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Sunday, June 22, 2008

YOU are NOT going to believe who we got a call from today.....
RONALD McDONALD HOUSE...they have a room available for us!!! (now...we've been on the waiting list since March, so...when they called me last week and told me there were no available rooms...I was certain that we just wouldn't get in this trip!!!) SO...they told us that we could check in at 3pm...and I had to take Joe to the airport at 6pm...so we hustled and got our things packed up from our MOTEL and head to RMH!!

SO...we're all moved in, Joe's at the airport as we speak, and Isaac just fell asleep!! What a relief! I feel SO much better staying here this week than at a MOTEL by myself with Isaac.

BUT, guess what happened today. I was rocking Isaac to sleep at RMH (in my rocking chair that I BROUGHT from home...because I'm COOL like that)...anyway, he wanted to switch arms, and when we moved him...blood was all over my arm and his EAR! (NOT MOUTH!) hhmm...we cleaned his ear and my arm...and called and left a message for the nurse practitioner...but, Joe thinks the tube may have fallen out! YIKES! Wouldn't that JUST stink!

They haven't called back, and if it does it again...I'll just walk over to the hospital and make someone look in his ear.

So, I imagine we'll have to go into the ENT clinic tomorrow and let them check it out. I hope it was just some FREAK incident...and they don't have to re-do the procedure.

That's about it. Isaac is just awesome...the big boys are bugging Mandy to death....and poor Joe had to go back to work:(

But, I am SO thankful that the RMH house had an opening and Joe was able to help me move everything over!!

I'll post tomorrow and let you know if I find out anything about his little ear!

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Kelly said...

Oh, I'm so relieved that everything went well with his surgery. I've missed out on all the updates since Friday. I didn't realize you have to stay for so long. But what a relief that you're in at RMH. Did they give you the closet room like my old one? =) Staying there for the week is much better than being alone in the motel.

I hope all is well with his ear. I'd certainly get it checked right away. How's he doing without his binkie? Poor guy.

Hugs to you! Glad this surgery was simple and the hospital stay very short. Isaac rocks!

Krista said...

Yeah for RMH...yes...much homier than a motel for a week! Oh I wish I was rich and could come spend the week with you!

Praying that it was a freak incident...thinking of you bunches this week...love you too...and your blog always make me laugh (most of the time!)

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you got in to RMH! Now how in the world did you bring your rocking chair? You always amazing me woman! :)

I really hope his tube didn't fall out. I don't know what would cause his ear to bleed. I'm praying it was nothing serious.



Grandma Judy said...

Thank you Ronald McDonald House.

Hope You and Isaac have a nice quiet day!

Samantha said...

I am so happy you are at RMH...it is like a home away from home for you...and I cannot believe that you bring your rocking chair...you are a super mommy for sure!

As for that ear...I believe that Micah's did that as well after surgery...sometimes after the tube goes in there is a bit of blood that stays in there and if you gave Isaac and bath and got some water in there, maybe the dried blood got washed out? That is what I am hoping for...you need no more drama!

I will get you all the feeding clinic info to you soon...though, you may cry and cry and cry like I am sure to next week :) You guys can always stay at my house if you come to the program too...but it is a long drive from my house to the feeding program (it will take me about 30-40 minutes to get there every morning and then that back home again too) UG! I have heard that there are people who come from all around the country to get in this program, so it is supposedly really good...maybe you should come and have him evaluated soon since it takes them 3 MILLION years to get accepted ;)

Love ya!

Sarah said...

What a blessing that RMH came open for you... You sound like me, bringing your own rocking chair. I think I got some - you've got to be kidding me looks when I unpacked at the hospital, LOL. Thanks for sharing the pictures of little Isaac pookie... he is such a trooper and looks so good.

cindy said...

How great that you got a room at RMH. And right when Joe was leaving so he can go home knowing you guys are in good hands. Good piece of mind for him!

Hopefully that tube did not come out of the little man's ear! I'll check back later to see what they say!

Love ya!


Vaeh's Blog said...

Glad you got into the RMH. We stayed 2 days in Ann Arbor's for Vaeh's surgery & felt terribly uncomfortable:0( Hopefully you'll have a better experience than we did!

Hoping its nothing too serious with the ear... although I know when my tube fell out of my ear (many moons ago...) it didn't bleed. Who knows?

Praying that all works out & you're home soon, rocking chair & all! (What an awesome Mommy you are!) Take care & give that little man bunches of hugs from us! What a cutie pie!


The Portas said...

I'm so glad you got a spot at the RMH! YAY!! What perfect timing. I'm sure his little ear is just fine. It would be good to get it looked at, though. Let us know what you find out.

Isaac is awesome! I'm glad he's recovering so well and that you ditched the icky hospital. Sending you love! xoxoxoxo

T & T - K&K said...

Yes it is a little piece of mind for Joe I'm sure leaving you guys in the hands of RMH as appose to a motel. Ok, so the question I'm curious to know is how in the heck did you get the Rocking Chair out of the van? I can only see your tiny self taking that big thing out of the van. Super Mama!!!
Please let us know whats going on with Sir Isaac's ear.
Miss u guys! Have a non-productive week! and hope the glasses are in for the fitting.
Luv ya
Sams Family

Mandy said...

Yeah, but why am I finding this all out by reading your blog? I could have showed up at the motel for a pop in visit and you wouldn't be there!! I see how it is. Just give me the boys and run!!

We still love you and we'll come visit this week.

jencooper said...

Woohoo - hooray for RMH! I know that you must be very relieved to be there.

I am anxiously awaiting to hear about that tube. Hopefully it is just some dried blood that decided to make an appearance.

Give that handsome boy some loving from Jen!!


Erin said...

Hayden has tubes in her ears and every once in a while blood will drain from them. Her ent says this is whats supposed to happen--but of course I take her in (almost)everytime.

Colin's Blog said...

Yeah for the RMH!! Hoping everything is okay with Isaac's tubes and that nothing more needed to be done.

Keep us posted!!

Andrea said...

I am so jealous of your room at RMH! I'm going to sneak in there and stay with you! Tonight is my night at the hospital and Drew is sleeping peacefully. Maybe tomorrow you and Isaac can come and sit with him for a little bit...I'll give you a call. I'm so glad you're here!