL) where they've been able to get the last draws on her, but I guess they teach them in school that Mom's don't know anything! We're fighting a loosing battle!

I laughed so hard about Chris's story! It reminded me of when my husband was "housebroken" as he put it - I'll let your imagination run with that one!

Praying that things go well for Mr. Isaac & that he doesn't struggle without the pacifier! Praying you're all home & back to 'normal' soon!

Heart Hugs,
Tina :0)

Sarah said...

Sending prayers for your precious boy this morning... and for Mama too!

The Portas said...

I'm so glad your sister is taking such good care of your munchkins! Geez, I think I want to go hang out with them. :)

Sorry little Isaac had to endure the poking. :( I always hate that part. I'm so happy Joe will be flying in to be with you. And also that you got to meet Andrea. How fun! (Yeah, fun in the hospital, right!)

LOVE the Chris story. Silly boy!

Praying hard for you all today! Everything is going to go just great! Sending you lots of love!!!


Grandma Judy said...

Hang tight Isaac.
This adventure will soon be over, and you will be back at home with your BIG brothers.

Rollerfam4 said...

Hope everything is going well!! If anyone can keep isaac happy without his bikie and no no's it will be super mom Kathy!

jmckeel said...

Hey Kathy,
Thanks for the good laugh over the cow that Joe bought. :) I wondered if he was going to be there today or not. I'm glad that he is. Lots of prayers for Isaac. Hope all goes quick and successful. With a quick recovery of course! What if the boys decide they want to stay longer with Aunt Mandy? Take care and we'll be looking for updates. Abby

cindy said...

Saying lots of prayers for an uneventful surgery! So glad Joe will be there with you.

Funny Chris story...as always!

And, you better watch out...when you get those boys home they're going to be comparing every normal thing that happens at your house to all the fun they had at Aunt Mandy's house! You're right...deprogramming will be in order!

Sending you lots of love,


Vanessa said...

Thanks for the silly story. Chris always cracks me up!

So what exactly are no-no's? I hope Isaac does well without his paci.