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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Isaac was a champ this morning. They actually gave him the sedative when we got there and wanted him asleep right away...and 15 minutes later, I was rocking a sleeping (mouth wide open) baby doll!) They WOULD NOT give me the results today, I had to make an appointment to come back in 2 weeks to review. WELL....in two weeks, I'll be at Stanford! So, I called when I got home and asked if the doctor could please call me and go over the results so that I didn't have to wait a month....and she told me that if there was anything significant during the study, the tech would have gone out to get the doc...so, I was probably safe waiting a month to hear the results.

SO...here's hoping we ARE SAFE waiting for the results....and his little brain is firing just fine!

fyi....we just took a TWO hour nap!!!

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Grandma Judy said...

Ohhhh, he looks so pitiful. He does look like he's getting some pretty good sleep though. The two of you might be up all night if sleeps like this today!

Vanessa said...

He looks completely out of it. You know me and I would be getting the records the next week...but thats just me :)

Mandy said...

Poor baby. That boy can sleep anywhere in any position. Get some sleep and tell Christy not to drive you crazy.

Samantha said...

Poor thing...I am shocked they did not give him a special little hat to wear on top of his wires...they look so pathetic don't they? I am glad that they don't think there is much to it...yay Isaac! Also glad that you got a nap in...good thing!

Love ya!

cindy said...

Awwwww..look at that sweet thing! I will admit, I forgot this was EEG day and about had a heart attack when I saw the picture! Glad everything went well today. What a good boy! How do those people at the doc offices expect us mommies to just accept things like "waiting a month for the results of the test you've been worried about will be just fine". Ugh!

Glad you got a nap in. Give that sleepy boy a hug from me!



Vaeh's Blog said...

Ah, to be in that drug induced stuppor! Glad that you were able to get a nap in today. Those mid afternoon naps are the best!

Good news that nothing really significant showed up on the EEG. I'm sure that you would have know before you left if anything were out of the ordinary.

Praying that the results are unremarkable (meaning normal!). Take care & have a great week! Give Isaac a big hug & squeeze those cheeks for us - gently!

jencooper said...

I also just had a minor heart attack. I forgot that it was EEG day. Even with 8 million wires on his head - he is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!

Here is to good results!! I know that they are going to be great!


The Portas said...

I'm glad you got your nap! And that is a very good sign that there were no immediate red flags. Aaaawwwwww, those pics are so dang cute. Mouth wide open, snoozing away, what a little dolly. Can I just squeeze on him??

What is with results taking so long to be communicated with parents? That's a huge pet peeve of mine! Mamas should NOT have to wait weeks to get results from their babies tests.

Samantha said...

one more thing...that is ridiculous that they are making you wait that long for results...we had Micah's results two hours after the test...tell them to get on it...insanity!

Love ya!

crabby old man said...

Hug that precious baby for me & May God Bless the Roller family.